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About FakeIDBoss.net aka ‘FIB’

Ever since the United States declared 21 as the minimum legal age requirement to acquire alcoholic beverages and liquor, the fake id market has emerged as one of the busiest for the underaged youth. Be it the American college culture or nightlife; counterfeit ids are a vital requirement for teens under 21 to attend late-night parties, prom nights or graduation celebrations legally.

As a research and review blog, we make an analysis of each fake id maker in the market to ensure that students do not get ripped or scammed off their pocket money. Most of our bloggers including our research members are part of college fraternities and we know how hard it is for a student to save an amount of $100 or more. The members that we have in our team have been the same underage influence for years. They used forgeries online to attend different gatherings and celebratory functions. So, we know how hard it is to obtain that magical piece of ID card that gets you into all those liquor-rich places.

The standards we use to determine whether a fake id website is a scam or legit.

The major factors that contribute to a safe purchase and customer experience while buying a fake id are discussed in detail below. We will outline some of the key aspects that are part of our investigation process while fairly judging vendor websites.

  • Material or substance used for printing forgeries – This determines the base of your ID card. There is no room for complacency in this and hence we are pretty strict on this element in our ranking parameters.
  • Holograms – The most important element are the holograms of your fake ids. The shining level and the ink overlaying technique is not easy and inferior quality OVI will definitely get your ID confiscated.
  • Template – This is basically the framework of your ID card. All your information inserts into this. We are generally very careful while reviewing this feature. In 2018, most if not all states have changed the look of their templates for the identification cards. We do rank vendors with updated versions of each license.
  • Shipping – This is a very curious aspect from a customer’s perspective. Almost every fake id website advertises faster shipping times and overcharges people but yet the shipping speed is still slow. We do rank sites with lower points based on their false advertisements.
  • Stealth – The US customs are very strict on checking parcels which resemble suspicious items. Many vendors use different stealth methods to get their parcels to bypass the customs with ease. Our blog ranks sites with watch boxes and other concrete stealth methods with the highest points.
  • Support – If you own a business it’s important to have active support staff to answer queries to your customers. We know that each of you has an important question before opting for a fake id purchase. Our team ranks sites with professional active support staff the highest points.
  • Scannable ID – If you buy a bogus identification and you want to enter a bar or grocery store; it is important that your ID has a scannable barcode that passes the scanning test. The vendors that put this element into their practical framework will get the highest points in this category.
  • Pricing – The prices of the forgeries do make an impact on the customer base. The sites with higher pricing but good group discounts will rank higher. There are vendors with higher prices but inferior licenses will get lower points.
  • Laminates – Any vendor importing low-quality laminates from offshore countries should not get away with our ranking meter. We do not give high points to websites that can not make their own laminates.
  • Special Features – As critics, we spend valuable time researching and analyzing each rare security feature that can get you into trouble with your bouncer. There are special security techniques that can determine whether an ID is real or fake. The New York fake id makes a solid wooden sound when it is dropped. Our ranking meter determines points such as these and ranks sites compliant with it at a higher position.

Fake ID that we rank with better metrics

Fake ID that we rank the worst will likely end up like this

Fair and unbiased reviews are our mission

The hardest part of our blog is to ensure that our analysis is not biased towards any specific company. We are a non-profit team and our mission is to help genuine novelty id buyers to find a legitimate website and obtain an ID that serves the real purpose. We do not intend to offend any community. However, we are open to any suggestions or complaints.

For vendors the criteria to submit your Site for review

The points that need to be met before we can think of reviewing your website and publishing the results on our blog.

  • Your website must be over 3 years in the field of selling forgeries.
  • The company should be making identification for over 12 states.
  • We do not review vendors that make licenses for other countries than the ‘USA’.
  • Our blog has no connection to the websites that are listed as scam or legitimate.
  • You can submit the form below if you meet the criteria.

Once your request is received we will let you know what our team has decided via E-mail.


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  1. Hi, could you please review Kingoffakes.to, the website they scammed my friends with over 400 dollars by western union. They asked to submit our order form and send money to a person in Ukraine and after we submitted our order details and payment they stopped responding I am really anxious, please do a review on them.

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