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Today many people regard this vendor as the ‘IDCHIEF‘ which purportedly operated from the year 2013 to 2015 until it was down shutdown. IDsBuddy has our attention, and our visitors prompt us to review their fake ids. Given the nature of the product we have had some appraisals and complaints from their buyers which is why we have decided to test and personally examine their forgeries.


One of the things that you notice while relating it to IDCHIEF is that these guys operate under a ‘.COM’ domain extension which we hardly doubt CHIEF will use after being shut down. They would have likely used an offshore extension to make their business more secure. Just like many reputed websites, their business locates in China, and they ship their counterfeit id cards from there. The registration data shows this website has been making replicas for more than five years which fits into our category for a minimum serving period.

Order of New York fake id from IDS Buddy’s Website

To review the quality of their forgeries, we decided to initiate a purchase of one of the most frequently ordered states, and yes that is NY. While their pricing is expensive, it does make sense if you look at the features that NY fake ids have.

But do their identification cards have the quality and the replications which justifies its price? We will break down our review to certain parts and explain each factor in detail. The review will focus mainly on using this fake id instate because New York fake licenses are known for being passable inside the state as well.

The process of ordering fake ids from ID Buddy Website

  • Using database to collect data in the form of orders and customers information means they have used good programming skills for the whole process.
  • Their website lacks (SSL) Secure Socket Layer, and that is why it does not encrypt buyers data when placing your order with them so while buying from them deal at your own risk.
  • They will ask you for express and standard shipping, but they do not mention how long will your fake license arrive when you choose either of the two.
  • They provide options such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies but lack a variety of payment options, and you will be stuck to one option when using them.
  • The website does not have specifications for each state ID they make and only presents images of their samples but do not have any other description of their products. Hence if you choose a state from the list, you do not know whether you are getting the license on a newer look or the older template.
  • While it lacks photo background requirements; they do have photos of each replica, and you can tell by looking at them to get an idea.

Lack of Professional E-mail Delivery with customer confirmation

After submitting an order form for the fake license, our member waited hours to receive a confirmation message about his order. The wait ended when our member checked his spam folder, and their E-mail arrived into the spam folder instead of the inbox. It did contain all the information for his license but lacked an invoice number or details on when they will provide a tracking number.

The conclusion of the purchase and the fake New York license

The ID card showed up in 7 business days, and if you include the weekend, it took over nine days. The stealth was fine, but it did not have that extra bit of safety packaging which vendors such as FakeYourID have, so the forgery arrived within an envelope just like regular paperwork and the card hidden inside it. If you apply for a bank Credit or Debit card they usually use the same method to send you the card. It does not scan at any app or physically when you show it to a code reader scanner.

Holograms: [9 out of 10]

The holograms on my ID, although a little more prominent than I had initially expected which led to concern, are all there and compared to other sites, have put all other fake ID holograms to shame.

UV: [9 out of 10]

As if the ID didn’t appear real enough in daylight, under the UV this ID is perfect, and has met the expectations of every bar, nightclub, and bouncer I have dealt with since the day I received it.

Pricing: [8 out of 10]

If you need this replica for a prank or look cool then you are good, but nobody will pay this much for an ID that actually looks good in images but does not get you inside anywhere and instead get confiscated and invite trouble. You should be lucky not to go to jail if you try to use this in a strict treating place.

Template: [7 out of 10]

The laser perforation is the worst, and the grey scale photo pattern seems to be too dark. It looks as if someone has displayed an X-ray of your face instead of a duplicate photo.

Photoshop: [8 out of 10]

They did a decent job by removing shadows from the image but could use some improvement in duplicating the ghost image.

12 thoughts on “ Review”

  1. Virgo

    Poor communication. Ordered the Indiana id. It is lacking the gold window. Laminates have scratches all over them. seems to be a fake site. Do not buy. The id package took 30 days to arrive and it wasn’t worth spending 80 bucks for it.

  2. Aron

    It’s a complete scam I ordered mine a week ago with fast shipping payed with gift card never heard back tried to open tickets with no replay

  3. Powertrain

    still nothing ordered back in March 12 ,2022,today June 5th 2022 still nothing, took my money from Credit card .Idsbuddy send me what i paid for so I can give you a good review,Mean while if I get anything from Idsbuddy,I will let you guys know,thank you,and please don’t take me down

  4. d&d

    I sent payment with bitcoin though cashapp 2 weeks ago, the money is gone out of my account and I’ve sent screenshots for proof, I havnt received anything about my ID besides an email that says I need to send payment, even though I have sent the payment plus proof.

  5. Kelly is no longer operational… My order number is #BD102818 . submitted well over a month ago and no response from them, the website is not working and gives an error. Their support email is not working and returns non-delivery failure Is there anyway I could get my money back ??

    1. Chinook is closed. If you are lucky you may try to open a ticket via but I don’t think that is a legitimate website at all. They have changed names from ID book, GFI and many others It will be a waste of time crying up for the money since they won’t return it.

  6. Karen

    Do their IDs bend? I am looking for a cheaper but high-tech fake id that gets me into a club at my next date. I am not sure what to do because this vendor is from china and the last time I ordered an ID from another website it got me into huge trouble because their shipping was seized by the customs and they had me questioned multiple times and I had to refuse that it was mine. They did help me but I don’t want to go into the same situation again so please help me out with this and let me know if they can provide an ID that passes the bending validation and has blacklight features if not then, please guide me to the appropriate vendor, Thanks.

    1. Graduate

      They do not bend at all. I’ve had one last year and I didn’t get it during a promo (Most people say their quality is only crap during promos). That is however only a misconception. I paid the normal pricing for mine and it had mismatched color texture all over the card. The UV inks fades away and on the top of that if your driver’s license comes with a magnetic strip then you are good for nothing because their licenses are known to fail at passing BCS or ScannR.

      1. Did i just make a mistake

        Hi! My friend has one from idsbuddy and said it is really good so I just purchased one, as my latest IDGOD license is peeling after two months. You say they are known to fail BCS but do you know if some actually do pass? I’m freaking out now because reviews are saying mixed things.

        1. Sooperjay2

          I don’t think your license will pass. I know many people in my campus and most of them purchased fake licenses from IDsBuddy because they thought it was the re-branded version of IDChief. However, that is not the case because their ID cards do not pass the scanning test. It does not even pass BCS or PDF417 let alone a Bar scanner. I have recently used fake ids from the website and their licenses work evenly good in-state. You should try their fake ids they charge hefty prices but that is why they remain the best fake id maker for a reason and customers have ranked it as the leader in here.

  7. June

    This website is very slow at delivering your purchased items. They did not even bother replying to me about my tracking information but that is not the worst part. These guys are so bad at speaking English that you can hardly communicate with them they should hire better staff for good customer support and their fake ids are not worth it. These overpriced products will never make it to a bar or club. I work at a strip club and the local guys got me a better fake id than IDsBuddy. It wasn’t perfect but at least it worked for me. Try some other vendor I wouldn’t vouch or recommend these guys at all.

  8. Jailed

    If you want a cheap chinese replication of your license then you can buy from them and you are only inviting trouble if you ask a bouncer to validate it for you. My friend serves as an employee in a liquor store in NY and they checked the fake driving license that I purchased from them and he really laughed at how they failed to even mimic the basic features which come in the bar book. There is no way you could fool even the dumbest Bouncers with this kind of ID so if you buy from them you are at your own mercy and likely to get yourself in an unexpected felony. I threw their license in garbage long ago try to do research and buy from other legitimate vendors.

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