Spotting IDs manufactured by some of the best fake ID services is becoming increasingly difficult as procuring them is becoming easier. The right scanning device will differ depending on the occasion. For example, a secure facility might need a device that has infrared checks whereas a club might only need a barcode reader to verify the age.

We’re sure that you’ll find a scanning device in 2021 that fits the bill. It’s more than likely that any of the ID scanners from our comparison below will be able to catch any fake ID that you’re currently struggling with.
Every scanning device we have listed here is the best-in-class. It also specializes in a particular type of detection. Read through the piece carefully and then make your choice.

1. IDetect ID Scanner Machine

Price: $577

Full model name: IDetect ID Scanner Machine Data Reader and Collector


  1. Great for clubs, the IDetect ID Scanner is good at verifying the age of the person.
  2. These are extremely fast, however, and can process a long queue of people swiftly.
  3. 2D barcode scanning devices allow you to quickly determine whether the age is appropriate for entry or purchase, or not.
  4. The most common type of fake ID detection device is the barcode scanner. IDetect’s ID Scanner Machine is one of the best barcode scanners out there.
  5. Barcode scanners can quickly tell whether the ID is invalid or if the person doesn’t meet the minimum age criteria.

Although there are also phone apps that can scan barcodes, the more professional way to approach barcode scanning is to always use handheld or stationary devices. A phone might look overly fishy and privacy-invading.

2. Patronscan Forensic Scanner

Pricing: $4200 per year on average

Full model name: Patronscan Advanced ID scanner


The forensic ID scanner from Patronscan is a flagship product.

  1. All establishments that have a Patronscan ID scanner can give feedback on their patrons. This allows every other place with a Patronscan to know about a patron’s status – which can range from a gold tier shopper to a banned person.
  2. Patronscan devices sync in real-time. If you have multiple entries, this can help you mitigate the risk of ID sharing.
  3. The scanner comes with infrared, UV, and barcode reading technologies. It offers the ability to test thousands of data pieces on an ID.
  4. Even a slight pixel discrepancy will raise a red flag.
  5. The Patronscan database holds data on over 4,500 different types of IDs, has over 40,000 banned patrons, has scanned over 133,376,423 IDs, and is installed in 200+ cities.
  6. It’s a high-end solution to fake ID problems across venues. Patronscan has a vast database of IDs. Each Patronscan scanner checks IDs against this database.
  7. Positive matches to known fake IDs and potential discrepancies in real IDs are taken into account.

3. IDVisor V2

Pricing: $995


Full model name: IDVisor Smart V2 ID Scanner

  1. It can be used for a variety of purposes ranging from scanning driver licenses and passports to age verification for bar and club entry.
  2. TokenWorks is a leading fake ID detection company with a series of high-performance ID scanning devices. The IDVisor V2 is one of their bestselling scanners and for good reason.
  3. Takes a second to do a scan. Comes with long battery life.
  4. Good user-friendliness.
  5. Comes with user alerts, good support, challenge questions just in case the person looks dicey, and customizable verifications.

4. Gemalto ID Scanner

Pricing: $749.99

Full model name: Gemalto CR5400 UV 2D Duplex ID Scanner


  1. Formerly known as the 3M, the CR5400 ID scanner can take dual-sided images on IDs including their barcodes and UV watermarks.
  2. Once paired up with reliable software (such as WizzForms Autofill or the VeriScan Visitor Management and Age Verification), it can easily become the one-stop solution to all your verification needs.
  3. High processing speeds give you results at 4 seconds per ID.
  4. Compact and lightweight. Powered by USB. Very convenient to use and move around.
  5. Simultaneous both-side scanning (duplex).
  6. Automatic ID card ejection after scan finishes.

5. Eyoyo Barcode Scanner

Pricing: $85.98

Full model name: Eyoyo Hands-Free Omnidirectional Barcode Scanner


  1. It’s hands-free. You don’t need to hold it up to scan IDs. Just put this platform on a flat surface and you’re good to go.
  2. Sometimes you need a big scan window to read from ID cards. This is an omnidirectional barcode reader designed exactly for that purpose.
  3. It can read 1D, 2D, and QR barcodes – and not just from IDs. It can read barcodes from paper, phones, labels, or even computer displays.
  4. The Eyoyo Barcode Scanner comes with exceptional decoding capabilities. This allows you to decode and read through even distorted or blurry barcodes.

6. IDWare 9000 Plus

Pricing: $899

Full model name: IDWare 9000 Plus Passport ID Scanner


  1. Touch-free operation.
  2. Android-based handheld passport scanner.
  3. Comes with a large battery, and includes a carrying case and protective screen.
  4. Blazing fast for catching fake IDs. Age verification is also very fast with the IDWare 9000 Plus.

7. E-Seek M260

Pricing: $499

Full model name: E-Seek M260 2D Barcode and Magnetic Stripe ID Card Reader


  1. It’s great for mounting. Can be mounted on tables, desks, stands, or even vehicles by the side or the bottom.
  2. Designed for demanding situations, the E-Seek M260 allows the operator to sift through a large number of ID cards very swiftly.
  3. It comes with advanced 2D barcode reading capabilities as well as a magnetic stripe reader.
  4. You can use the M260 to spot fake IDs vs. real government-issues cards.

8. Toughbook N1

Pricing: $1,999

Full model name: Panasonic Toughbook N1


  1. The Panasonic Toughbook N1 is a rugged handheld Android-based device with a barcode scanner.
  2. Due to its flexibility, portability, and compact size, the Toughbook N1 is used extensively for scanning IDs, predominantly for age verification purposes.
  3. IDScan’s Visitor Management bundle contains the rugged Toughbook N1 along with superior support and installation guidance.

9. CAV-2000 ID Scanner

Pricing: $325

Full model name: Viage CAV-2000 Magnetic ID Scanner


  1. The CAV-2000 is a magnetic ID scanner. It deals with bulk magnetic stripes pretty easily, making age verification a breeze.
  2. It’s handheld and easy to use.
  3. It can easily verify local and state IDs that have magnetic stripes.
  4. It doesn’t keep any data, so your patrons can feel more at ease.
  5. Quick swipe functionality ensures that you can verify long queues in a short span of time.
  6. It also has an audio output for a buzzer sound. The device can alert you for any fake IDs or problems with IDs even in crowded and noisy places.

10. E-Seek M280

Pricing: $325

Full model name: Viage CAV-2000 Magnetic ID Scanner


  1. The E-Seek M280 is a great way to collect information from ID cards as well as driver licenses.
  2. It can capture high-resolution images of both sides of the IDs.
  3. You can use the E-Seek M280 to read 1D and 2D barcodes, along with magnetic stripes and PDF-417
  4. The data can be easily fed to software such as VeriScan Visitor Management for age verification and fake ID detection purposes.
  5. Efficient operation is guaranteed with high-speed USB operation and connectivity.
  6. It can double up as a device for customer registration as well for visitor management or making guest lists.
  7. It offers a very economic price point for age verification purposes.
  8. It can handle 3 track magnetic stripes as well.


It’s important to note that the scanner can only detect fake IDs. It cannot double up as a diligent bouncer, for example. Let’s assume you’re working in a secure facility. Someone comes in and you scan their ID. The scanner raises no red flags. You let them through.

But as it turns out, this person was using a legit ID from a family member – let’s say their sibling. What then?
A scanning device is only as good as the person operating it. Be alert and do manual checks as well – Does the picture match? Do the age, height, eye color, etc. match? And so on.

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  1. KAT

    Most pubs in Missouri are using the Show-Me ID application installed on a scanner to detect fake ids. This was developed by the Missouri DMV to contain the use of fake ids by underage people looking to buy tobacco and alcoholic products. The app has a built-in calendar feature with a camera to detect bogus DOB and photos on ids.

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