OldIronSidesFakes Reviews

Old Ironside Fakes Reviews

When you are looking to purchase a fake id, it may become difficult to pick the best contender for making one.

  • There are hundreds of counterfeit id websites offering to make forgeries and
  • Their marketing hymns are mostly comprising of providing scannable IDs which will ultimately pass all the verification processes applied to them.

Today we review Old Iron Sides Fakes to examine their forged identification cards and know whether they are worth buying or not.

Old Iron Side Fakes Nick Name

The company has various names on google search, The reason is that this company’s name is too long, People have to simplify it

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  • OIS Fake ID

Fake ID States Old Iron Sides Fakes

OIS allegedly makes more than 30 false identity cards which consist of under 21 driving licenses and many other state identification cards.

oldironsides fake id variety of their counterfeit ids
  • Most vendors with this kind of collection are well equipped,
  • Set up locates outside the US because the American laws are very stringent against fake id websites and they do not tolerate documentation forgery within the US.
  • OIS has worked well to establish their printing location in a foreign country which we know is inside China.
  • The staff that they hire is also of Chinese descent, and when you communicate with them, you are most likely to get a weak English accent in their support.

OldIronsidesfakes: Fake ID Templates and Customized Licenses

Notably, there are only a handful of fake id maker services which has introduced new designs for their driving licenses. OldIronSidesFakes is undoubtedly one these. OIS makes more than thirty types of fake id cards for their customers.

old iron sides fake id availabe state template
  • From the new California, Massachusetts, Texas, Georgia, and
  • other permits such as the Delaware limited-term driver’s license
  • to the vertical and horizontal Under 21 identity cards

How to Order Fake ID From OldIronSidesFakes?

You can easily follow their buying process and has a user-friendly interface which gives complete instructions on how to go about ordering your replica from them. It comprises the following Pros and Cons.

  • They require you to register first before placing your order, which is a good option considering security arrangements. But it needs more time to create an account, and moreover, it means your username and order will stay saved as long as the website exists which is a huge security risk.
  • Once you login you can go through the ordering process which is fast and allows you to upload up to 2 MB photo for yourself. They give strict instructions on how to take an image of yourself for your false identity card which means they have weak Photoshop editing.

Oldironsidesfakes Review 2023

State list gives an option in the format (California O21) and (California U21), but it does not include whether the license that you get will be the newly issued one or the older version.

Its ordering process is not secured by (SSL) which means your payment or real information is not encrypted and can be exposed to hackers and used for identity theft and other crimes.

The website is slow and does not have to cache or fast processing system which means that anyone ordering multiple fake id cards will have to waste a lot of time to complete their ordering process and that is probably why this vendor does not receive any group orders.

There is a specific page for each license that they make. It has detailed images taken under UV and normal light showing holograms and photos from different viewing angles.

The company does have a webpage for each state ID. But they do not enlist the security features that their ID cards come with and as a customer you are not sure what kind of security features your ID will have.

Is Oldironsidesfakes Legit?

The good thing about this vendor is that it gives you the freedom to read many reviews categorized explicitly for each of their state licenses. From vendors viewpoint, it is a massive bonus because instead of roaming around other websites you can get a direct view of their customers feedback but we suggest to ignore such content. Most of the sites post biased and self-paid reviews for their promotions, and that is why on-site inspections cannot be trusted at all.

OldIronsidesfakes Payment

The act of replicating ID cards does not limit within the United States. However, we do know that it has a vast customer base in it and one of the reasons for that is that the American laws prohibit you from consuming alcohol if you are not 21 or over.

So that is why young kids often acquire a secure form of entrance pass in the way of a false identity card which resembles state IDs. But did you know that in the last few years more than a dozen replicating ID card makers have been arrested and sent to jail within the US alone?

Moreover, how did they come under scrutiny? Well, the answer to this is simple enough they were either dumb or careless, and first of all, they should not have been operating within the US at all. As mentioned above, laws in most states are not very friendly towards such criminals, and that is why people prefer to order these cards from makers located in other countries.

So the vendor Old Iron Sides Fakes lets you pay with your Paypal account for your orders and what does that do? Only one thing in our opinion. It makes you prone to the authorities and puts you at high risk of getting in trouble. We do not support or endorse any novelty or fake id making websites that lets you pay with payment methods like Paypal.

Delware Fake ID Oldironsidesfakes Review & FAQ

Our correspondent Valon ordered a Delaware ID card from them using Western Union as a payment method. He concludes that the ID card has flaws but at the same time so good things to say. He describes OIS as:

OldIronSidesFakes.com is your over-expensive forgery provider advertising high-quality, affordable products but within a minimal range of security features which can get you into trouble. Their packages are often seized by the customs, and they will call you and inquire about it.


Template: [7 out of 10] The original Delaware template has micro-printed parts on the front and comes with a ghost photo. So this is the old design and it does have these features but the duplicate picture on the front has faded already, and the colors are pretty inconsistent.

Pricing: [5 out of 10] I got this during their last week promo. I paid hundred dollars for this replica which is extremely expensive as compared to other vendors offering the newer DE license for the same price.

Holograms/OVI: [4 out of 10] The holos are bright but the laminates are not very consistent, and if you were to use this ID for a couple of months it is highly likely that the lamination comes off the card stock.

Stealth: [5 out of 10] As usual, we warned our member about the possible risks that their ordering carries with the customs. It is a well-known fact that the customs often confiscate the packages of OIS because their safe methods are not very professional and we believe they need to improve it drastically to get more customer trust. In our case, we think our member was fortunate because the package arrived fine and it came inside an envelope.

Shipping: [8 out 10] Having used standard shipped it arrived within a week which is a fine time frame, and we have given them good points for this one.

Scanning: [7 out of 10] The barcodes are Scannable, but they have greyish texture on the back, and the real DE licenses have a black surface to their barcodes. The format is same and encoding does work.

19 thoughts on “OldIronSidesFakes Review”

  1. fanatic

    Received the new NY from OIS. Works well for most convenience stores and liquor stores, but only works for a few bars and clubs that don’t check the ID closely. Got it confiscated from a bar but to be fair, I was dumb and got the same ID state for the state that I used it in haha thank god for the free duplicate.

  2. JordanS

    Terrible experience with OIS Arizona. Kid who got this lowkey stupid tho. I can literally peel the laminate off though, rip this dude’s fake. The holograms are not looking good either, it moves but it looks like a splurge. Overall, not worth the money. Ois needs to step up with their quality

  3. Rope

    It has been some time since they released a new state. All the Nevada and Nebraska ids are outdated. Is there any chance you guys could release the new Utah drivers license template?

  4. Avery

    How do you pay with PayPal like what’s the special instructions??

  5. Megan Range

    Just received my oldirionsides.ph fake ID and I am thrilled about it! I ordered 1/10/2021 and received it today 1/23/2021. It came in a white box with a sock in it, I lifted up the bottom of the box and sure enough both were inside hidden to make it through customs. The details are extremely impressive as well as the really bright holograms. It also bends just like a real one does. I was scared to get this because I found some IDs saying they weren’t so great but after many many many hours of research I found this vendor. These guys are legit they contacted me quickly and I was able to track my package all the way from China to here. I got the new TX ID for reference. I just tried it out at a gas station and it worked! I also bought a ID scanned and sure enough it said it was valid!

    1. Jess

      is this legit? i was planning on buying one from oldironsidesfakes.ph and wanted to make sure it is legit. what form of payment did u use?

  6. Cooper

    My buddy has one and works everytime and looks light but I ordered mine and paid rush shipping but the tracker says delivered but isn’t anywhere in or around my mailbox

  7. Flexxnn

    I ordered AL ID from OIS on wednesday Apr 10 and recd Tues Apr 16. Paid $100 for ID and $30 rush shipping. ID looks legit. I compared it to real thing, the only minor differences is signature was a little lower and pic could’ve been zoomed out just a little to get a little shoulder in. It will definitely work for what i need it for.

    1. Stephanie Armentrout

      Is this website a scam ?

        1. Zack

          Do Yk if it ever worked out for you? I bought one but I’m not getting any information about the shipping.

  8. Shankia Harris

    Can I get a ca id even if I live in ohio

  9. Crodge

    Their website has been offline for a couple of days now. I had placed an order with them a week ago and have received no response so far. Now their website is not working I hope they did not scam me and one of the exit frauds fake id websites.

    1. Scottie2Hottie

      Their older domain was seized by the registrar. They were dumb enough to use a Registrar in the US. That basically means you are breaking the law inside the US which is not allowed. They were suspended and now uses a new .ph extension as mentioned in the blog post here. I wouldn’t suggest you to use them, their order forms are scattered over on their public directory. Anyone with a considerable computer and servers hosting knowledge can easily get access to their order forms. They are very irresponsible so you should stay away from such makers.

  10. Kangaroo

    I heard these guys own multiple websites by different names such as Lost-identification and idinstate? are these the same or different people? I am wanting to get myself a California driver’s license from a trusted fake id maker but I am not clear on which vendor to pick for my purchase… Considering to order from this one would anyone suggest?

    1. Django

      If you want to get yourself the new CA fake id why would you go with these guys after reading the reviews above? I got one from a local supplier and it works for me so far but if you want to get one online and based on legitimate reviews you should try Fake Your ID website. I heard their new California has the best scanning ratio and it comes with the boat in UV along with the bridge. The perforations are good as well. I did not have the chance to buy one from them but my friends purchased a few of their Maryland and CA and I couldn’t tell by watching my friend’s real Driver’s license with their California ID as to which one was fake.

      1. king cash

        You don’t need to scan id honestly… even the real id that come from DMV scan wears down over time.

      2. mar

        where did u get it locally I’ve been trying to get one! I desperately need an id by Sunday.

        1. Jittery

          Ois doesn’t sell fake ids anymore. Their service has been hijacked by impersonators. For instance, bogusbraxtor.com is not the real bogusbraxtor. Neither is oldironsidesfakes.com the real OIS! The only OIS that is real is oisfakes.ph

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