Buying a fake ID is essential for every freshman, but it’s not without its risks. The industry is filled with dishonest businesses that would scam customers out of their money, which could’ve been better spent otherwise. 

That’s why we’re reviewing some of the industry’s top fake ID makers, and is among the industry’s top when it comes to quality and reliability. Read through our review to learn more.

About Hotfakeid

Hotfakeid is a fake ID business that produces and ships high-quality fake identification documents, such as ID cards and driver’s licenses, at a competitive price point. The company accepts both individual and group orders for one or several people, and customers can opt for standard or expedited shipping. 

Hotfakeid also makes IDs that are scanner-proof, and the company’s customer support is pretty easy to get a holdoff and communicate with. Additionally, the company’s website is pretty intuitive and easy to use, and the entire process of ordering a fake ID is streamlined. You only need to follow a step-by-step guide provided by the company and provide a picture for your ID. The rest is up to Hotfakeid. 

What Types of Fake IDs are Sold By Hotfakeid?

Hotfakeid offers fake IDs from almost any state, including Texas, Massachusetts, and Montana, in the form of driver’s licenses. You can see the list of fake IDs by state on the company’s website under the “Order” section. 

The company offers regularly updated, high-quality templates of 48 different state IDs. All IDs made by Hotfakeid can be tested under UV light from various angles and tested with a scanner. In fact, the company claims that every ID made by its team undergoes rigorous testing before shipping out to clients, which also includes barcode or magnetic strip testing. 

The cards are to withstand the bending test, and both the card and the laminate won’t crease or ridge when bent. The holograms are very precise and of corresponding brightness, and impeccable, which means they don’t contain any dirt or other marks. 

Thanks to the thermal infusion and machine-readable elements, fake IDs offered by Hotfakeid resemble and act just like real, government-issued IDs, down to every little feature and graphical representation. The only person who will know that you’re sporting a fake is yourself since Hotfakeid fake IDs can’t be distinguished from the real ones by the ID scanner. 

Is Hotfakeid Legitimate?

The company has one of the best fake ID websites in 2023, so if you’re looking for a high-quality fake ID, their website is a good and viable option. As previously stated, quality is above the industry average, and the IDs are nearly identical to state-issued documents. Admittedly, most prices start at approximately $80, which means that they’re not only good but quite affordable as well. 

In addition, for the price of one fake ID, you’re actually getting two of them, as Hotfakeid always sends out a duplicate ID with both individual and group orders. This is more than enough to make the customers satisfied, which is reflected in this website’s rating.

Hotfakeid has a very consistent, high rating in the industry due to easy communication with the company’s representatives, but also due to their pricing, templates, print quality, and shipping. 

Each fake ID contains a randomly generated scannable code that informs the scanner whether the information printed on the ID is correct, and that same information will appear on a scanning device. 

How does make fake ids?

The process of making a fake ID is described on the Hotfakeid website, and it consists of four steps. The process is pretty straightforward; all you need to do is visit the company’s website and place an order. However, there are three things you’ll need to have when placing an order: 

  1. Know the state for which you want to order.
  2. A digital photo of yourself and your signature, along with the necessary information. 
  3. Payment (we’ll mention payment in a later section of this review).

The first step in making a fake ID actually relies on you providing Hotfakeid with all the necessary information. Go to the company’s web shop and select the appropriate template for the fake state ID you want. 

Next, you’ll have to enter the required information on the order page for the state you’re ordering. You can enter information for one person at a time, depending on the number of people you’re ordering for. 

This includes all the personal information, such as your full name (or the name you want visible on your card, residency, date of birth (make sure you’re 21), and everything else necessary. Apart from the name, the company will generate all the other necessary information for you if you leave any of the order form fields empty. 

However, you’ll have to submit a photo of yourself against any background. Solid color backgrounds work best, as they’re easier to edit out per each state’s requirements. The same applies to your signature, though the company offers signature generation in your stead. However, we advise you to send in your own signature for convenience, nothing else. 

If you’re unsure about taking your own picture for a fake ID, you can refer to Hotfakeid’s website instructions on how to take a good photo for a fake ID. Once that’s done, you can select the shipping options, enter shipping details, and make a payment to the company. All you need to do now is wait for your new fake ID to arrive. 

Hotfakeid Shipping Options

Hotfakeid offers two shipping options on its website: 

  • Standard shipping is free of charge, and you’re likely to wait approximately a week or two for your fake ID to arrive.
  • Express shipping costs an additional $75, but your fake ID is expected to arrive in as little as 3-5 days.  

The company relies on a re-shipping method in which the fake IDs are first shipped from the printer’s undisclosed locations to the company’s locations in the US. These are subsequently shipped domestically using typical express shipping courier services, such as FedEx. 

Hotfakeid relies on re-shipping as the safest approach to shipping to avoid having their shipment seized, which is why they don’t send fake IDs directly to customers. The company goes a step further to disguise the fake ID inside more inconspicuous goods, such as promotional material, small jewelry boxes, packs of small mirrors, etc. 

It’s worth noting that the company makes approximately 2,000 fake IDs per day (at least according to the company), which means it outputs approximately 10,000 to 14,000 fake IDs per week, which speaks volumes about the company’s popularity and trustworthiness. 

Hotfakeid Payment Options

Hotfakeid is concerned with its customers’ privacy, which is why it’s offering convenient, privacy-friendly payment options. As of right now, the website accepts three payment options which we’ll explain here: 

  • Amazon Gift Cards
  • Razer Gold E-codes
  • Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash

Most fake ID services are falsely advertising that they’re accepting PayPal and Credit/Debit payments, but that’s not true for several reasons. Most financial services and banks don’t want to be involved with fake ID services due to legal reasons, and they don’t want to be involved in possible personal/financial information theft. 

It stands to reason that most financial services and banks don’t even approve transfers between fake ID websites and their customers. However, Hotfakeid accepts Razer Gold E-Gift Cards as a form of payment, and these can be bought via PayPal and Credit/Debit. 

The order process is similar to Amazon Gift Cards, just buy enough Razer Gold E-Gift Cards to cover your total, and you can finalize your order. You’ll receive the Razer Gold E-Gift Cards in your email address. Just select the appropriate payment method on Hotfakeid’s website and fill out the form with codes. 


Judging by their website and customer reviews, Hotfakeid makes high-quality fake IDs that are actually ID compliant. The ID card-making process consists of information processing, printing, drying and laminating, and quality assurance; the entirety of which ensures that the company delivers what it promises. 

Hotfakeid offers scannable IDs that are impervious to known detection methods, such as UV light and machine scanners, but also cruder detection methods as well, such as the bend test. The company offers bulk discounts, free duplicates for each ID you order, and great customer service. 

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  1. irrelevant2

    i’m not too sure what a real NJ licence feels like but it isn’t flimsy or bendy. I do notice there’s too much green on it compared to other NJ ids. it would take a very well trained voucher to discern whether this is a real or fake ID, many bouncers look for older IDs, and with this one being the newest template and being so close, it will definitely give bouncers a tough time. The only issue is I have seen that are visual are the headshot being slightly too big and the lettering underneath the signature not being dark enough. Like I said, it would take a very trained I to discern this so for in-state I will give it an eight out of 10 ranking but for out-of-state, it would get a nine out of 10 ranking.

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