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Android Makers 2017: a look back at the second day
You can find the summary of the first day here:
After a good night's sleep and a breakfast in a hotel very close to the Aveyron lounges, we returned to the attack of this second day.
Android First
And it's Lisa Wray who starts the day by reminding us, that not so long ago, many applications were only published on the iOS platform in custom software development before being ported to Android, the most common example. iconic being Instagram.
It then unrolls a few reasons that make it much more interesting today to develop your next project as a priority on Android.
The evolution of notifications - Tips & tricks
In this presentation, Jeremie Martinez begins by retracing the history of notifications through the different versions of the API.
He then explains how to best respect the different concepts of relevance and legitimacy of notifications on it application development so as not to spam the user and warn him at the right time of the right information.
He ends his presentation with some tips and best practices on the use of notifications.
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Android Design Tools: New features and tools for rapid UI development
If I had already initiated the adoption of ConstraintLayout, Nicolas Roard has finished convincing me of the interest of this bookstore.
Better and better integrated into Android Studio, the use of ConstraintLayout brings many advantages and interesting performance gains.
Small discovery for me: the creation of animations facilitated by the flattened structure of the elements of your layout.
Dependency Injection in Android - Best Practices
Vasiliy Zukanov reminds us here of the interest of the practice of dependency injection within a project.
He then presents us with some good practices in order to use the injection well without abusing it.
Testable Android Architecture
Chuck Greb presents here the full range of test types at qa outsourcing that can be integrated into your Android project, and how to use them to test the different application layers.
Unit tests, integration tests and finally functional tests each have their role and Chuck gives us an example of an architecture allowing to integrate all these types of tests.
App Live Review by GDEs
A classic in this type of conference, the application review allows you to discover some applications proposed by courageous developers.
Some of the cream of Android specialists from dedicated development team scrutinize projects and provide some interesting advice to developers of these applications.
Make or brake… using Gradle.
There are a lot of tools to improve the quality of your code, and Stanojko Markovik presents some of them here, and how he added them to his gradle script in order to automate all these checks and generate reports. complete.
Streamlining Payments on MobileIf your project integrates a payment functionality, you know that it is very strategic in the user experience of your application.
This conference by Mathieu Calba explains how to best integrate a screen for adding a bank card.
Modern Android: How to ditch Activities and FragmentsManaging the lifecycle of Activities isn't easy to grasp, and managing shards really hasn't helped matters.
Fabien Devos presents Magellan, a library allowing all these problems to be forgotten by developing a mono Activity application without fragments.
Putting the “Pro” in “Proximity”: Interactive Demos of the Nearby APIAt playmoweb , we have already developed several applications integrating with software engineering company beacon technology and this conference by Chad Shultz, CPA seemed to us to be an obligatory passage.
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Here he presents the API of Nearby, these advantages but also some bugs, shortcomings and approximations.
A techno must therefore be used knowingly.
The Business of Technology Business TechnologyChet Haase ends this 2017 edition with a UFO that I let you discover. A very good moment of relaxation before taking the train again.
Thank you to the organizing team as well as to the sponsors for this 2017 edition of Android Makers. We hope to come back next year, with the playmoweb team.
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