LegitFakeID Review: Scam or Legit?

One of the main objectives of our blog is to rectify errors in your best fake id but at the same time identify legitimate providers from the scammers. Legit Fake ID is one provider whose promotional strategy and marketing portfolio comes from the shadowy review websites and platform founded a decade ago.

The underground-review.com website which promotes only a few websites since the early 2000s is one of the most aged domains in the forgery niche. It lists LegitFakeID as a verified and legitimate vendor but at the same time, it lists many other websites like “CHFAKE.COM” or “DOFAKE.COM” in the same category as well.

We do know that both CHFAKE and DO FAKE are confirmed scammer websites and usually changes names when we write reviews exposing their ripping agenda. Which makes us unsure about the nature of the company LegitFakeID.com and prompts us to take reports of the customers seriously who claim to have lost money to these guys.

The Full Scammers Network and their Strategy

We know that the domain Legitfakeid.com is hosted by the same Registrar that hosts many other websites owned by one person known to have scam fake id customers from the early 2000s. Moving on, if you read different reviews about them you will find the websites ‘FakeIDMan.net’ and ‘FakeIDGold.net’ giving positive vibes and reviews regarding the products of LegitFakeID and their licenses. So, one asks if there are hundreds of positive customers feedback regarding this vendor and their licenses then, why do we not believe them and go ahead buying from this company? or let’s put it this way, Why do we want to review it at all?


The answer to this question can is easy. The blogs “FAKEIDMAN.NET” and “FakeIDGold.net” are also owned by the same person that operates the website “LegitFakeID.COM” and hence they use the blogging platforms of these two websites to give them good reviews. In fact, the reviews are fake and mostly self-promoted and posted so that if a customer writes LegitFakeID.com Review in Google search they will find FakeIDMan and FakeIDGold reviews about this company and fall for their scam trap.

Most of these customer feedbacks are not real at all, they use images stolen from other websites and promote them posing as real people. This kind of stuff is normal and sophisticated scams exist in every niche out there online. So, if you are not careful you can also fall for this trap. But wait a minute. How do we know all this?

It is not rocket science at all. We have our investigative team and as we mentioned in almost every blog post that we used to do all the reviews and posting stuff on Reddit’s /r/Fakeid channel back a few years ago. But when people decided to sell directly there we stopped using that social media platform long ago and moved on to form our own blogging medium.

So, now we are here and like every review from our platform remains unbiased we will also do the same in case of LegitFakeID. Hence, we personally initiated a purchase of the new California driver’s license from this company using our correspondent from Sacramento, CA named Foss.

The process of buying a fake id from LegitFakeID.com

  • The website loads fine but it uses a reverse proxy and hosted on Russian servers which makes it as sketchy as it gets.
  • There is no information or instructions on how to take a photo. They do not even mention if taking photos with certain background colors will be accepted or not.
  • The font of the site introduction and explanatory features are very small and can not be seen clearly unless you magnify your browser’s zooming option.

Legit Fake ID Websites 2023

It uses a free old WordPress, theme which lacks any modernization or features that look professional. The pictures of fake id cards are of templates and as usual, the links to FakeIDMan and FakeIDGold Reviews about them are at the end of the page. It confirms our suspicion that these two websites are owned by them.

There is no clear indication of the pricing structure regarding their fake licenses on the main page. The buying page has a table which has detailed price tags for all state fake ids.

It uses SSL encryption which gives you a sense of security but on the other hand they use a contact form as an order form. The fake id submission form lacks explanations on how to proceed with your order. Moreover, it is a contact form instead of an order form and they lack any professional woo-commerce, e-cart options.

The scannable image gallery has images of fake id cards of the newer California, Ohio, Illinois and some other states but most of their images have green embossing lines over it which gives you a clear indication that these photos are doctored or photoshopped and stolen from other websites.

FakeIDBoss Rank Meter

Please view our detailed score chart before you decide to purchase from this vendor.

Holograms: 0
UV: 0
Pricing: 0
Template: 0
Variety: 0
Stealth: 0
Shipping: 0
Overall Ranking: 0
Category: SCAM

According to “Foss,” Our blogging member from California, the website LegitFakeID.com can be described as:

Legit Fake ID is an extension of the strategical scammer network operated by one person for the purpose of exploiting young adults and students to order fake licenses from this company. This works well for them by stealing money from these desperate people.

So our member Foss submitted his order form after going through many obstacles. The e-mail he received as a confirmation lacked any concrete information regarding how his package will be delivered or if he will ever get a tracking number for it. However, they mentioned that they allow you 24 hours to confirm your information and after that 48-72 hours are further needed for them to send you a tracking number. That is only given to you if you order express shipping.

After the 72 hours were passed Foss received no numbers or information regarding his order. His E-mails to their support and using the contact support form at their website did not return any response after the payment was taken. Foss described this behavior as an apparent scam which he already knew about but opted to test only for the reviews to remain unbiased.

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6 thoughts on “LegitFakeID.com Review”

  1. dale g Jackson

    i pray to god that whoever operates legit fake id , his whole family rots in hell

  2. AustinTX

    I submitted an order 2 weeks ago and still have not received a shipping number. They’re not responding to my emails. Can someone confirm they’ve received ids in the past month?

  3. maxima

    Thanks for posting this truthful review regarding this website. I was almost getting ready to order from them but I read this review just on time. There is a network of fraudulent websites ran by these guys. I read the other reviews regarding IDHURRY, King Of Fakes, Freedom Fakes etc. These are all scam sites. However, I think the blog admins should make a list of legitimate and scam websites so that we can read them as a list based on points.

  4. CurveMaster

    Whoever this filthy guy is behind this website owns many other fake id related websites. I know for certain Fake ID Man and Gold are owned by him. These are the only two blogs that describes him as legit while any other credible source relating to fake licenses identify them as scam. Please do not read reviews on fakeidman.net or fakeidgold.com they are all fake including reviews on Reddit.

  5. Cramping

    You forgot to mention that Chfake and LegitFakeID including GreatFakeID are all operated by the same person. They are all scam websites which take money from desperate people trying to buy a fake id for their drinking purposes. These guys should never be trusted. I lost $500 to them because I ordered for 8 people. Their discounts are meaningless if they scam you. LEGIT FAKE ID is a total SCAM! Avoid this vendor.

    1. TheSamurai

      I ordered an I.D. with them for express shipping and it has been two weeks with no word from them. I’ve tried reaching out several times and i have heard nothing in return.

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