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What are the most common states on fake IDs?  

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Every state is working on compliance with the Real ID Act so things are getting difficult for fake ids. To answer your question, the most common states used by fake are the ones with weak licenses. Most of these include Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Maine, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and Delaware. While the states like Illinois, Ohio, Florida, and Missouri don’t appear frequently on fake ids.


Usually, the original IDs use PVC material while fake ids are created by either Teslin or Polycarbonate. But most of those states have now issued Real ID & compliant ID made up of Teslin or Polycarbonate material. So we are now having a mix of old and new ids. It is still easier and simpler for a bouncer to detect a fake ID using a loupe and UV light. Detecting fake IDs is a bit difficult task for waiters and other such workers. Fake IDs resemble much with the real ones and you just have to identify them using your own observation.


You just detect the subtle differences that are usually visible. But if you have night duty on the door of a night club or a restaurant, with a lot of people waiting in the queue to rush in, it would be very difficult to inspect fake ids in such situations. So it would be difficult to mention the states with surety as they are randomly changing over time.


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Florida Fakes
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Some of the best states to use in Florida would be adjacent or bordering to the tropical beaches. My lot always uses New Mexico IDs in the beach areas in Miami and they work, You gotta know how to use these.

Florida fake ID has a high success instate as well unless you are paying 100-200 USD for a license its gonna be crap My suggested vendors would be:

1. Topfakeid

2. FakeyourID

3. FakeYourDrank



Topfakeid's florida has a decent initial year and DOB while the color is not red on the hologram.