has started business quite recently. With one year of service execution, it is struggling to make its place in the competitive market. At first glance, everything seems trustworthy on the website. The fake id vendor once used to be in a fifth position on our premium fake id websites for 2023, however, the vendor seems to have exit scammed and ripped many customers in the recent past.

About Fake IDs is a new company with just a year of experience in the market of fake ID makers. The pricing rate of a product varies between $80 to $90 per card with the discounts available for group purchase. Currently, it receives payment through Bitcoins and Litecoins.

The shipment time is about 2 to 3 weeks. According to the reviews of customers, this vendor is not trustworthy as you get nothing after paying all the dues. The products are never delivered. When they rarely do get delivered, the quality of products is not up to the mark. The cards are not scan able at all which means they are useless for the customers.

However, to find out the reality of this vendor, keep reading as we are about to reveal each and every detail behind this name. Fake deals with all states of US but the hot products are New York Driving license and New Texas driving license.

How much does it cost to buy fake IDs from Magicfakeid?

The pricing rate offered by is between $80 and $90. It depends upon the numbers of cards ordered. The discount applies if you order more than 1 card. The details of pricing and discount rate are given below with an example of New York driving licence:

  • 1 ID $90 /each
  • 2 ID $100 /each
  • 4 ID $80 /each
  • 2-4 Ids 30%off ($63/each)
  • 5-9 Ids 50off ($45/each)
  • 10+ Ids 60%off ($36/each)

These group discount are valid for each state ID, however, the percentage differs. According to the vendor, all IDs are delivered with a free duplicate including group orders. There is no refund. Reprinting is available.

How to Pay

The payment methods which are currently accepted by the vendor are:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin

Is Magic Fakes a Secure fake ID provider?

According to the vendor, they ship all bundles securely and confidentially to prevent seizing. Only in rare conditions their shipping gets seized. If this occurs, you can contact the vendor at [email protected] with your tracking number as the subject and they will resend your product for free.

How long does take to ship fake ids? often changes the corporate shipping partners, but the final package is shipped from USPS. Other shipping options can be:

  1. DHL
  2. FedEx
  3. UPS
  4. CNE Express.

The normal shipment period is as following:

Free shipping — 2.5-3.5 week

Rush shipping — 1.5-2.5 week

The vendor brags having the best shipment times. However, in reality, this is the standard speed for the business in the market. The shipment time starts on the date when your payment is affirmed. Deferrals could occur because of reasons which are out of control by

You can follow your shipment through a given tracking number. Large orders have a couple of tracking numbers instead of having a single one. If your postal address changes, you should inform the vendor before it gets too late, otherwise parcel will be delivered to the given address.

Location of Magicfakeid Printing

This US based company makes cards for US states and deals with no other countries. As per the company, your ordered ID will contain the following features: Fake ID Features Review

The vendor claims the provided products look absolutely real. However, the products of have several cons and defective features. You can not find any detailed fake id states on their platform and the previous design of the site had its flaws. Based upon the customers’ experiences, these following flaws are associated with the quality of delivered cards:

  • Having no proper magnetic strip encoding.
  • Not passing any digital security test.
  • Using QR codes which don’t show all the related information while scanning.
  • Each state ID containing the same encoding which shows error while testing.
  • Not matching the overall quality of real ones. Latest 2023 Testimonials

The customers of magicfakeid trust the vendor at first and get attracted to their low pricing rate. After experiencing their service, they complain about IDs being not scannable.

The reviews of users and critics, which can be seen on sites like Reddit, Quora and other review platforms, are quite disappointing for Every user is complaining for the poor quality they provide. Some clients are sharing their worse experiences of not getting their products delivered to them after paying all the dues. The words of customers are quoted as below:

“Let’s be honest. Magicfakeid does not make scannable ids”

Jane, Washington.

“Not happy with my purchase. The fake id quality is not good”

Gary, Chicago.

“I purchased my ID 3 days ago and magicfakeid received my bitcoin payment. However, I was told the next day that they did not receive my payment”

Shaun, Georgia.

Magic Fakes Deceptive Advertising

The vendor deceives their visitors with these following features to gain their trust.

  1. The web interface is quite impressive and you do not find any issue regarding visiting and ordering the products as the Shop section is very well structured.
  2. The low pricing is quite attractive for the customers.
  3. The FAQ section contains all the inclusive information.
  4. The website shows impressive reviews of customers to get the visitors trapped. Plus, the provided sample photos are also quite good.


After you get everything finalized including order, payment, shipment address, you rarely get any delivery. When you reach out to the administration, they do not respond, and when they do, they make lame excuses. Alas. If you are among the lucky customers who get their products delivered by the vendor, then you’ll be dismayed by the quality of the cards as they do not look real from any aspect. You cannot use them. Hopefully, this detailed review will help you save the money and make you better understand the reality

UPDATE 5/31/2023: has exit scammed. The vendor is no longer operational and their website is not working.

2 thoughts on “ Reviews 2023”

  1. ellie

    Used for a group order. The Delaware licenses are ok as compared to ones that we used from idgod, There are a few things with this one. The photo background is a bit too dull. The teal background on the real ID’s are much darker than the fake ones. Also is a “Real ID” but on scanner’s says it is not compatible to be a Real ID. However, if you were to just look it over or scan it, it scans properly with all the information and has all the security features like UV, hologram, and state outline.

  2. Rookie

    Magic fake id exit scammed and took away $500 from me and my friends . I ordered on 1/3/2022 and my order number is 103481 . They asked me to send money to Belgium in Europe via Western Union and once they received the money the site has been down. does not work and their reddit handle and fakeidvendors review platform is not responsive. Any updates?

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