10 Best Fake ID Websites 2024 – Updated

A fake ID is exactly what you would expect it to be. They are manufactured in parts of the world that don’t care whether they are produced there or not, obviously outside of the US. These manufacturers have perfected the skill and produced realistic-looking fake IDs that are complete with identification strips on the back, proper holograms, and more. They are produced to be undetectable by most. They are then sold online on websites similar to the same e-commerce websites you would purchase a pair of shoes on.  

The websites that sell fake IDs are in plain view. They are not hidden or on the dark web. Anyone can find these sites, if they so choose to look. However, this is not legal in the US, so many of these sites are operated outside of the US. This means that when they are ordered, they will have to clear customs. This is one of the trickier parts of the operation.  But these companies have their ways of getting them past customs and into the hands of their customers. What these ways are is not something we are going to disclose here.

Be it the American college culture or nightlife; counterfeit ids are a vital requirement for teens under 21 to take part in the following:

  • Late-night parties
  • Prom nights
  • Graduation celebrations legally.

How to determine which fake id website is the best or a scam?

1. Read fake ID websites reviews by customers & bloggers.

We know how purchasing an item such as a fake id online can be a daunting task. The quality of the ID is important, obviously. You want to find a fake ID that will pass as the real deal. This means that you’ll need to scrutinize the look of the ID. Would it pass?

Look at the small details within the ID, such as if the photo of you looks like it would be from the DMV. Don’t send a high-quality image, as those will certainly throw flags when someone is looking at it. After all, if you are going through the trouble of getting a fake ID, you probably shouldn’t be carrying around a laminated piece of paper but something that will have the proper holograms, stamps, and thickness. Here are some of the features that makes our reviews unbiased and fully ethical.

  • Most of our bloggers including our research members are part of college fraternities.
  • The members that we have in our team have been the same underage influence for years.
  • The editors & contributors at Fakeidboss.net are Bartenders, doormen & people accustomed to validating ID cards over the years.
  • Our experts are familiar with the visual and invisible security features that comes with each state ID.

As a research and review blog, we make an analysis of each fake id maker in the market to ensure that students or purchasers do not get ripped or scammed by the fraudulent websites.

2. Examine Key Features of a fake ID Website

The major factors that contribute to a safe purchase and customer experience while buying a good fake identification are discussed in detail below.

  1. Material or substance – Used for printing forgeries. (Printing ink, holograms, laminates, Teslin or Polycarbonate quality, scanning, codes).
  2. Customer Support – Responsive & Communication time.
  3. Price – Compare with every feature like free duplicate & shipping fee.
  4. Shipping – Shipping days & tracking number availability.
  5. Payment How to pay for a fake id? – (Paypal, Bitcoin, Western Union, Money Gram, Amazon Gift, Google Play Gift, GameStop).
  6. Click To Read Customer Reviews – View real feedback with photos which are verified using platforms such as Trustpilot or SiteJabber.
  7. Scannable Functions – fake ID features present or not?
  8. Special or Secret Features – There are special security techniques that can determine whether an ID is real or fake. The New York fake id makes a solid metallic sound when it is dropped. Some other examples include inverted & hidden letter of new Ohio ID.

As critics, we spend valuable time researching and analyzing each rare security feature that can get you into trouble with your bouncer. Our ranking meter determines points such as these and ranks sites compliant with it at a higher position.

Based on these requirements which we name as “FakeIDBoss Rank Meter” our team has prepared a list of fake ID services. The websites in this list are categorized in a descending order from best to the worst.

10 Best Websites Fake ID Websites (Updated) – 2024

View our comprehensive list of fake ID websites tested & ranked by order of customer reviews, experiences & many other factors.



Topfakeid.com makes it to the #1 fake ID website in 2023. If you are looking for a vendor with cheaper prices & quick response time then go for them. They use DHL Express, FedEx & USPS to utilize shipping for premium fake ID packages. The discretion by Topfakeid is state-of-the-art & the ETA is superb.

If you want to get an ID quickly then, Topfakeid.com is your best bet. They charge extra 75 USD for Rush service to get you your ID within a week. Most of the fake ID websites take 15-20 days to deliver IDs but from Topfakeid.com you will get a real-looking ID in no time.

#1 Website: Topfakeid.com

FeaturesTopfakeid.com Popular Fake IDs: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, California, Connecticut, Georgia, Delaware, Rhode Island, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Utah, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Washington, Texas, Tennessee, New Jersey, Florida.
ID StateAL, AK, (NEW 2022) AK, AZ, AR, (NEW 2022) AR, CA, (NEW 2022) CA, CAN ON, (NEW 2022) CO, CT, (NEW 2022) CT, DE, (NEW 2022) DE, FL, (NEW 2023) FL, GA, (NEW 2022) GA, HI, (NEW 2022) ID, IL, (NEW 2023) IL, IN, (NEW 2022) IN, IA, (NEW 2022) IA, KS, (NEW 2023) KS, (NEW 2022) KY, (NEW 2022) LA, ME, (NEW 2023) ME, MD, (NEW 2022) MD, (NEW 2022) MA, MI, MN, (NEW 2022) MN, MS, (NEW 2023) MS, MO, MT, NE, NV, (NEW 2022) NH, NM, NJ, NY, NC, OH, (NEW 2022) OH, OK, OR, (NEW 2022) OR, PA, (NEW 2022) PA, RI, (NEW 2022) RI, SC, (NEW 2022) SC, TN, TX, UT, (NEW 2022) UT, VT, VA, WA, (NEW 2022) WA, WV, WI, WY
ETA2-4 Days
Topfakeid.com has decided to launch Western Union & Money Gram payment options to capitalize with customer demands.
Ranked by Users in 2022

Topfakeid.com Summary

  • TopfakeID has the best shipping time among all competitors.
  • They build their templates and compare them with a real driver’s license from each of the USA IDs.
  • The material is of premium quality & does not require altering.
  • Topfakeid.com has Polycarbonate, Teslin & PVC. They use DMV-grade Polycarbonate for new licenses in 2020.
  • Support staff is very active & Trustpilot reviews reflect they are not chinese hence making it easy to communicate.
  • Pre-sales queries are answered promptly.
  • They will send you a photo of your ID before shipping it.
  • The pricing is a tad expensive. They advertise charging higher for Scannable fake IDs. Other than that, they require no improvement and are unbeatable.


Veteran fake ID provider depending upon returning customers. IDTop has recently expanded forgery equipment to manufacture several new DMV-grade fake licenses. IDtop makes the best replicas of Vermont state. The vendor has been receiving criticism for careless packaging of their fake IDs as well.

#2 Website: Read Full IDTop Reviews

FeaturesIDTop.is Popular Fake IDs: Vermont (New 2021), Colorado, HAWAII, South Dakota, Montana.
ETA4-5 Weeks
Payment MethodsBTC, WU, MG, PAYPAL
IDTop offers free duplicate with each fake ID order.
IDTop as Ranked by fake ID reviews

IDTop.is Summary

  • IDTop.is makes fake IDs for the last 10 years.
  • IDTop is not the best fake ID maker but it is a legitimate provider of fake IDs.
  • They offer free duplicate with each ID.
  • The pricing is reasonable for group & single orders.
  • They have a review on-site page to discuss fake ID features & order TAT.
  • IDTop has single product fake ID information on their state ID pages.
  • They show stats to represent Scannable fake id features.
  • Need to bring down prices a little.


FakeYourID is the #3 vendor on this list. Hong Kong serves as their outgoing shipping location for forged licenses. They use DHL & popular cardboard boxing for wrapping fake ID in stealth packages. Fakeyourid.com accepts two payment options hence keeping it simple.

#3 Website: Fakeyourid.com

FeaturesFakeyourid.com Popular Fake IDs: Georgia, Illinois, New Hampshire, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Nevada, Nebraska, Vermont, Oregon, Louisiana, Ohio, Utah, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Washington, West Virginia, Virginia.
ETA3 Weeks
Payment MethodsBTC, LTC, WU
Fakeyourid.com is enrolling new Texas template by the fall of 2020.
Fakeyourid.com Rating by State IDs

Fakeyourid.com Summary

  • Pricing is flexible & group orders qualify for marginal discounts.
  • Years of experience in fake ID Reddit channel & popularity in forums.
  • Major verified publications have mentioned them numerous times.
  • Fake IDs of Fakeyourid.com are scannable.
  • FakeYourID sells IDs of over forty USA licenses & updated with DMV designs.
  • Need to introduce more states & alter new Georgia fake ID in 2020.

Read Full FakeYourDrank Reviews

FakeYourDrank is the #3 on the list of fake ID makers. Starting counterfeit IDs for Oregon & Vermont states; it has become a popular vendor among American teenagers. With over 2000+ Trustpilot reviews it is growing at a rapid speed & is one of the top forgeries website.

#4 Website: Fakeyourdrank.com

FeaturesFakeYourDrank Top Fake IDs: Washington (Enhanced), Ohio, Virginia, Vermont, Oregon(OLD), California in 2020.
ETA2-3 Weeks
Payment MethodsBTC, LTC, WU, Credit Card via WU online
Fakeyourdrank accepts Zelle, Western Union, Money Gram & intends to introduce stripe payments soon.
FakeYourDrank.com As Ranked by Users

FakeYourDrank.com Summary

  • FakeYourDrank is one of the oldest known fake ID makers in the market.
  • FYD IDs are cheaper than the rest.
  • Tracking numbers & support staff promptly answers pre-sale queries.
  • FakeYourDrank offers more than five payment options.
  • Need to revamp outdated templates & introduce more 2020 designs of updated IDs.

Read Full IDSBuddy Reviews

IDViking makes it to the #4 on the list. The only popular & legitimate vendor known for making authentic student fake IDs. The company has also invested more resources into making fake driving licenses of USA, Canada & UK.

#5 Website: IDsHubs.com

FeaturesIDViking Popular Fake IDs: Ontario Driver’s License, Quebec, Manitoba, Alberta.
ID StateAB (OLD), CO (OLD), IL, IL (OLD), IL (U21) (OLD), MB, ME, ME (U21), NM, KY,OH (OLD), OH (U21) (OLD), PA, PA (OLD), PA (U21) (OLD), QC (OLD), RI (OLD), SK, SC, SC (U21), WA (OLD), WA (U21) (OLD), SECONDARIES
ETA1-2 Weeks
Payment MethodsBTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, DOGE, DSH, WU
IDSBuddy plans to launch 5 more states of the US licenses.
IDsbuddy As Ranked by Customers

IDsbudddy.com Summary

  • Makes fake IDs for students which are easy.
  • Caters to a market of non-US customers like Quebec, Australian & UK IDs.
  • The IDs of IDsbuddy are high rated by customs.
  • Accepts Bitcoin & charges less.
  • Shipping Speed is normal.
  • Fake ID stealth process is poor.
  • They are charging 90-100 USD for new templates of California, Michigan & other IDs.

Read Full IDInstate Reviews

IDInState is the #5 on the fake ID services list. Having lost domain extension .COM they have re-emerged as one of the popular hot spots of forgeries in 2020. IDInstate keeps it simple and offers only in-state IDs for use.

#6 Website: IDInState.ph

FeaturesIDInState Popular Fake IDs: Ohio, Washington, Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia.
ETA2-3 Weeks
Payment MethodsBTC, WU
IDInState is offering a reseller program that rewards 20% of each sale.
IDInState as Ranked by Customers.

IDInState.ph Summary

  • Has backing of two previous fake ID services.
  • Only offers Scannable fake IDs.
  • The first to introduce laser-engraved printing technique & premium laminates.
  • Also sells wholesale material for holograms & UV sheets.
  • Has complaints of scamming customers.
  • There are more outdated templates than new.
  • The website was last updated one year ago.
  • Customer Support & Shipping times may take longer than a week or two.

Read Full Buy-ID Reviews

Buy-ID.com is a real provider of counterfeit IDs. The website has self-hosted discussion forum where users can directly approach staff & sales problems regarding fake ID information mistakes or license number generation. The catalog presentation of their fake licenses is impressive. We rate them lower due to complaints regarding quality. Otherwise, Buy-ID is worth a try for USA fake IDs.

#7 Website: BUY-ID.COM

FeaturesBuy-ID Popular Fake Licenses: Minnesota, Georgia, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, West Virginia.
ID StateAZ, KS, GA, OH, IL, PA, NE, NJ(OLD), MA, VA, TX.
ETA4-5 Weeks
Buy-ID.com offers fake ID Reseller program. Where you can get a discount of 20% upto orders of 10 or more IDs.
Buy-ID.com has an average ranking due to compromise on quality.

Buy-ID.com Summary

  • Buy-ID.com has a forum which is open to discussion. It is not moderated or based to promote self-ranked reviews.
  • Buy-ID has a printing facility in Hong Kong. It does not rely on other factories for reselling.
  • Buy-ID.com has proved to be a legitimate provider of fake IDs.
  • Buy-ID.com has a higher price & the quality of ID does not match the standards.
  • Magnetic stripes used by Buy-ID.com & particularly California fake licenses has come under scrutiny. The stripes are mostly damaged and not readable.
  • Buy-ID does not have a market reputation for more than a couple of years. It is a new vendor.

Read Full EvolveDIDs Reviews

Fake IDs are under severe scrutiny of the Law Enforcement in USA. Websites that had operations domestically have disappeared over the years that includes many popular Reddit sub-forums. EvolveDIDs claims to be a domestic vendor. Evolvedids is popular for Missouri & producing New Jersey IDs. Their business is limited to a few states.

#8 Website: EvolvedIDs.com

FeaturesEvolvedIDs Popular Fake Licenses: Missouri, New Jersey.
ETA4-5 Weeks
EvolvedIDs presents 10% discount on group order & often has monthly promotions.
EvolvedIDs as ranked by Users in 2020.

EvolvedIDs Summary

  • EvolvedIDs is the only vendor that ships domestically. Hence shipping time for Evolved is relevantly quick as compared to others.
  • EvolvedIDs does not rely on pre-made templates & uses Real IDs to make their templates.
  • EvolvedIDs has a good ranking & presence on fake ID community & related forums.
  • The customers of EvolvedIDs often complain due to lack of other state designs.
  • The current licenses are not real ID compliant.
  • EvolvedIDs need to offer more payment options.

Read Full Fake-ID.com Reviews

Fake ID & Novelty are two different terms. Fake-ID.com is a service which advertises & promotes fake IDs but their products are credentials printed on simple templates. The IDs of Fake-id.com are not even novelty IDs. They are merely identification cards which can be used for pranks, financial fraud or other identity purposes. Fake-ID.com can get you a student ID card as well.

#9 Website: Fake-id.com

FeaturesFake-id.com Popular Fake Licenses: E-Cards, or Security Badges.
ETA1-3 Weeks
Fake-ID.com provides 2 IDs for the price of one with a free dupe.
Fake-ID.com as Ranked 3 out of 5.

Fake-ID.com Summary

  • Fake-ID.com is a simple option for those hesitant to take risk of getting caught with a fake ID.
  • Fake-ID services offers novelty & student fake IDs for 39 Euros.
  • Fake-ID has a large following on social media & is a popular trend on twitter.
  • Lacks fake IDs which are real & cannot satisfy the requirements of underage community.
  • Cannot make a fake ID with holograms or other security features.

Read Full Bogus Braxtor Reviews

BogusBraxtor.ph is a leading reseller of fake IDs & material as well. The IDs are of decent quality but as usual there are limitations to their cheaper pricing. They may not scan & in most circumstances are spotted as fake. To save you the unnecessary trouble; we advise you to stick with our top fake ID services.

#10 Website: BogusBraxtor.ph

BogusBraxtor.ph has a poor reputation.

BogusBraxtor.ph Summary

  • BogusBraxtor.ph has a cheaper pricing to offer.
  • BogusBraxtor makes over forty USA licenses for many different states.
  • BogusBraxtor has a history of changing brand names & exit scams as reported by many Reddit fake ID channels.
  • BogusBraxtor.ph & Lost-Identification (Popular fake ID website allegedly exit scammed over thousands of customers) are related. In fact, most people believe they are the same businesses.
  • BogusBraxtor has no social media presence & does not offer free duplicates with any of their IDs.

Best Fake ID Services (FAQ): Frequently Asked Questions

Our list has recommended states of California, Connecticut, Utah, Maryland, Illinois, Arizona, Georgia, Florida, Missouri, Ohio, Texas, Tennessee, Louisiana, Colorado, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania fake IDs as the best out of state licenses. These IDs also work in-state. Our best fake ID websites from #1 to #5 can be categorized as the popular choices for any of these IDs.
Shipping discreetly should also be something that you consider. After all, you don’t want your fake ID to come in a package labeled fake ID, which could cause some legal implications. Most reliable websites will ship in a package that isn’t traceable to what the contents actually are.

The average time for printing & processing of orders is dominated by the likes of Topfakeid.com, Fakeyourid.com, IDTOP.IS & Fakeyourdrank.com – We categorized fake ID services with the quickest ETA time based on Printing, Processing, Payment & Shipping of Courier services.

During the on-going pandemic most novelty ID makers take 20-40 days to deliver a package of fake IDs. Some of them ship batches to the USA & then use locally dispersing couriers to deliver IDs. While this is a safer approach but is very slow.

1. Topfakeid.com – The fastest & #1 fake ID factory. Trustpilot Reviews & our personal experience using them has been great. Topfakeid takes 5-10 days to deliver express fake ID orders. They achieve this by printing IDs in (1-2 days) & using DHL, FedEx in most cases to deliver priority mail. This has been unmatched.

2. FakeYourID.Com – The second most popular fake ID maker. They ship packages in 8-12 days using Express priority mail service by USPS. Fakeyourid has no competitor when it comes to standard shipping which is 14 days. Hence the difference is not much while others charge hefty prices for priority mail service; Fakeyourid’s pricing for the same service remains affirm.

3. BLACKID.PH – The website seems to be at a slower end. Their packages arrive in 8-20 days because it takes them 5-10 days to print fake IDs in batches. Moreover, their group order processing is slower.
You will also need to consider the payment options and pricing of the fake ID. It’s important to stay clear of IDs that are lowball in price. This could be an indicator of the quality. It’s a good idea to look for a website that has a good balance between quality and affordability. Also, ensure that they have a payment system that is encrypted and safe to use.

Buying a fake ID is not as easy as buying a piece of plastic. You can get caught & it is extremely difficult for websites to stay anonymous while taking money from you. Hence accepting Paypal or the likes of credit cards & bank transfers is almost impossible. However, in 2020 this has become easier thanks to GIFT CARDS.

Gift Cards – Most fake ID services accept gift cards. So, you cannot pay them directly with your credit card or debit card. You can buy online Gift card codes like Google Play which is accepted by Topfakeid.com & just tell them the code of your gift cards. You can do so easily.

Western Union & Money Gram – Fake ID services like Fakeyourid.com, Topfakeid.com, IDTOP.is uses Western Union & Money Gram. Their agents will receive money in offshore countries like China, Iceland or India.
Fake ID that we rank with better metrics

Fake ID that we rank the worst will likely end up like this

Fair and unbiased reviews are our mission
The hardest part of our blog is to ensure that our analysis is not biased towards any specific company. We are a non-profit team and our mission is to help genuine novelty id buyers to find a legitimate website and obtain an ID that serves the real purpose. We do not intend to offend any community. However, we are open to any suggestions or complaints.
Yes, 99% of the fake ID websites online are scams in one way or another. If you are vigilant & do your research that is not going to happen to you. All you have to do is follow our guide & buy your fake ID from our verified vendors. Look for the top-ranked fake ID services as selected by customers & bloggers on our platform & you can easily save yourself from getting scammed.

While there are some legitimate fake ID websites out there, there are just as many, if not more, scams and untrustworthy sites. Be sure that if you order, you are offered various payment options and they aren’t asking you to only use a prepaid gift card. This is a good sign that it’s a scam. Also, look carefully at their website. Most legit companies will have a proper website with words and images that make sense.

If there are a ton of misspellings and other errors, you may want to reconsider ordering.  When ordering online, you should always find their contact information and never order from a company that doesn’t have their contact information proudly displayed. This can be a sign of a website that isn’t legitimate and is, in fact, a scam. If buying a fake ID is something you are on the market for, be sure that you fully understand your legal responsibility in this matter. 

Finding the perfect fake ID company just got better. We hope that our recommendations and guidance will assist you in getting that ID you’ve always wanted. The technology used in manufacturing IDs is much more advanced today than in recent years, providing you with an ID that is virtually undetectable in many cases. 
A fake driver’s license is different from an identification card. In USA, Identity cards are issued for identification purposes only while you can also drive with a driver’s license. With the Real ID Act adopted by most states now they are also issuing “NOT FOR FEDERAL IDENTIFICATION” licenses. These can be used for identity purposes but you cannot be allowed into a federal building or board a plane with it.

A fake driver’s license is easy to get. All you have to do is follow few simple steps.

1. Open a fake ID website selected from our best fake id services list.
2. Give them your photo and credentials & pay.
3. The service will send an ID to your location using a discrete box with a fake driver’s license.
No, fake ID websites are completely illegal in USA. In fact many domestically operating counterfeit document makers have been arrested & put behind bars over the years. Making a fake document to identify is a serious offense & felony in most states.

If you are caught with a fake ID in states like Illinois & Florida then you maybe charged with a full-on felony. It is up to the police to charge fake ID holder with misdemeanor or a felony. However, there is no compromise when it comes to busting fake ID businesses. It is one of the reasons why most forgery makers are operating from China & offshore countries.
If you use your personal credit/debit or Paypal account to pay for a fake ID. Then, there is a high chance of exposing your information to a third-party or a stranger in China. We do not encourage you to use your personal bank account or credit card to pay any fake ID maker.

Websites like Topfakeid.com, IDTOP.IS or Fakeyourid.com accept Gift cards. Topfakeid.com takes virtual gift cards which can be purchased online from trusted stores like Paypal, Target. You can also pay them using Amazon gift cards purchased from a nearby store.

We strongly advise exposing your financial information to fake ID websites. It can be sold out to hackers on the dark market or used for other malicious purposes.

New Fake ID Website? Read the Criteria to Get Listed.

The points that need to be met before we can think of reviewing your website and publishing the results on our blog.
  • Your fake ID website must be over 3 years in the field of selling forgeries. The company should be making identification for over 12 states.
  • We do not review vendors that make licenses for other countries than the ‘USA‘.
  • Our blog has no connection to the websites that are listed as scam or legitimate. You can submit the form below if you meet the criteria.

Once your request is received we will let you know what our team has decided via E-mail.


Post your verified sale & purchase experience using our form below. Please do not post confidential information like order number, invoice or payment processor as we will not publish those. You can include photos of your fake ID to support your claim. We will not accept any review that does not contain a photo of your ID.

You can post questions as long as they are short and to the point. You can read the FAQ section above to find answers of commonly asked pre-sale fake ID related questions as well.

29 thoughts on “10 Best Fake ID Websites 2024 – Updated”

  1. fanaticid

    Reviewing Fakeyourid Virginia –

    #1 Photo kinda looks transparent, but they cropped it well.
    #2 lens is ok, you can’t see the date on it, but lens still noticeably moves
    #3 Literally got here in less than a week, phenomenal shipping.

    I’d rate them 9 out 10 for the service.

  2. Michaelle

    Received the Georgia id with lens from Topfakeid. Comes with rough edges and bends exactly like a real id. It is a 1:1 for polycarb id. working lens at 3 different bars and a liquor store. So far no red flags raised.

  3. WillieDek

    which websites out of these will accept Paypal as form of payment for a fake id purchase? and I mean direct PAYPAL payments. Not interested in paying with exchanging to crypto or any other form.

  4. IDWaste

    Fake ids sold by idgod usually come with punch holes. Reported this multiple times to IDGOD but they don’t respond or improve. Their technicians seem to be lacking the ability to properly use the print head. I paid for the updated NJ license. The coloring is mismatched and lacks overlay.

    1. David morris


  5. Junior

    Order Details: Single ID Pricing: $120

    State: Pennsylvania Vendor: IDTOP.is

    Overall: Made with Polycarbonate and crisp surface. Clean printing & Photoshop with nice and sharp edges. Laminated with premium sleeves.

    The Pennsylvania id is a complicated card to deal with. It requires extra care when altering shadows on the cardholder’s photo. I requested IDTOP to specifically guide me on how to take a good photo for the id and they helped me with that. That proved to be the main theme of the id. Most people don’t care about it and provide selfies taken in dark or outside. That won’t work for you. You can’t complain about that either and its not the vendor’s fault. The laser engraving and spaces of each feature is in exact position as provided by the Penn DOT real ids. I can rank this ID 4 out of 5. Shipping was ok and the item came in a Box that belongs to a branded Watch. Disguised and fitted in a hidden compartment.

  6. IDTop_Fan

    Whenever it comes to using a counterfeit id website, my money will always be on IDTop.is – I am not a regular guy who post reviews but I can describe the basics which will be meaningful to all buyers out there !

    1. Pricing wise – I prefer them above any other vendors in the market, buying multiple fake ids means that they slash the price up to 60$ per id.

    2. Shipping wise – They promise one week for express shipped orders but may take an additional day or two depends if you include weekends…. I got mine in total 6 days. (including the printing time)

    3. Quality wise – They are probably one of the most surprising key players among the fake id websites. The templates are accurate and have Guilloche extended on all ids. What impressed me most is that they offer identification cards & driving licenses as well. The U21 templates are not sold out but, you rarely need that if the O21 works. I have used them in the past buying their new California, Kentucky & Kansas ids. This time I wanted an updated Oregon license and as usual they mean business!

    Real Use, it got tested under UV light by a real arrogant Bar guy in southern downtown Oregon… and the bar is famous for confiscating fake ids but they didn’t spot mine! but that doesn’t mean you go to stern places and shove it up their asses.! Be reasonable and that concludes my review i hope i’ll get a coupon code for my detailed analysis.

  7. Rivotril

    Very good experience with IDTOP.is – Had an order of 11 New York fake ids delivered in 5 days time. No delays or BS! just straight forward answers of support staff. all ids scans at will. Passes the ultraviolet features test. Package came in just 5 days time during COVID19 so will give them extra points. I have used Fakeyourid in the past for fake social security card orders & they also took 8 days to deliver those. Both vendors have the same quality but IDTOP.is is spot on when it comes to fast shipping. Disguised the ids in a pack of forks. Never make a mistake by ordering from non-verified id vendors.

  8. Alison

    I bought some fakes id card with friends at fakesidstore.com they were not scannable. It is also easy to notice that is was a fake one…. very poor service!! Should’ve read your reviews before letting those crooks steal my money!

  9. LarryThike

    New Ohio from Topfakeid looks good. was surprised to see it printed on Polycarb because the stiffness makes it harder to vendors to actually print it on Real Polycarbonate as it will never bend if its fake. In fact, in the past i’ve had quite a weird experience with new CA from god cause it broke in the middle after tested for Bend test instate.

    However, this OHIO newer version from Topfakeid.com is bad ass & if you look at it the state seal and the overlay makes it a real tough task for a Bartender to spot it as fake ! (The magnetic stripe is sexiness)

  10. Jt

    Fakeyourid.com is super legit, kinda pricey but worth it IMO, $75 additional for the expedited shipping (3 days after it’s made) and they send you a back up i’d, so two id’s (identical) and they accept Amazon Gift cards. I also appreciated the discreetness, the ids were taped to a back of a piece of literature that was a 200 page training catalogue, a pretty fat book and took me a minute to find the ids but they were in there and perfect. not sure if they’re scannable though, they didnt scan at casino when i put in machine to print out a players card…that’s only place i’ve tried to scan, but you can’t go wrong with this site..

  11. Jockey

    Website: TOPFAKEID.COM – State: Texas Fake ID (2021 Version) – Price: 125$ (75 Rush Shipping) – Express Shipping Time: 3-5 Days – Order Type: SINGLE

    Having used New Mexico from Fakeyourdrank in the past switching to the Texas new license from Topfakeid turned out to be a wiser choice in the end. My mates ordered their new Texas ID released in December 2020. The promotion enabled them to take a substantial discount. It costed me 200 dollars in total to buy this and I used Bitcoin to purchase it. There is very little information about the security features of new Texas ID right now. The driver’s license has a unique texture as compared to other new licenses. Polycarbonate is rigid and has no space for bend tests. It is solid and has a metal-like finishing. The engraved techinque on holograms & OVI gives it a very authentic look. Micro adjusted throughout the card and smooth edges. Has no flaws to the naked eye. Passed in 3 different places so far. I have used this in a pub in El Paso. It looks like a real ID from DMV!

  12. Daniel Westley

    Website: Topfakeid.com – State: Washington Fake ID – Price: 100$ (75 Rush Shipping) – Express Shipping Time: 6 Days – Order Type: Group

    I purchased & used the topfakeid.com fake id maker’s platform for our Washington Driving licenses purchase. I purchased one for myself & another for my girl. The price calculation on their platform provided us $40 discount. The normal pricing of Topfakeid’s Washington ID is $125 each. In case, you purchase two ids they will apply a discount of 40$ on your total. This extends even more if you buy more number of ids. The shipping package was well disguised and mailed to our P.O box address. The IDs in quality can be compared to a newly issued DMV license. All the three holograms in UV on the back are confidently bright. The license scans with a finely loaded code on the back. The Inventory Control Number is valid as well. Overall, this ID can beat any other vendor by far margin.

    1. Georgian

      That Washington ID looks dope! How long did it take for your ID to come? I placed an order for 12 people and paid for rush shipping. Waiting to for mine to come and will update soon

      1. Daniel Westley

        My group order took 2 days of printing & followed up by 4-5 day time that involves the basic enveloping, sending the packaging to FedEx or DHL… Overall you should keep in mind 4-6 days in total from the time you place your order!

        1. Slim

          How is your ID holding up? I want to get a washington fake but am struggling to choose a site

    2. Steven

      Are your id’s and license passable for database records and can I, get a s.s # with new id

  13. IDTop Customer

    I have used IDTop.is using your suggestion & reviews! The service is incredible & customer support promptly answered all my concerns . With a group discount it took 11 total days for the package to arrive with free duplicate of all ids can’t thank them enough …

    All holograms including Massachusetts Kinegram was spot on!! The ultraviolet feature resembles all the functions on a real Massachusetts driver’s license. The initials of the name and birthyear on the tactile area has a bright texture and changes color with variation on looking.

  14. Xiu Lee

    Website: IDTOP.is – State: California Fake ID – Price: 100 USD (50 Exclusive Shipping) – Express Shipping: 8 Days – Order Type: Group

    IDTop.is has a decent website design & the instruction manual on their FAQ page explains in detail how to make a fake ID order. Going through their whole procedure was very convenient & it took me 5 minutes to submit 3 order forms for my friends. The CA (2020) ids were in good shape and texture. Overall, I am very happy with their service & my friends are satisfied as well. They provided free cloned copies of exact quality & used USPS priority mail service to ship them overnight as well. The Trust score for them would be 4.5 out of 5 ! and I would definitely be ordering again.


    1. Rock n Roll

      I did a resell of Topfakeid.com New York license at my college for a 10% profit and their prices are very reasonable as compared to other over priced IDs! Couldn’t use Bitcoin to buy from them so they helped me guide on buying through Amazon gift card their processing is fast. One thing to like about them is that they allow you more than 2 MB (Photo size) pictures. As much as every ID maker boasts and whines on how your ID looked blurry because your photo was not good enough is just an excuse ! For Example if you look at IDGod they only allow 2 MB or 1 MB photos now how the hell do they expect you to upload a decent photo with 1 MB file size?? that’s not possible & that is where I choose Topfakeid.com their photo upload size is over 10 MB so I used them and received my New York ID a week ago

    2. Sally

      did they charge you an additional money for the duplicate fake ids?

      1. Rick

        Most fake id websites do not charge additional for duplicate ids. It doesn’t cost them much more than just a few hologram stickers or printing ink. and a tad of printing material. They do this freebie for customers to return back and spread the word about how good they can be! The real question for most people with fake ids is do they work?? if the id does not work then your duplicate card rarely matters. It just becomes a piece of plastic that you cannot use to identify yourself. I personally prefer Fakeyourid.com when it comes to choosing a fake id vendor! They have been in the forums for years and also sells you a matching social security card why don’t you buy that instead of asking for a free duplicate id?

    3. Brian Doc123

      CA ID #’s have NOTHING to do with your last name. I think they are good, don’t get me wrong and it’s the customer fault for not choosing their own DL# but if you look, the beginning of the DL# coorispondse to the last name which again, in CA anyway, isn’t the case. My last name starts with a B and my DL# starts with a D.

  15. Kansas Group Fake ID Order

    Website: Fakeyourid.com – State: Kansas Fake ID – Price: 125 USD (75 Exclusive Shipping) – Express Shipping: 10 Days – Order Type: Group

    On 4th August, we asked Fakeyourid.com whether they could deliver a set of two fake IDs with free duplicates to Wichita, Kansas. The TAT was good & received a prompt response urging us to use Rush shipping service in order to get a Kansas fake ID with emblem, Real ID star & the rest of features. So, we went ahead and submitted forms. The most amazing experience ever. Rush Shipped via USPS Priority service & using our photos with blue backgrounds I couldn’t just believe what they sent. The IDs looked like they were sent to us from the DMV!!! These fakes are so real that you won’t even notice any flaw unless you already know it is a fake ID. Make your life easier & instead of ordering from the likes of Idgod & other LQ websites just go for fakeyourid.com they are the real deal right now.


  16. Flynn

    Website: Topfakeid.com – State: Massachusetts ID – Price: 120 USD – Order Type: Group – Payment: Bitcoin Shipping: 8 days (RUSH 75 USD EXTRA)

    so I wouldn’t disclose how they disguised the package for a utensil item because it may leak sensitive information but what I can tell you is that It took me some time to find my IDs in the package. I had to email Topfakeid.com to find where my IDs were. This is one of the most secure & professional fake ID websites you will ever find. All my questions were unanswered (fake ID makers I have used before lacked this big time) support is very important because you never know.

    Key Points:

    1. Topfakeid lets you confirm your credentials for 24 hours time. If you want corrections they let you do so.
    2. Shipping is highly professional. They use different courier services but mine came with USPS priority mail service in 8 days with Rush shipping.
    3. Massachusetts fake ID received scans & works instate.
    4. The support is entirely polite & responsive.


    Overall – I would gladly rank them 5 stars and all above others specifically the overrated idgod.

  17. Farrens Stacia

    Website: Fakeyourid.com State: California Price: 125 USD Shipping: Standard Duration: 8 Days Courier: USPS

    I used fakeyourid.com to get a California fake ID. The maker provided a free duplicate with no additional costs & it scans with a good magnetic stripe. The thickness can be a mild problem but it worked in-state in many places so far so I wouldn’t complain about it

    Fakeyourid is a good website and I am thankful to your review for this – I lost my money to other websites before ordering from fakeyourid.com these guys know what they are doing !


  18. California Fake ID Group Order

    Order Details: Group Order (2 Rhode Island Fake IDs, 2 Florida, 2 Ohio, 2 Michigan 2 New York, 2 California) Pricing: The normal pricing of Topfakeid.com is $120/ID but they reduced it 30% less due to group orders.

    State: They let you select different states in a group order. Shipping Time: 9 days with FedEx Express Shipping (That is way better for a group order).

    Overall: This is the best fake ID service in my opinion. No doubt whatsoever. Everything that they advertise is correct and to the top-notch quality.

    I have used Topfakeid.com for a group order. I read about them on Trustpilot – It is very difficult for a fake ID website to maintain a rating of over 4 stars on Trustpilot which is an opensource reviews platform. So I asked different websites with a question to search which one could potentially deliver a large group of IDs undetected (seized by customs). I found Topfakeid.com to be responsive & the best option according to the pricing of their group orders. So I hired them and submitted my order form. I received my IDs asap & the group ordering was fast as well – my bet is on these guys I was asked by them to follow my feedback here I rank them 5 out of 5 stars – My suggestion to all of the student groups is to order from these guys and avoid any other makers they are all crap.


    1. fakeidboss

      Please post small photos of your orders next time.

    2. TX Ranger

      I heard they started making new Texas licenses with the 2020 template. Have you tried that yet? I’d definitely do me one Texas i have all the collection of their new fake licenses but I am missing out on Texas…

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