Fake ids are becoming an integral part of the American party life, and that is probably why many services are providing them. As a customer, you are often unclear as to which website will be the best choice for your state and id.

IDTop Full Reviews 2020

Be it complaints or user practical experiences, the site ‘IDTOP.PH‘ indeed gathers our attention and serves as one of the most frequently mentioned providers on our blog. Hence we decided to review this vendor and their products by personally testing and using them in identity-restricted places to examine their quality and whether one can rely on them or not.

Dynamics of the IDTOP Website

The website is very similar to other selling sites such as IDSBUDDY or other Chinese vendors involved in the forgeries business in the past. A basic ‘.ASP’ theme set up by them is fast in loading, and they also seem to have detailed images of each state identification template that they offer. However, we need to mention that they lack most of the newly issued driver’s licenses designs and rely on the older looks for states such as North Carolina, Texas (NON-COMPLIANT), Indiana, and many other ones.

Lacking Features of a Fake ID Vendor

The provider also lacks content on their main page regarding how do they ship your packages, their location, estimate on tracking or arrival which makes it less appealing in a customers perspective.

How to buy a fake id from IDTOP?

With a price tag of under 100 dollars, you can hardly trust a vendor because we know that a high-quality replica from that part of the world should cost well above that price. However, we asked one of our under-age members to avail a fake id from the seller and then test it in the presence of our fellows (to remain unbiased) in different places of Indiana to see whether it works or not. The webpage for the Indiana state identification only has pictures of the ID, but it does not indicate the security features that come with the fake id.

  • As usual, our members do not feel comfortable on entering their real information when asked for submitting your counterfeit id order form. If the website lacks (SSL), then we advise you to use false details instead of the actual one because there is a high risk that your data might get intercepted or hacked.
  • The ordering process does not allow your photo to be more than 1 MB which shows that their non-serious approach towards your identification from the beginning. If your photo size is less than one megabyte, then you should know that it will be of very inferior quality and if you use that photo on your driver’s license they can not remove the ear shadows from them or alter the background.
  • They do not allow you to select your personalized driving license number, card issue or expiry date, or license class. It is clear that IDTOP will choose whatever address on your forged id which means there is no room for personalization with them.
    No signature instructions and no options to indicate whether you can customize your sign or not.
  • They also lack any information on what marker and thickness your signature’s photo should have.
    The order form allows you to add people to a group but it is very slow and the processing time irritates you by loading over and over.

The Review of the Indiana fake id purchase from IDTOP

So our member went through all the ordering process and submitted his form. A broken E-mail delivery service by IDTOP.PH will arrive into your spam folder confirming your order, but it does not have the details of your purchase. Moreover, the payment methods are so complicated it does not state ‘How to pay with Ethereum or Bitcoin‘ and they make you wait hours once you pay to confirm that they received it. Jenny describes her experience with them as:

IDTOP is an unprofessional and low-budget forgeries provider with high uncertainty of Scannability when it comes to using their products in bars or clubs. You receive your purchased items with an unexpected time frame which has zero room for in this business.

The ID arrived after 3 to 4 weeks in an excellent stealth card box. I know that it is against the rules to mention how discreet their package is but this one is unique, and it included a cheap perfume replica probably costing five dollars and underneath was my purchased id. It is the only aspect that I can rank them high for other than that the reviews for the rest of the elements have been very discouraging and we couldn’t get this license to work anywhere. We did not even bother to attempt to use it at any instate place might fool your friends if they have not seen an Indiana driving license before but it surely isn’t going to trick a Bouncer or a scanning box.

FakeIDBoss Rank Meter

Template: [4 out of 10] The micro is third class and has no guilloche at all. We know how easily instate Bouncers can spot this. Moreover, the colors have faded already through the card and do not match the purple texture of the actual ID itself.

Holograms: [5 out of 10] The OVI does not have fine printing it is missing some parts and then appearing again and has decidedly fewer brightness levels. The real Indiana license has vibrant holos over it, and they shine under normal light.

Photoshop: [3 out of 10] As mentioned above, This replica should come with a blue background of the person’s photo just like you have in the passport images. IDTOP does not allow you to upload more than 1 MB file while submitting your order form and this restricts you to send them a low-quality photo which is not suitable for editing and hence your picture looks very uncertain.

Scanning: [2 out of 10] It does have barcodes, but they do not scan on any scanner or platform. We tried BCS and any other scanning device you name it… but it does not pass at any, and it will be playing with fire if you take it to a gas station or liquor shop.

UV: [3 out of 10] I did not personally test it because I don’t have any ultraviolet light source but my friend checked it in his basement, and it did not have any element printed in UV, and you can expect that from their products.

Pricing: [0 out of 10] I know I am very harsh on this but why would anyone want to spend that kind of money on a counterfeit license that is not worth it. There are some premium fake id makers and we know they charge high for their quality products but why do vendors like these charge that high when their IDs cannot even fool your friend let alone fooling a bouncer or a scanner.

10 thoughts on “IDTOP.PH Reviews”

  1. Wasted

    Their Missouri ids are no different. I got one last week and it has the worst hologram replication. Their products are overpriced and you can not use their IDs anywhere. So they are selling novelty ids for the price of fake licenses but in reality, they do not pass at any place.

    1. TexasCrow

      did you personally buy from them? I am thinking of purchasing the new California from them it was only released few weeks ago so I am considering them what do you think about it? Please let me know…

      1. Uberant

        Try to get one from fakeyourid.com they have the best California at the moment. They also offer a wide range of other state IDs. I have used their California and Texas and tested CA instate and Texas out of state and trust me they scan everywhere.

  2. Curran

    Total crap. I tried their New Jersey state fake id at several clubs but it never worked and had to face felony charges because one of the Bouncers was very offensive when he found out that my ID is forged. I would suggest staying away from their products. I am going to use Fakeyourid.com for my next purchase I hope it works.

  3. IDTOP

    Dear friends,
    If you have any questions, please contact us.
    Our staff will arrange to handle your ID question
    Our ID is tested and can be used in any bar.
    thank you very much

    1. Paul

      Your staff at IDTOP does not answer my queries and yet you post here to contact you. I will not use IDTOP for my future purchases. Thanks for this review Fake ID Boss, I really appreciate your effort. At least, your reviews prompted these guys to show some concern regarding their customer complaints.

  4. Corel

    I got one from premiumfakes.com last week, they revamped their designs and are now offering new state IDs. You should try their Missouri DL, it is affordable and they do scan for me. I’ve used their IDs since they were on Reddit and /r/fakeid. Premium Fakes is reliable. You should try them out.

  5. Melissa Cassine

    Did Fakeyourid.com work for you, what would you rate them from 1to 10?

  6. IDTOP

    Dear friends
    If you have any dissatisfaction, you can go to .Email:idtop02@gmail.com to complain
    We will arrange to handle all your questions.
    thank you very much

  7. Do not use idtop. Probably the worst ID site you could use. Company try’s to play games with you and scam you out of refunds or from cancelling their ID even though all their “terms of service” are clearly listed. Complete scam from their quality of ids not even scanning to their “support” team who’d rather scam you of 80 dollars. Completely not worth ever buying from this site. Clearly you get what you pay for and the fact they won’t even refund you a small 80 dollars before it’s even starting to be produced just shows a lot on their company. Don’t buy or use this company. Literally any other site is better than this company.

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