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How do bouncers spot a fake ID?  

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If a bouncer cuts your driver’s license because he thinks it is a fake and won't give it back to you, what should you do?

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As a bouncer myself, firstly, I notice if the id resembles the other ids from the same state that I usually come across every day. Then I check for other factors like its stiffness, floppiness, or if it’s already coloring off.  I’ve been underage too and I know many of my friends who used fake ids in the past. So I know well how fake ids look like and I can examine the id quickly and tell within seconds if the id is original, fake, or belongs to the elder brother of the holder. If you buy fake id made in China or any other place, Believe me, it’s just a waste of time nothing else.


After judging the originality of the id, we then examine of the id actually belongs to the holder or not. I check thoroughly for all the information like weight, height, and hair color. Although all of these can be changed to manipulate the bouncer. Height is the least likely to change but can be increased a few inches using heels. There are very few chances for this case but such ids can be caught on the spot. For example, if a person has the same height as mine but the ID says his height is 5.5, then he’s definitely using a fake or someone else’s ids.  


The most noticeable thing on the ID is the picture of the ID holder. I match all the features like nose, eyes, lips, forehead, and skin color. These facial features don’t change much over time. If I feel something’s not right, I ask the person to orally describe all his details as his picture is not clear. I don’t match the details with the card but I only check their confidence and their way of describing details. It’s easy to judge if the person is actually describing his own details or something that he has learned recently. Sometimes I ask for another form of their ID and if it’s missing, the person gets more suspicious.  


As a bouncer, the biggest thing, I believe in, is the vibe that I get about a person. I know Ids can be manipulated easily but the snap is the main indicator of a fake id. And if a person with a fake ID creates a problem and fights me to let him in, all I do is call the cop on the street to verify their identity. Doing so makes me eat crow sometimes but mostly I get rid of the person causing the problem.