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There are many different sites where a person can purchase a brand-new fake ID that looks nearly as perfect as the real state-issued ones. But there are also many scam sites that these same customers have to beware of. If you accidentally give your money and personal information to them, you could end up in a world of fraud, scams, and outright monetary loss.

One of these scam sites is They have a terrible reputation and have been known to take their customer’s money, and in exchange, provide them with terrible-looking IDs or no IDs at all.

Problems with

Poor shipping services

  • No matter what country you’re from, shipping internationally is never secure. There are many different procedures that a package must go through, and there is no actual guarantee it will arrive.
    But many billion-dollar companies make their fortune on making sure a package arrives safely. However, already21 does not use good shipping services to ensure that their packages are delivered on time.
  • One common complaint about already 21 is that Fake ID cards that are purchased by the customer never shows up. Customers are given a tracking number and email alerts as well that report when the card is shipped and when it passes a border check. However, even with all of this information, many IDs never arrived at the customer’s house or location.
  • Please keep in mind that those who purchase fake IDs are young adults and teenagers under the age of 21 who are looking to have fun with their friends. On average, an ID costs about a hundred euros, which is a large chunk of money to a poor college student. Many young and vulnerable kids are being scammed, and there’s no way for them to retaliate or ask for their money.

Is Legit 2023?

In order for a fake ID to be both long-lasting and extremely effective, it needs to be perfectly modeled after the state-issued ID it is trying to replace.

There is no room for errors, missing features, or poorly crafted designs. But many customers who finally received their ID (if they receive them at all) discover that their ID looks nothing like the original one.

The holograms are off, the UV printing does not exist, and there is a lot of discoloration and lamination damage. All of these mistakes are easily detected by even the newest of bouncers, and the customer will quickly be thrown out of any bar, club, or liquor store at which they try to use their new ID.

Non-existent customer service

Like all scams, the scammer is only interested in the person being scammed right up until the moment where the victim gives them their money. Then the scammer goes away and never contacts them again. The customer service of already21 operates the same way.

They lure in new customers with their great customer service and speedy replies, so they can look like they are a reputable company. All reputable companies have great customer service. But the moment a purchase is made, the customer sees a noticeable decline in attention and email replies.

How to Spot a Scam fake ID Website

Have you been a victim of fake ID scam? Share your thoughts & send us your story using the comment form. We will take it up with them.

Fake ID Boss
  • Their English is very poor. Now we’re not talking about a few typos here and there. Scam websites are notorious for having terrible English grammar on both their website’s text and email replies.
  • Clunky graphic design. Whether it is the website itself or the template in the email, scam websites do not have the best layout. As you click around a scam website, it is common to see 404 errors, misaligned text and boxes, and links that do not work.
  • Bad reviews on is a trusted website where users can leave reviews about other sites. Whenever you go to a website that you have never used before, always check the reviews on trust pilot. Many people have avoided scams by reading the reviews and listening to the comments previous customers have left.

Although we just talked about in this article, they are not the only scam fake ID website. Here are a few characteristics of scam websites that you need to watch out for. Rest assured, You view our fake ID websites 2023 list to know the best of them all.

3 thoughts on “ Review”

  1. Oscorb

    I paid for a group order of Alberta fake driving license.. The order number given to me is: 3918171 – Sadly no communication from their end. The only time they responded was to give me Western Union Details on how to complete my payment and send funds to some one in Ukraine. The money was picked off the very next day and after that they stopped responding to my emails. The support staff does not reply to any queries for so long. I think they are scammers. So I guess I will stop asking them but I am warning you guys!! & are both the same and owned by same person and the biggest fake ID scams !!

  2. John

    They are using stolen images form a login ID maker website. You can see the photoshopped out the watermarks.

  3. Pfen

    Complete scam site. My bitcoin payment cleared so I know they received payment. After that…..complete silence. No reply to emails. No response at all. 100% scammers.

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