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Is IDInState a legit or scam fake id provider?

In the current digital age, a handful of people are in the forgeries business. From making state identification cards to fancy driving licenses; these companies compete in the race to provide flawless products to minors across the United States. ID Instate has grown from a one-person business website to a whole new network.

IDInState Review Full

Allegedly located in a third party country, this vendor imitates licenses of over twenty types. These licenses receive a mixed response from critics and customers, and most of our visitors on “FakeIDBoss” blog prompt us to personally review and investigate their products based on our ranking criteria.

IDInState: Previous Scams?

There have been numerous reports which track back to the original identity of this website. The investigation of our blogging team suggests that this website purportedly operated behind several other names in the past such as “” or “” and many others.

Fraudulent or rebranded companies often use the same strategy to acquire a new name and use a 301 Redirect for their domain names to deceive customers. However, we are not aware of the motives behind them changing the domains or companies from time to time.

ID Instate is now ranking among top fake id websites, and their products are sometimes critical appraised by customers for passing hassle-free in liquor stores and gas stations. Particularly their old California fake id template often rates among the hottest prospects for underage drinkers. The legitimacy of these reviews are often disputed by their competitors, and that is why we decide to examine and test their products personally.

FakeIDBoss’s member analysis of

Our team decided to donate funds to our member Joshua, located in California. The member is over 21 years old but works as an investigative partner for our blog. He wanted to buy the older California forged identification and to test it inside Santa Maria. According to Joshua:

The website is pretty much straight-forward in explaining the nature of their business. The theme of late-night music with liquor all over the place gives you the impression that these guys are really into the art of making fake ids. The front portion of the company does not detail the list of states that they replicate for their licenses. Moreover, the website has placed the names of the security functions of each state ID in a manner that is not conclusive or appealing to you as a buyer.

For example, you want to know what kind of Scannable features does your Massachusetts fake id have? You will not find any information regarding it on their pages; instead, they use the same UV, OVI, Bar Encoding and Blacklight functions for all of their products. We know that these elements do not come with every state ID. Some of the licenses come without any ultraviolet or holograms.

The process of buying fake identity cards from

  • Just like a normal forgeries website, they use the pre-dated PHP order form for their submissions. It has many drawbacks, and one of them is the slowness and vulnerability to get compromised.
  • The order form has copied ID photo taking instructions from other fake id websites and uses it as theirs. It means they lack any responsibility as a vendor in case your picture goes wrong they will blame you for it.
  • They have no instructions on how optimum your signature size and thickness has to be. Some states have bolder signs on their ID cards while the other ones have a thinner signature.

IDInstate: The real Vs

Their website lacks any contact form hence you do not know whether they allow Photoshop or the background editing for your image.

The IDs from this vendor will come only with their chosen license number and class or other custom requirements. Which means a buyer can not customize their order and has to stay with what the vendor decides to print as your Address, Date of Birth, License Number, and Class.

Once you submit your order, you do not receive notification unless they dispatch your ID for shipping and they may provide tracking after one or two weeks. In short, their shipping interval is the slowest in the market.

ID InState is a website that has changed several brand names in the past. Their shipping period is one of the lousiest in the forgeries industry and will make you pay with inconvenient methods for an inferior-quality product.

In the past, there have been several instances where customers have complained of getting no response to their group orders. We can not refute or verify these reports, but on many fake id discussion platforms, these issues often raised by their buyers. Whether this ID maker is your smartass fraud who decides to give worthless IDs to some of their customers while does not send to the rest; only time can tell. But we have investigated a few reports where one person claimed to have paid them for 20 fake id orders and ended up receiving nothing after three weeks as shown below.

Overall Verdict

We believe it is highly risky to use this website for your purchase. They may or may not send you the product you pay them for, and it depends on your luck. These sort of businesses can use different tricks to disguise and deceive people with paid and self-reviewed posts in their favor on various blogs. Their fake IDs are missing vital features such as the bear one, which is the first bar book security validation method to detect whether your ID is fake or real. Our members have personally tested and reviewed their ID, and the full-fledged analysis is below.

FakeIDBoss Rank Meter

Template: [4 out of 10] It has perforations where needed, but the holes are not imminent. The micro-print needs to be more convincing given that this template has circulated the market for over six years they should have achieved perfection in replicating all these minor details by now.

Holograms: [3 out of 10] The state seal of the actual CA drivers license is very vibrant. The rest of the holograms have less opacity as compared to the seal. Id Instate uses cheap ink for their holograms, or they probably purchased these OVI from the market which is not worth it. A real counterfeit license making website should have the ability to clone and make their holograms.

UV: [2 out of 10] This can not be compared to the state identification card at all. The ink has faded already, and under Blacklight you can see the disfigured features in the front. Moreover, even the cheapest of CA Id comes with the bear feature where you can hold the back of the card against a light source, and it will illuminate the bear on the front. ID Instate misses this feature.

Scanning: [4 out of 10] The 2D barcodes do the scan, but the magnetic strip returns wrong information upon swiping in a reader box. The format of the codes seems to be copied from another license.

Pricing: [5 out of 10] These licenses will not get you the desired results. Even if you use them in other states the results will be a huge failure. It is best to stay away from this overly priced piece of plastic.

How long does idinstate take to ship?

IDinstate is an unreliable provider of forgeries. Their shipping time is unknown. They rarely deliver ids so it is highly likely that they are a complete scam. The real IDInstate provider is also not known because there are many websites operating under this name.

Which IDInstate is real?

There are ten or more websites operating under the trademark of IDinstate. The real IDinstate seems to be however, we cannot confirm or verify this. The only way to know is to find out by ordering an ID at your own risk.

How to pay IDinstate?

IDinstate like most fake id websites accept cryptocurrency and bank payments. Their usual payment form is Bitcoin. The transfer fee is less and provides significant privacy to customers. You can read more about fake id payment options on our blog.

18 thoughts on “ Review 2023”

  1. Bro dude

    I just ordered from them and they messed up my ID and the service email ghosted me when I asked for a new one

    1. KSo is not the real Idinstate website. Reviews here indicate that is the real provider of ids but you can’t be 100% sure about them either. It is best to get your id from the fake id websites list by fake id boss instead of opting for a provider which has impersonating domains all over the fake id vendors list.

  2. I wouldn’t recommend this site. My order #IDINTA10291 was delayed for 1 month. They first made the excuse that my package was seized. But then when I asked for tracking they couldn’t back up their excuses. In the end, I received my ID 2 months after consistent questioning from their support. Terrible experience. You’d better use or instead of these guys.

    1. Joseph

      Which IDinstate site you used? There are multiple sites with this name. 1. 2. 3. – Which one out of these is the real IDinstate?? Heard about their NY id passing every scannable test and has a working real ID .

      1. IDBoss and are scammers they are not the real idinstate, you may want to try submitting a fake id form at but there can be no guarantee about these fake id sites they may use an exit scam strategy anytime. so buy at your own risk!!

  3. Emily Parker

    Idk about everyone else, but I ordered from and got 11 good quality Illinois ID’s. Had some trouble getting them here with Western Union issues but they came out great–holographic, scannable, they even have the little cutout of Illinois on them. I’m pleased overall. I also received tracking updates with my order.

    1. gabe630

      how long did it take for you to receive tracking update?? i just placed an order today

  4. Gen

    Idinstate is absolutely terrible I ordered my id a month ago and still haven’t received anything sent them multiple emails just to get ignored . Find better ids elsewhere this is an absolute scam there disgusting

    1. idk

      You probably ordered from, which is a scam replica site of

      1. You

        So does IDs actually work? And are good quality??

        1. Nazar Peron

          I am ordering some right now I will let you know how it goes

          1. ari

            did you ever receive them??

  5. Noah

    INSTATE ID’S IS HORRIBLE!!! I ordered 8 ID’s about a month ago and first off they didn’t get me the shipping information until over a week after. Then once I got the shipping information they asked me to send them 500$ for some Stamp that they needed for the package. Then they were supposed to be delivered yesterday and they never showed up so I emailed the shipping company and they said the package is stuck in customs and they need 300$ to get it out of customs. This is a horrible company and a complete scam.

  6. Tara

    I ordered from them about a month ago. I had an error with my order due to me messing up information and they were able to change it. After I paid, the ids took 13 days to get to me. However, the quality was very poor & you can’t expect this to fool a beginner let alone a Bouncer.

  7. DS9

    Them and Old Ironsides are two stupid vendors who compromise on security of the customers. These guys do not even know how to operate a website yet they are here selling fake id products to people. Anyone ordering from them will be dumb enough to get their information leaked to hackers. If you watch their website closely you can see all their order forms hence if you submit an application with them for a fake id and, if any law enforcement or hacker ever wanted to see your data stored with them they could do so in minutes. Yet, these guys are operating and taking money from people like nothing has happened. What can you judge of a fake id maker registered under GoDaddy Registrar?

    1. Lolita

      I ordered from them not long ago, they kept ignoring me for months and when they replied the excuse of losing their domain because they used an American Registrar sounded like a joke. I heard they have a new website I think they are following IDGod’s footsteps to avoid take downs in the future. I hope this works out for them. I need to buy myself a new fake id for the summer holidays in the beginning of 2019 and I am going to choose them or for my purchase.

      1. Lola

        Did you end up getting your fake ID from them?

      2. Quinn

        Did either of them work out for you?

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