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This is your chance to make things right.  

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We know you and your website advocate and promote scam websites.

I assume they pay you money to put them on the list, so they would appear as legit on "Discussion boards to help underage people", biggest example is your #1 pick -, a scam website trusted because of you.

Understandably, everyone has to make money and provide. Unfortunately for you, you do this by scamming money out of people's pockets.

This is a choice you will have to make: You either take down the scammers' fraudulent websites out of your list (we know the specifics) or you farewell with your website and expect a visit from agencies.

This is a courtesy message, as requested by our clients, we have contacts with government agencies (fraud division in the FBI, Interpol), as well as specialized black hat operatives. Escalating this to higher authorities isn't an issue.


If under 48 hours the thread isn't corrected with formal apologies to your viewers, we will start taking down your website in intervals, from hours to days, giving our friends on top investigate the persons responsible.

This is your chance to make things right.

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Joined: 3 months ago the middle of April I ordered an ID on and have been waiting ever since for anything a response anything..but they did take the Google Play card for 120.  I think this is unacceptable and need help trying to reach someone in the company...they are suppose to be the best and all I have gotten is a headache and no product! I am fuming! someone out there please help me...I have an order # and a receipt!  Edwin R. 
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are listed as being "the best" and quickest providers.  so how it is that BOTH those sites have scammed me? over $300 each site since I paid for expedited services.  I reached out to both websites COUNTLESS times only to get back... NO REPLY. are these sites .. IS THIS SITE.. actually legit? I can't even trust it anymore.