Fake Your ID: The Premium Scannable Fake IDs

In the current competitive market with several fake id services involved in perfecting the art of making Scannable replicas, FakeYourID ranks as one of the leading contenders in the business. After several positive reports and customer feedback about their driving and state IDs, we decided to shed extensive light on their products from a genuine critic’s perspective. The general view about FakeYourID.com is that they provide affordable counterfeit licenses ranging from state identification to Driver’s licenses of over forty states. They rank as one of the best fake id websites at the moment and people often regard them as ‘FYD of China’ in colleges, campuses, and university hostels.

Power of Word of Mouth and FakeYourID

For any business to succeed it is essential that your customer appreciates the quality of your products. Once you impress your buyers they will spread the word to their friends and nearby places which results in expansion and improvement of your company. The forgeries business heavily relies on the “Word of Mouth” and if your products get a high appraisal from a college fraternity or a certain student community then you will get more business in return. But if you compromise on quality you do not expect the same. FakeYourID.com has certainly accomplished a place for itself in vendors ranked with high esteem and is regarded as a classy brand of forged id cards.

It came into the limelight in late 2016 and has emerged as a bogus identity card maker whose products are known to work in various nightclubs, strip bars, and pubs. The reviews are so good that you will hardly notice any flaws mentioned in a customer feedback. We often get visitors with questions on why did we not review their company before submitting our verdict on the other mentioned websites. That is because we have a criterion which requires any fake ids website to function for at least 2 years before we test and examine their products.

FYD aka ‘FAKEYOURID.COM‘ uses Polycarbonate, Teslin, and PVC and their state IDs will print on different substances from time to time. Our visitors often praise their counterfeit licenses for having the required ability to bend and return back to their original shape. They have precise UV ink with the opacity that the DMV uses for their licenses. In January 2016, one user reported that they received a fake identification card enveloped in a jewelry and later the same person ordered another ID and got it wrapped inside a watch box. This indicates that they use different methods for discreet and their packages arrive in different shapes which bypass the US Customs. We received all these positive feedback from our visitors but did not personally test their identity cards so we decided to review three of their identity cards personally.

The Process of Ordering your ID from Fake Your ID

  • The website uses (SSL) encryption and ‘FYD‘ emphasize on keeping the personal information of their customers only for a week. They delete your data once your order gets dispatched for shipping. Privacy is an important factor which most of the vendors ignore and take lightly because they secure themselves and do not care about customers right to remain anonymous.
  • Their order and cart system are very fast. It allows you to upload a picture of yourself in various backgrounds. Their Photoshop team edits your background from blue and white to whatever is required by your counterfeit license. For example: If you ordered a Florida fake id from and you sent them a photo with a blue background and as we know the new FL ids come with transparent backgrounds then they will edit that and you will not notice this at all.
  • These guys are one of the rare forgeries makers that give you the freedom to choose between a Driver’s license and a state ID card. They will let you decide which template to pick for your license. For instance, they have both the new California and the older one so you can choose from any of the two templates.
  • The payment options are very dependable. We personally suggest using Amazon or Vanilla gift cards for your forged id purchase. These payment methods are highly anonymous and you do not have to provide your personal information to the company. Hence both the buyer and the seller remain invisible to each other.
  • The file size for your photo can be up to 5 MB. Most websites will restrict their upload memory to 2 MB and we all know that you can not provide a high-resolution photo for your false ID within that size. If you do provide an inferior-quality photo it will result in an unprofessional look and your ID will carry a high risk for confiscation.
  • They have the ability to customize your license. For Example, they allow you to leave the License Address, Number, Class, Expiry and Issue date and they use separate fake information generators for each state ID. So if you do not know how to make up fake information which looks real on your ID when you leave those fields empty with them and they will make it up for you. At the same time if you want an ID with your personal license number or specification they allow you to pick that.

Once you fill the required information, then they provide you with two shipping options which divide into Express and Standard. If you choose the first one then you will be charged an additional 75 USD and will receive your product within 3 to 5 days while the standard one can take a week to 10 days.

They use USPS and DHL for shipping depending upon your order type they can vary and some shipments arrive from China while we have also seen reports where their packages are shipped from within the US.

So Jordan submitted his order form with them and he received an E-mail with his invoice and all the information that he wrote for his fake license. They will give you 24 hours to confirm your information and they allow you to correct any mistakes. After this step, your order is sent to the shipping and process department and they will comply with it.

Jordan reports that he received his tracking number for express order 3 days after he placed his order. The standard shipped orders receive theirs after a period of six to seven days. He had to submit multiple forms for all four of his ID cards and that took him a mere five minutes. According to him:

Fake Your ID is a fake id website with the best possible programmed order form and cart system that you can sense by using it. They use a personalized Woocommerce system and processes your orders in a period that is way ahead of the rest

So once you get your tracking number it barely took 48 hours to get your rush shipped ID at your doorstep. Whether you believe it or not but it arrived with a duplicate of the same quality. Most of the vendors do not care about customer satisfaction, and if they promise to send you a free duplicate then you should be skeptical that your extra duplicate ID will not be of the same quality as the original. That is because if they send you two fake licenses of equal caliber then they will not make a profit unless they are a huge brand that cares about their average selling ratio than making huge money. We will conclude the review with the rankings and verdict below.

We will be ranking three fake id cards that we ordered in this review which includes Massachusetts, California, and Florida. We also ordered an outdated Pennsylvania license but we will not include that in this review.

Overall Verdict

So these cards make it possible for us to get into any age-restricted place in their respective states. We also tried the California ID card out of state in various places and it never disappointed the magnetic stripe makes it scan like a cake-walk. The barcodes on the Florida ID are properly formatted and sheds light on the professionalism that is bestowed upon the replicas of Fake your id. Whether you are an underage folk looking to get drunk or a student celebrating your freshmen year these cards are expensive but your gateway to unlimited fun. Hence, if you can afford to purchase these cards then we must tell you these are risk-free and we rank them as premium replicas in the current market.

FakeIDBoss Rank Meter

Templates: (New CA): [8 out 10] The saturation of the colors into the cardstock is impressive. The microprinting is solid and has perforated holes all over the ID just like the real California licenses. They make both the STAR id and ones that say ‘FEDERAL LIMITS APPLY‘ depends on your choice but they mostly come with the real id STAR. The darkness in the photos is spot on including the thickness of the signature which they vigilantly imitated. The tactile printing is vibrant. Overall, the template is a classic replication.

(New FL): [9 out of 10] The new Florida id cards come with a more secure 2D scannable barcode on the back and Fakeyourid makes it evident displays their professional template-crafting skills with their id cards. The golden window and the ghost photo inside has the best aperture and includes an ultraviolet ink picture of the original on the front. It has a glossy touch and is really thin like the real ID. The lamination is premium and the colors will hold on to the card for a longer period.

(New MA): [ 8.5 out of 10] A shiny texture of the ID makes it really look like a real Massachusetts driver’s license. It has round edges cut sharply and the laminates are of extremely good quality. The Kinegram in the template has a solid grey texture to it and resembles the actual one in brightness.

Stealth: [9 out of 10] All of these fake ids arrived in a weird Chinese anime calendar box wrapped under jewelry. They used a different method for our visitors but that can vary and you can expect various forms of discreet shipments from a fake id vendor. Overall, this will get slipped under the customs without any hassle and someone in your house will not find this package suspicious because it is wrapped like a gift pack.

Holograms: (FL): [8 out of 10] Florida licenses come with customized OVI pattern. The vibrant holos are precise and give a real look to this license.

(CA): [9.5 out of 10] Our California ID has solid holograms and we tried this ID card in numerous in-state places. The laser perforations are often examined by the Bouncers and we never had any problem using it.

(MA): [ 9 out of 10] The state seal is glossy and if you view it at a different angle the holos become more vibrant. Moreover, it does not make a disturbing view if you view it at a straightish angle and that makes it look more real.

UV: (FL): [9 out of 10] The duplicate photos will become visible under ultraviolet light. We tested this in a few places in central Miami works like a charm. It does come with the UV images on the back and the ink hasn’t lost its texture so far.

(CA): [10 out of 10] Very impressive. The bridge and the boat have the same UV features as in the original ID. The bars in California are very strict and if your ID has any flaws they will examine it in great detail under ultraviolet light. These Bouncers do not depend on your usual bar books. If your ID passes in-state then it must be a real badass replica and Fake Your ID’s new California license is one.

(MA): [8 out of 10] Illustrations of the Massachusetts State Seal are visible under ultraviolet light. We tested this license from IDGOD and it did not have any UV at all. But this vendor really put the great effort it even has the intricate lines pattern in UV ink.

Signatures: (FL): [9 out of 10]: We provided a photo of our signature using a black pen on a piece of white paper. The thickness was adjusted to the appropriate levels and makes it look like a DMV-issued license.

(CA): [8 out of 10]: So they ask you to select a custom signature where they make a sign for you that matches your name. This not only eradicates the thickness and size errors but also makes your ID risk-free for Bouncers to inspect it for the signature-thickness test.

(MA): [ 9 out of 10]: Similar to what they do with your new Massachusetts licenses.

Pricing: [8 out of 10] We ordered three different ID cards including one older Pennslyvania state ID. The pricing for an order of four IDs is usually 400 dollars but with express shipping, you can make that 475. Moreover, you get free duplicates and the IDs are unbeatable by any other fake id vendor in the market. So yeah these are not very cheap but they do show you the worth once you go to any bar or club and own them like a boss.


70 thoughts on “FakeYourID.com Review”

  1. NinjaG

    In the photos, there are six fake licenses but you mentioned you that you reviewed three are the rest of the IDs duplicates? if yes then are they free of cost?

    1. admin

      Yes, we ordered four fake ids but we did not review the fourth one which was an outdated Pennsylvania license. So instead we reviewed the new Florida, California, and Massachusetts licenses and since they offer free duplicates we took pictures of the dupes as well so the customers and visitors of our blog can get a preview of the products that they will get if they choose this vendor.

  2. Foss

    I am going to order the new Ohio DL from them soon. I personally do not like paying with Bitcoin so I will use Amazon or Vanilla probably. Will update the review here soon. Thanks.

    1. Sam

      Hey did you get your ID on time? I am thinking of buying one for New York state does it come with UV features?

      1. Foss

        Yes, I received the ID two days ago. I used standard shipping and they recently started making the new Ohio so given that this new license comes with lenticular lens and holograms that are overall different from the rest of the state IDs I thought it would take longer time than the normal ones. But I received it within 8-9 days which is fair enough and as usual Fake your ID has not compromised on quality.

        I sent them an e-mail prior to placing my order and I asked a few questions regarding the 2018 model of the Ohio driving licenses. Since, the BMV here started issuing these last month I wasn’t aware of the security features but they explained everything and just like their usual business these guys will not send you a fake license that they did not test for all their scannable features.

        The template is cool and I wouldn’t hesitate giving them five out of five for the magnetic stripe features. It swipes like a boss and scans fluently when faces any PDF417 or ScannR apps. The practical ultraviolet “GREAT OHIO STATE SEAL” represents its glowing feature under ultraviolet light in the center as well at the top of right side of the front. It is magnificent piece of work and the dedication in replicating the duplicate photo in UV light at the backside of the ID. The raised tactile DOB on the front is also spot on. Overall this ID deserves to be placed among the best Fake IDs in the market. Images of my ID below: (I did not take the UV of the back will update it later).

        Click on the images to zoom in.

        1. Minnie

          How much did you pay for the new OH? Do they charge extra for the duplicates?

          1. TheGrinch

            Hi, I am not sure about the new OH but for most IDs they provide free dupes. I ordered NJ and NY from them for a total of 6 people and they sent me 12 IDs instead of 6. So, that means they send you free dupe for each person.

        2. I am planing to place a group order of 10 people with them. Just asking, do they ship at the same speed for multiple orders as they do express for single ones? and which ID do you think should be more suitable for use in downtown Georgia? I am thinking of getting Georgia DL for instate. Please advise.

  3. Martin

    My review for Fakeyourid.com is categorized into three steps. I purchased the new Idaho fake id from them.


    While ordering as you explained, there is no problem in communicating with these guys. Their support staff is humble and helps you with beginner questions even if you write wrong license address or number and you do not know how to make it up they will help you with that. One of the most important things is that they offer both outdated and newer templates of each DMV replicated license. The pricing is where I will complain but if what they advertise is true then sometimes people like me will pay anything to get that gateway pass of entering restricted places and I happen to be one of them.

    The shipping process is very neat. They use different sorts of enveloped pouches for their shipments and the domestic USPS tracking provides more freedom to the customers to check and expect their arrival timings according to it. I paid 200 dollars because I needed the ID quickly got it in 4 days even though they promise 2-3 days for express shipping but mine arrived on the fourth day. You can exclude the weekends while estimating the express delivery service.


    The Scannable IDs that they make are of high quality and that is why most fake id reviews you find online will agree on this point that their licenses are known to pass through the most sophisticated scanners. While using this ID card in Idaho I entered a strip club in Post Falls. The guy who checked my ID there had worked in that place for almost 10 years and I knew that If this fake license fools him then there is no way I could be caught. Even though he did not mention anything he did examine the ID card under UV light but the perfect matching of the card and the scannable features were so brilliant that I did not have to face any other follow up questions and I got in easily.


    1. Ishai

      Did you get the ID? How did you pay for them? What website did you get it from?

    1. I have used their NY and it is good in-state never got the chance to test it out of state but If it works in NYC then there is no reason why it should not work in the adjacent states… As for the NJ driver’s license I have not used it but I heard only good stuff about FYD’s fake id cards so you should feel comfortable with it if you are planning to purchase one.

  4. Ken

    I am very lazy at posting huge posts about products that I buy online. Sometimes, I get impressed by a product that you cannot ignore. So, I tried a couple of fake id providers for the new Colorado driver’s license. It is one of the complex licenses and unlike the previous template of the Colorado ID cards the newer one has some of the most sophisticated features in it. Moreover, if you are using this in-state then you should know that most Colorado state Bars and gas stations are very experienced in taking out flaws from locally and internationally crafted fake id cards. The two other vendors that I tried got me my Colorado license for $80 and the other one was obtained for a price of $50 during the last black friday promotions. One of them license uses a dark green texture for its header and other texts in the license while the real Colorado license comes with a light green texture. So, in short, If I were to show this up in a bar or a club I will only get myself into a hefty fine or an unexpected dispute. The second license did not turn good at all, it missed a few tricky features such as the inverted duplicate photo on the back and the ultraviolet printed parts.

    After reading this article and some other reviews I tried Fakeyourid.com as well. Their colorado driver’s license page is very detailed and they explain how they use different substances for their printing purposes from PVC to Teslin. I figured that they print Colorado on PVC and the lamination is imported from a premium provider. So their template did not miss anything the grey-scale texture of the photos is very impressive and you will notice that their duplicate photo on the back is angled at the opposite side just like in a real Colorado DL. The ID card also has beautifully crafted OVI windows. But the best part is the “COLORADO” state outline in the middle printed in UV ink. The vibrant wavy dome and state elements are also embossed on the back and come visible under blacklight. Colorado licenses come with 2D scannable codes and a magnetic stripe so you can either swipe it for scanning or a scanner will read your two dimensional codes this ID passes that and there is not much that I can criticize this vendor for other than their pricing. Which in my opinion is very justified provided their fake licenses will beat the best experts in the industry. That concludes my verdict and you can view images of my licenses below.

    Front and Back:

  5. Jobless

    I am waiting to get mine. I ordered the new Maryland and Wisconsin licenses. I will post the reviews once the IDs arrive.

      1. Jobless

        Yes… I received both they look good too. I am going to post a review when the blog lets me to do it. I am going to test the Wisconsin product in-state soon. I haven’t tested Maryland but comparing it with the “Barbook” it certainly looks good. No flaws what-so-ever.

        1. Tate

          Did you test the Wisconsin one in-state? How long did it take you to receive it?

          1. Jobless

            It took 4 days for mine, I used Express shipping though. You can use Standard as well but it takes a week to 12 days.

    1. Ty

      Are the Maryland ones worth it? I’m going to order in-state Maryland ones to try them out

  6. ArlingtonRider

    I just had my new California delivered today. So, my friend compared it with a real one and there is not much of a difference you can notice in either of them. It has a perfect scanning posture with a PDF and other apps so it will work fine instate and as well as out of state. However, we will use it inside CA. The best thing about their ids is the Raised text and the kind of real feeling around their durable material. I am not sure whether they use Teslin or PVC but it does bend and has a clear improvement in this new series of CA licenses. I know it is the season of holidays and they must have a lot of orders but it is worth mentioning that their express service delivered my ordered within 4 days after I placed my order with them. It is incredible how fast their shipping works. I have no complaints regarding their service and can vouch for their quality. I have blurred some information on my fake id below but you can view the images of the front and the back.


    1. Corey

      It looks good mate. I am looking to buy one for out of state use. Which version out of the older and newer California driving license you think will work better in Vegas?

  7. stephanie

    I recently ordered a group of the new Texas Ids. I read somewhere that they are going to ship each id separately. Is this true?

    1. Robbie

      It depends on your choice. We ordered as a group of 10 and they delivered it to one spot because that is what they prefer for group orders. In case, if you want them shipped separately you can ask them to do so.

    2. steph

      How’d they turn out? I know tx is one of the harder states to fake

  8. can someone confirm if they have receive there orders before I order mines.

    1. JustinL

      I received my order for Wisconsin DL from them last friday. They are good at support most of the other vendors have stupid support staff that can not even speak proper english. I personally recommend these guys over any other seller.

  9. Will

    Has anyone ordered a Indiana license.

  10. LoneRanger

    Hello FIB! Thanks for guiding me through the process. I almost got ripped by another website but thanks to your wonderful article regarding this vendor I got my new California (2019 Design) ID along with my friends from them today. I am posting images below of all our group IDs. Their pricing is way expensive than the rest but I don’t mind paying for a high-tech ID that gets me through the new scanners. Everything else looks good a part from my signature which was my fault because I asked them to make a custom one for me. It doesn’t look good but it is different from my real signature. Anyway, I will use a photo of my actual Signature for my next order. Any of you reading my review YES! These guys are real and they do deliver Scannable stuff. Sorry the image quality isn’t good but my ultraviolet light source was too blurry and, I had to move multiple times to get a better view of the IDs. The first four IDs are California and the last two are Pennsylvania. The quality is way better than what it looks in the Photos but as I said the photos looked blurred because we kept moving the my camera and UV light source. Click on the Image to Zoom in.

    1. Alexis

      Anyone ever get a PA, CT, NJ, NY license? I live in NJ. Was wondering which state is preferred.

  11. Alexis

    I live in NJ- what state is preferred? NY, PA, CT, NJ?

    1. Super8

      The NJ of Fakeyourid.com in-state has a good feedback. If you still want to use one out of state then go for the new CT, it works flawless for me.

    2. NYC

      NY is good, The back and frontal UV are equally impressive. It is one of their products that works in and out of state both.

  12. Esteban

    Hi, I just ordered mine yesterday from Florida, Ill let u guys know how it goes…

    1. Joker

      Their NY has a good Window Ghost photo. You can also try their Massachusetts or Florida I have used the new (MA) in person. Just make sure you let them create your license number & fake address with their generator. When I first ordered one from them I used my own license number which I made up and it turns out that the license number that I made up was in the wrong format. They noticed that & sent me a notification regarding that. So then, I let them create one for me & it is in the same 11 digit format.

  13. lima

    Thanks so much for mentioning the raised signature. My state has that so that’s a sign that it would be a good quality fake.

  14. Natalie

    Hey, just wondering if anyone knows if their Id from here bends?

    1. GrandCanyon

      From what I know it bends. You must understand that Polycarbonate IDs are not so easy to bend but their material is way better than what you will mostly find on printed fakes from China. Theirs is very different.

  15. hernan

    Based on these reviews i made a group order Sunday night with express shipping. Will update in a while.

    1. Olivia

      Have u gotten it? Is it good?

  16. Joey

    Live in Florida, was thinking of getting a New York ID, what is the best state for Id to use in Florida that a bouncer won’t think twice about.

    1. Jane

      Why don’t you use Florida in-state? It works if you use their new template.

  17. Jasmine

    I need to know if anyone had tried the virginia Id.

  18. Melanie

    Has anyone tried the Illinois license? I’m curious if an out-of-state license will be a better option.

  19. Natalie

    Does anyone know which one would be best to use in Las Vegas and Utah? I live in Utah and need one for my boyfriends birthday in Vegas.

  20. ShawnyL

    Wondering if anyone ordered an RI ID and if it would work instate.

  21. nikki

    has anyone bought one recently? just want to know if the site is still active

    1. Urwi

      Hi I got my new Delaware ID from them 2 days ago. I purchased it for $200 with express shipping & it is valid ! I am not aware of Delaware new template or design of the driving licenses but I compared it to the bar book & the guidelines show that it is accurate. IT works in gas stations & at a local bar by scanning it shows accurate encoded info as well.

  22. Nathan

    How good is their stealth? I want to know if it will pass customs before I order their NY fake id.

  23. Lane Byrd

    Anyone used these ids with law enforcement? Roadblock ect?

    1. hoodie

      It works but it depends on how you use it… I mean if you are shivering and showing you identification then obviously that will raise red flags One of my friends got his ID confiscated because he almost fainted upon further ID checking & that is not how things work. If you want to back your fake state ID then be confident & use your logic to beat the validating techniques

  24. Diamond

    Are they still active? Can I trust to order from them?? Thanks!

    1. Xuberent

      Yes they are active i see that they have launched some new states as well if you are looking for new kansas delaware or arkansas they are the only vendors currently making them

  25. Brothah

    Ordered my ID on 12th March and arrived on 16th So it took a total of 3 days excluding the ordering one

    It is my first review and strictly restricted to inside California use I am not a fool to use an ID of other states and use it in another not really a fan of that; if you are questioned further by using an out of state ID it is evident that you will look like a fool because you wouldn’t know anything other than what you just read on the barbook! So my suggestion is to stay AWAY from out of state IDs

    The quality of the California ID from Fakeyourid.com is fair enough and for a price of 125 dollars it better be because I ain’t that rich to spend more than a hundred bucks on an ID… so it has a scannable magnetic stripe & my screwed up photo looks good with photoshop. I didn’t give them a signature but they carved out one for me. I do not see any flaws but the UV looks a little less vibrant idk maybe it is like that and as long as it works for me I don’t really care. my view regarding fakeyourid.com is that they are a legitimate provider and if you are a party nigga like me then you can get an ID from them in 3 days with express service

  26. Sally Fuentes

    I want to purchase a fake ID on this website and have a couple of questions that I hope someone can answer who has already purchased from this website

    1. Have you used your ID yet and did it work? Did it get scanned and go through?
    2. Did you purchase and ID from a different state than where you live in?
    3. Did you use a different name than yours?

    I am a first time buyer so I just wanna get things clear before I drop my money.

    1. Jude

      Many people have used Fakeyourid’s new IDs. I have seen reviews regarding new CA, MA, MD, NY, WA, IL, OH, FL, DE, RI, TX, AR, AK etc. and their California ID has worked for me in Arizona. Which means it works out of state as well… I’m lucky to have a fake SSN card with a matching DL of CA for the past two years and both have my real info on them but fake license numbers issue dates etc from what I know it works and your money will be worth it

  27. Cinnamon

    Hello! I just put in an order for 11 fake ID’s with them and paid with the Google Play gifts cards and also got express shipping. I will update and let you all know if I got them and if they look good!

  28. Raul

    Do they accept prepaid visa gift cards ?

  29. emily lo

    Hey, I want to order from them but I want to know if they accept amazon gift card bought it online? I have an actual card but I bought it through amazon. And on the website they said that have to be from a convenience store. Will they accept it??

    1. RonnieAsgard

      Hi, I believe these guys do not accept E-code of Amazon card. You will have to buy one in person to be able to pay them.

  30. znicole

    I live in Arkansas and I’m wondering which ID would be the best to use here, if anyone lives in AR and has ordered one before!

    1. Jerry-K

      Try the new AR from Fakeyourid.com they are the only ones making real ID compliant Arkansas licenses ! It works in-state

  31. khurram bangash

    Hello there,
    I want a UK driving license.
    Let me know if you can dispatch it internationally?
    And secondly, how long will it take to reach here with rush shipping?
    I want it to be on the regular basis, so bear that in mind and let me know please.

  32. Yesm87

    I live in NY, looking at getting their Vermont ID, anyone know if it’s any good?

  33. Ranger

    I purchased one license from IDGOD and the second one from Fakeyourid.com both of them are good but if you compare the two you will notice some pros and cons.

    For example: 1) IDGod’s Texas ID card comes with tactile printing on the front of the photo. This raised DOB has low brightness than the expected levels of the actual TX driver’s license. Fakeyourid nailed this element and their opacity level for the laser-engraved DOB is spot on.

    2) The micro printing has faded on IDGOD’s license while Fakeyourid’s ultraviolet and optically variable inks are aligned in a way that you hardly find any uneven spots. The bar codes of IDGOD are clean but they do not match the information of the license holder hence scanning will be a problem. The codes are properly formatted on the FakeyourID’s version and matches the exact data of the license holder as on the front.

    One is U21 and the other is O21 the later one is obtained from FakeyourID.com which works and the first one does not work which I obtained from IDGOD.

  34. dan

    I ordered from them and paid with an Amazon gift card 7 days ago and received ids package again. I answered back to the email with concerns like it said and got a “my questions answered with a tracking number” email back.

  35. Shmuck

    This site provides decent fake licenses and has kept a good reputation over the years. I have used Iowa DL from Fakeyourid.com & it has a superb bending and has never broken. The raised printing does not require a second look & scans fine. The ids with magnetic stripe are also encoded with state-specific codes. So if you use it to scan it will return the exact information as embedded and printed on the card. Overall this site should rank among the Top 3 fake id makers.

  36. Sue Pouncy

    Very satisfied with Fakeyourid. The ids look good and packaging is as secure as it gets … Paid for 1 id and received another one free of cost. The shipping time took a week and my 75 extra bucks very worth paying for. Thanks

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