Fake ID Boss has received numerous requests to post a detailed review of the fake id service provider Litfakes. After Considering many factors & posting orders on their panel, we have finally reviewed this vendor.

Litfakes.com: The Exit Scam Artists of Fake IDs

In 2019, a website Allstatefakes.com ranked #1 for almost every popular relative term of fake ids. The not-so-legit id maker received tons of complaints on Trustpilot for not sending counterfeit identities after taking their money. As soon as things went out of hand, they suddenly disappeared.

Here’s a screengrab of the internet archive.org project showing the allstatefakes.com panel. You can also learn more about our previous review on this website.

Brief Pause & Renaming Allstatefakes.com to Litfakes.com

After taking a brief pause in making fraudulent ids, they re-emerged as Litfakes.com with the same theme, content & just renamed their previous website. What’s more interesting is that this vendor has managed to rank favorable reviews on other blogs.

Why does Litfakes have good reviews despite it being a scam?

It is complex to understand. Fake ids are a no-go area for reputed blogs and publications. Even Trustpilot and other review platforms like Reddit have decided to crack down on reviews or content related to fake id operations.

It makes the job easier for any forgeries business to influence reviews. All they need to do is to bribe a blogger or low-reputed publication to post a fake review and appraise their ids.

There are two types of scams when it comes to fraudulent ids & related businesses.

1. Fake ID Scams with Long-term Agenda

These are sites with no exit-scam strategy. Previous vendors that fall into the category of Scam lists such as Lost-identification, IDGOD.to, or blackid.ph fit into this list. They operate and decide to selectively scam a batch of orders and then send low-quality ids to others.

2. Fake ID Scams With Shorter & Complex Setup

These sites operate in a very professional and blackhat method. Litfakes fits into this category. You will find numerous good reviews if you search “Litfakes reviews” in the top results.

So why does that happen? Strategies as such involve paying third-party bloggers and owning review sites. It enables fraudsters to post favorable comments and reviews about their sites.

For instance, Collegerag.net ranks Litfakes as the number #2 in a list of forgeries providers. By doing little research, you’ll find out that Collegerag.net has the same owner as Litfakes. All the rest of the sites list on their top fake ID websites list are also blatant scams. As a beginner buyer, you pronto fall into this trap. Hence, we advise users to only use platforms like FakeIDBoss.net to read unbiased fake ID reviews.

The integrity of Reddit posts that are not moderated is not much. Litfakes has purchased favorable posts on Reddit and that’s not helping them at all. There are genuine complaints from buyers as shown below.

Our blog lists every negative review related to Litfakes.com. This post will serve as a dedicated medium for users or victims of their scams. Shanem112 on Reddit fell for their scam and lost a substantial amount of money while ordering from them. They never returned her emails. Another user complains of losing Bitcoins to their fake agenda.

In short, Litfakes is a well-known exit scam website operated by the same person with a network of fake review sites. Collegerag, myfrugalbusiness are all having paid or self-promoted comments for this website, and they can not be trusted. It is advised to stick only with our trusted all-time list of fake ID websites. One can never go wrong with these vendors.

10 thoughts on “Litfakes Reviews 2021”

  1. Creep

    No wonder they accept Bitcoins and advocate paying with it as it is non-refundable and poor customers have to lose money !! Why does blogs like Frugal Business or Collegerag accept bribes from such fools?? Is there any credibility of the reviews if every blog is accepting biased BS!

  2. IsoC

    The Collegerag blog seems to have deceived many customers over the past one year. The review post on their platform is admiring and promoting false fake id websites which are not even legitimate. For instance IDGOD.org is not even a legit extension the real idgod is idgod.com and there is litfakes.com which is the biggest fake ID scam operation so far … my mind fails to understand how they manage all of this at such levels!

  3. Ben

    This is utter fraud. Litfakes scamming people and had positive Trustpilot Reviews, I reported them to TP & trying to get them banned. They are known scammers & artists when it comes to ripping people off. The hosting & registrar are refusing to take these guys down because they are bribing them. I will keep exposing them & not going to forgive them. P.S Litfakes owner should send me my fake ids or return my money if they want this review removed.

  4. Scamstos

    The Trustpilot reviews on Litfakes are all promotions or can be easily purchased in public forums. You can’t trust those – If you really want to view honest fake ID reviews then you stick to Fake ID Boss otherwise you end up ordering from a scam site.

  5. Owen

    Lit Fakes is a scam company. took them 2 hours to reply payment details of my order. Once I paid Bitcoin They never replied to my order inquiries … I didn’t even get any fake id that they promised to send… Please avoid using these guys and stop falling for the paid BS that they advertise.

  6. LitScams

    Have you noticed the recent reviews on TP are all flagged by customers… Why would anyone want to purchase or waste their money on this website. I am also in talks with their registrar as it is equally responsible for hosting these fags and letting them scam people for fake ids!

  7. William

    I ordered from Litfakes.com and they never sent me a confirmation e-mail nor responded to my 7 requests. They took my $150 in Amazon gift cards, though… The support staff of Litfakes. are irresponsible. They do not answer your requests and are a rip-off. I never received my ID even though they accepted my payment of $150.

  8. James

    Litfakes are garbage. They are 100% scam. You may as well take 100 dollars and throw it out a window.

  9. Molly

    The scammers are now using other names and websites. Litfakes impersonates IDGOD.ph by the name IDGOD.org and Bogusbraxtor.com and has paid blogs to promote their scam businesses. The bribes aren’t working and we will keep posting reviews that removes the influence of fake id related scams online.

  10. Rolip

    Litfakes and Collegerag and summary are all scammers. I fell for these guys because of reading the so-called unbiased top fake id services list on summary & Collegerag. but it turns out they are the same people. It is a shame that there is no legit or authentic blog like fakeidboss that will put forward and ensure customer-safety first. I lost my $200 to Litfakes and their id scam. Please be warned you won’t get any fake id or package if you decide to waste your money on these people.

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