“It’s here”, whispered Ashley to Brenda as they waited for the postman to drop the package they had been waiting for the last two months. The giddy college students ran down the stairs and picked up the package. With sparkling eyes and giddy excitement, they opened the package which held their ticket to the entrance of every bar in the city – their Fake ID cards. 

Idgod.to Review – The Concealed Scam

“They look so flimsy, and the pictures are dark too,” Brenda said, putting down the card, which cost $150. 

The girls had picked out the most popular vendor on google and were termed on review websites as the ‘best’. What had they done wrong?  

Picking out a fake id card vendor online has become more complex. The reason is simple; scammers can easily take money from people without being questioned, as buying a fake id is as illegal as selling one. Making a website, putting on fake reviews and ranking it on google is not so difficult either. 

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One such scammer is the owner of idgod.to. The owner of this website has scammed quite a few people but has gotten away with it because he was able to fool everyone – not anymore. 

About IDGod.To

In 2013, USA Today did an investigative article in which they relayed details about the fake id industry in America. They prominently mentioned ‘IDChief’, a popular vendor of fake IDs and falsified documents. Soon after the article, the website was shut down, but the market for fake id cards only gained popularity.

Numerous vendors sprung up and amongst them was ‘idgod‘. IDGOD quickly became popular because of its customer service and high-quality product.  However, recently ‘IDGod’ has faced severe backlash from its users. 

IDGod Scammers: Which IDGod is Real?

Is idgod.to legit?

Seeing the brand’s popularity, many other counterfeit id sellers have set up their websites with the same name. 
For instance, there are five IDGOD scam & fraudulent websites which are mentioned below:

  • Idgod.org 
  • Id-god.com
  • Idgod.to 
  • idgod.pe
  • idgod.ch

You ask, how do we know that? It’s because we have reviewed the fake websites of idgod.

Taking the best scammers as an example, idgod.to. We will tell you how you can examine a website to tell if the seller is legit or fake. 

Here is how we know idgod.to is a scam website. The similarity in the name and domain confused people; hence there are often questions like ‘which idgod website is real’, ‘is idgod.to legit’, etc. To answer those questions, the real idgod sellers work under the domain name idgod.ph.

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Are the IDGOD Reviews Legit?

Any fake id vendor would not operate under US-based hosting or registrar because the “US Law Enforcements” are very stern and have regular crackdown operations in which they close down domestically operated websites that even hint about illegal activity.  
Hence the hosting location of idgod.to to be in San Francisco makes it highly suspicious. Why would anyone invest thousands in the website and put it at high risk of being closed down? 

IDGod is Fake ID Seo Scam

The vendor idgod.to is ranked at the top in the google search. The dealer should be good, right? No, the website owner could only rank his website because he paid a lot of money to buy backlinks.

There are ’61’ backlinks to the website according to the ‘who is’ data. This is a strong indication that the website is not legitimate. Real sellers in the fake id world rely on word of mouth, not an advertisement on google. 

.To Extension For Offshore Scam

Fake id vendors do everything to protect themselves from being identified, but they don’t use unregulated extensions. Only a scammer would use sources that allow them to vanish into thin air. 
Hence the usage of .to extension is an alarm. The .to domain doesn’t come under “ICANN” (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) jurisdiction, which controls all domains. 
To register for a .to extension, a website owner is not required to identify themselves because the domain extension has no regulatory authority. Hence, if someone is scammed by a website with an extension of .to, they can never complain or report them. Any website on the .to domain extension is highly unreliable, and one should extremely vary on them. 

What are ID GOD Prices?

Making Fake id cards is an art only a few have mastered; hence getting a good fake id can be expensive. Hence the prices offered by the idgod.to seem to be unreal. The cost price of a quality fake id card is around $80.

Then how can they sell it for $89? If buyers purchase 3 or more, they get an additional 18% off, making the price $73. The price seems unreal and way below the average market price of fake id, which is easily between $100-150. 

Reviews on Other Platforms

If you look at the details, the mistakes are quite obvious, for instance, the review on gofakeid.com. The article’s title suggests that the author would discuss how fake or real the idgod.to the dealer is but instead, it discusses how to place an order for a fake id card on the vendor’s website. Where is the review? No reviewing website would market a seller unless the article is sponsored.

Review websites are one place buyers are hopeful they will get honest answers to their questions. However, that is not always the case. 
It is almost a reflex action to check for reviews of a product anyone plans on purchasing. The bogus id buyers did the same and might have come across the glowing reviews given to IDGOD.to by (Fidvendors.is) & (gofakeid.com). Do not be fooled; our members have reported that the owner of idgod.to is running these websites to promote his website and spread false rumors about other sellers in the market. 

The review of the website, fidvendors.is, is written casually and is biased. Further exploration of the website tells that the website review writer believes that all vendors except idgod.to are fake and are there to scam the buyers.  

Customer Reviews of IDGOD

Buyer reviews are one of the easiest ways to determine whether you should buy an id from a vendor or not. There are three websites where buyers give their reviews and help others who plan on purchasing fake ids.  

IDGod Review Reddit

Reddit is one platform on which reviews can easily be trusted. Look what the majority says about the seller, just not one or two buyers. 
When we researched Reddit initially, we could find no specific reviews. However, a deep dive into the posts’ comments told us that multiple people had ordered from idgod.to and been scammed. Most never received their id; if they did, the quality of the ids was so flimsy that they could never use them.
Reddit user, Cautious_Dish6638, says, “Can sadly Confirm IDGOD.to is a scam.” There are many more testimonials like these which suggest that idgod.to is a scam.

Since the name idgod is used by multiple vendors, it becomes hard to differentiate real ones from fraud. 
Sobasicallyimonky, a Reddit user says, “spent $150 on expedited shipping for 1 ID from idgod.ph, it’s been a month haven’t heard much from them. How long did it take for your guy’s id to come from them.

Update: my friend accidentally ordered them from idgod.org instead of idgod.ph, so she literally got us scammed. So, moral of the story order from idgod.ph and not .org.” 

IDGOD.to Review SiteJabber

This website ranks website according to its users’ reviews. Sitejabber has given idgod.to two stars and reported its performance to be poor. The reviewers report that they never got their IDs and have no way of reaching the seller as they don’t have an email address that ‘receives’ emails. The email address is one-way. 

IDGod.to Review Trustpilot

With 63% bad reviews Trustpilot has given idgod.to 2.1 stars and reported that the website scams buyers. Cordy, writing about his experience, says, “WROTE FEMALE ON MY FAKE WROTE FEMALE ON MY FAKE, IM A GUY AS THEY DID” write FEMALE on the entire order of over 30+ guys fakes.” 

A reflection of reviews on all these websites indicates that idgod.to is a scam website which has robbed innocent buyers of their hard-earned money. As a final measure to confirm our findings, a member of this platform ordered a ‘California fake id’ from idgod.to. The website states their California fake id to be the best. At the time of payment, the member was told that the id would be delivered in the next 5 days, but there is no sign of it even after 2 months. The member did try to get in touch with the idgod.to customer service, but emails go unanswered. 

Do We Recommend IDGod.to?

No, we do not. Our blog condemns scammers who rob innocent people of their money. Idgod.to owner has implemented a well-planned marketing strategy which can fool even the regular buyers in the market. We hope this blog helps and that you get saved from becoming a victim of this scammer.  

4 thoughts on “IDGod.to Reviews 2023”

  1. LC Raddy

    Hello! Based on your review of idgod.to I’ve decided to buy from him. My payment was deposited into his account from moon pay. I tracked the payment and it definitely reached him. After paying for the order, I double checked on my order confirmation and it says that it’s in processing. However, even after that I received an email asking me to pay again. I tried to reach out to him but all methods on his ‘contact us’ page do not work. I paid for expedited shipping that said ‘literally overnight’ for $24. I thought that overnight sounded a little too good to be true so I am OK if it takes longer than that. But as of right now it’s starting to feel like a scam. Can you please reassure me that it’s a legit company and tell me how long it took to receive yours? Were you able to correspond with him after purchasing? Just want to know if this is normal. Thank you in advance! I hope to hear from you.

    1. fakeidboss

      The post clearly states that IDGOD.TO is a scam website, they do not send fake ids. We have not mentioned anywhere that they actually send ids.

  2. Ali malik

    idgod.to just stole 200 bucks from me

  3. IDScam

    IDGod.to is a confirm scam. Already21.com is also their second website. I was tricked into ordering ids by Fidvendors.is fake reviews! didn’t know the review site was theirs. You simply cannot trust any review online now. Everything is fake!! These guys stole $350 from me and my friends. Please avoid IDGOD.to Remember the only IDGOD website is idgod.ph !! all the rest are scams!!

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