How to Take Good Photos for Fake IDs

A photo is essential for making a good fake ID. If you disagree, you are welcome to go ahead without a photo. If someone checks it and allows you to go into clubs, please do tell us. We would be grateful to learn about such places.

It is quite clear that one of the most important features of a fake ID card is the photo of the individual for whom it is designed and printed. Most people might think any photo of themselves can be used on a counterfeit ID. However, a photo plays a more important and sensitive role in making a quality fake.

If you want to make reliable fake IDs, do not use random photos since they may not be effective. The only way your random photo can fool someone who is checking your license is if that person just does not care about their job. That is a one-in-a-million chance and even then, it is highly unlikely you’ll be able to do that more than once.

So, when designing a fake ID, you must prioritize your photo. To take a good photo for your fake ID, you need the following items:

  1. A high-definition camera that can locate your pores
  2. An appropriate background
  3. Good photo editing software so that the photo will look professional

You also need to know how to handle these tools to get the most out of them.

High-Definition Camera

Just like you can’t make a grilled cheese sandwich without bread, a camera is the most important component required for creating a fake ID.

You could draw a picture and use it as an official photo, but even the most amateur bouncer will catch you. That is why it is better to simply use a professional camera.

An important thing to remember here is the correct details in the picture. The photo has to look like it is of an adult taken at the DMV. It cannot be too good and at the same time, it can’t look like something you made in your garage using a low-quality camera.

Professional Cameras

Many professional-grade cameras have built-in options that allow the photographer to change the settings according to their preferences. This allows people to set the picture according to the details mentioned above. It should look like it was taken by a government employee who knows how to take a good picture but does not really care whether you look perfect.

In such cameras, you can also change the color contrast before you take the picture, making it easier for you to edit the photo later and reducing your overall workload.

In short, it may be easier for you to take the photo for your fake ID using a professional camera, provided that you know how to use the camera. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of getting a professional camera and learning how to use it or you just can’t afford it, there is another option for you.

Smartphone Cameras

If you were trying to make a fake ID in the 2000s when smartphones were just gaining market share, using a smartphone camera to take your phone would be a bad decision. The smartphones from that era were not capable of taking high-definition photos, let alone giving users options to change their settings before taking pictures.

However, these days, some smartphones are even better than some professional cameras and are much cheaper to buy. Apart from the cost, the cameras on smartphones are much easier to use. Anyone with a basic knowledge of a smartphone can take a photo.

Today’s smartphones also allow you to adjust way more camera settings as compared to smartphones from a decade ago.

The only downside to taking a photo on a smartphone, even on the most feature-rich one, is shadows. An ID card or badge does not have any shadow in the photo. Thus, you will need to remove shadows from the picture using photo editing software. In the end, your budget and preferences will ultimately decide which type of camera you go for.

Appropriate Backgrounds

For different fake id states, there are different requirements. Some states require blue backgrounds for their ID card photos, whereas others require plain white backgrounds. These requirements also differ according to the type of ID card being made.

Since there are multiple types of ID cards that can be made and each type has a different set of rules, it is best to have a fake ID for a national identity card that does not have to follow the rules of a state.

At a national level, the regulations are much more streamlined and states cannot influence the appearance of the ID card. Therefore, you won’t have to struggle with following different state guidelines for different categories of ID cards.

Editing Software for Altering Fake ID Photos & Background

No matter how good you are at taking photos or what type of camera you are using, you will almost always need to edit your photos to fit the guidelines if you want your ID to look legit. You need good photo editing software for such purposes.

If you do not have access to professional editing software, you can try using Snapchat filters and hope the bouncer has a sense of humor. I recommend the dog filter, which has shown promising results in terms of video content when underage people are turned away.

How & Why Do Fake ID Makers Edit Photos?

There is no doubt that there are cameras and smartphones that allow you to control the settings before taking a photo, so why would you need to edit a picture?

Well, a photo might look perfect to your eyes, but when designing a fake, you need to edit your photo according to the space available on your ID card template. Apart from sizing and reshaping, you might also need to change the contrast and lighting to make it look like the picture was taken at a DMV office where the employees did not care about such things.

Real ID card makers only edit your photos to barely fit the guidelines. They do not look highly professional. Therefore, you need to follow their cue. Use someone else’s real ID card as an example when editing your photo for your fake and try to make it look as similar as possible.

The main feature that is used for your verification is your photo. Its quality is important and must fall in the average category if you want it to look as realistic as possible.

When taking good photos for your fake ID card, the things that matter the most are the small details. Every detail is necessary for your fake which all combine to make it look as real as possible instead of a bootleg version in which all you can find is your name and a passport photo stapled on top of someone else’s photo.

Another option would be to simply google any random person’s photo who resembles you and stick it on to your fake ID card. However, I wouldn’t recommend going down this route.

7 thoughts on “Fake ID Photo Instructions”

  1. Timmy

    Spend a few bucks and get a photo done from Target or Walgreens. Those work as professional….

  2. Joseph

    How about state ids with black n white photos? Is it necessary to send a grayscale photo or a colored one for states like Indiana or Kentucky where the photo of the cardholder is usually transparent with black n white texture

  3. Krso

    Why is every state id adapting to a transparent background for driving licenses?? is it more secure as compared to blue background… I don’t understand the new trend. What about fake id makers… Is it easy for them to fake an id with a blue background or a transparent one on a Polycarbonate sheet?

    1. Sophie

      Most fake id websites adapt to almost any background in a given photo. They have Photoshop experts to alter the backgrounds. It is a mistake to use a transparent bg on your photo. You can use Blue or White. There are also passport size photos taken at Walmart or Walgreens for a fees you can try that.

      1. Jubilant

        Photos taken in Walgreens or Walmart are in very high-resolution and almost every fake id website restricts the photo upload size to 2 MB or maximum 4 MB per upload. While photos provided by the Walgreens or such stores in soft form exceeds 10-20 MB. Is there any way to get around this?? Because I want my fake ID to have a good quality photo and at the same time most fake id sites don’t allow you to upload a high-resolution photo…

        1. intruder

          Try to use a photo editor to reduce the file size of your photo without altering the quality or pixels. If you see the new Oklahoma Driver’s license it also uses transparent background. All the new Polycarb ids will use transparent backgrounds because the overlay that uses the face of the cardholder as a hologram can be only possible with a transparent background

          1. SupremeL

            Would advise against using a non-paid photo editing software. You can get your photo posted on a fake driving license of another person. Always use a premium fake id service to avoid getting your personal info hijacked for another doppelganger.

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