With numberless stories of scam fake ID sites making waves, search strings like the best fake ID websites Reddit have become common among students like you. Our Ufakeids.com reviews are an attempt to ensure you don’t wire your money to a scam fake ID website. We are committed to ensuring that you put your money in the right place and get the best value for doing so. No one deserves to get robbed of their money, much less you, whose only crime was the guys to fake an age you’re yet to attain.

A fake ID is a fancy ticket that admits you into the places you can indulge in all the fun that the law denies you based on age. However, many fake ID website reviews have shown that getting scammed is a new problem you must worry about. In this ufakeids review, we will take you through a deep dive into the facts we gathered about the platform based on research and comments of people that ordered fake IDs from them.

For a long time, the challenge teenagers like you struggle with has been how to get the right professional to produce a quality fake ID. All fake ID websites claim to be the best in the craft, yet stories of college students who got caught boozing with fake IDs are never in short supply. The stories are always the same. It’s either the fake IDs maker couldn’t replicate a particular feature of the valid type or that they failed to scan. The worst-case scenario is that you never receive any id that you paid for.

The General Appearance of ufakeids.com

On the home page, the website makes a bold claim of “scannable fake IDs with holograms.” It maintained this kind of claim throughout the rest of the home page with an elaborate section on the unique features you would want a fake ID to possess. Pictures of IDs of different states cover a significant portion of the page. These features are typical of legit fake ID websites. So, it’s not a red flag or something out of the ordinary that ufakeids.com makes these claims. 

The site navigation is ok. The first feeling that you get is that the design itself is a copy or replica of the popular fake id website “fake-id.com” but whether the theme has been stolen or copied is unknown. You can quickly move around without trying too hard to figure out what to do. However, you must create an account with your email to place an order for a fake ID.

This request has become a bit typical too. Most businesses do it to generate leads for their marketing campaigns. So, you can either create a temporary email for this or endure the torrents of emails that you have to receive long after your fake ID has expired.

Can ufakeids Make Scannable Fake IDs?

Aside from unsolicited marketing emails, another concern you have to worry about is your data security. Personal data is delicate, and you don’t want to leave your details on a website that could use it to open another channel ID scam aside from the price you’ve already paid for the fake ID.

A reviewer claimed their algorithm rated ufakeids.com safe to drop your details and shop for fake IDs. However, whether their algorithm is accurate remains another question entirely. While ufakeids.com claims to be among the reliable fake ID sites, we will take you through the order process to help you decide for yourself whether to trust them.

The Process of Buying a Fake ID from ufakeids.com

After the home page with all the usual claims of being the good fake ID sites, the next page is the Order Now. However, the drama of red flags begins when you click on the page. 

The page has a form where you can enter the information you want to appear on your ID. Aside from the unforgivable typo which spells ‘check’ as ‘cheeck’ on the checkout button, the site only communicates further details when you make a payment. It doesn’t offer enough details to build the clients’ confidence that they are in safe hands. This lack of transparency is a significant red flag to put into consideration.

Ufakeid Pricing & How to Pay

Following right under the form on the Order Now page is a checkout button. According to the site, their payment support includes Moneygram, Western Union, PayPal, and bitcoin. This information sits under the checkout button, and just after it is another line which asks you to tell them your payment choice, and they will send you the details. This payment arrangement appears lousy and shady simultaneously for a platform that claims to be a trusted fake ID site. 

The payment process gets even more complicated when you click on the Payment Method page to see a meandering and confusing process which narrows the payment options down to only bitcoin.

Compare ufakeid Vs Authentic Fake ID Makers

This page was as shabbily created as the rest of the pages. Worse than a red flag, ufakeids.com, which claims to be one of the legit fake ID sites, started the Pricing page with these words—We assure God that we are real suppliers, not liars. All crooks will go to hell

It is not often the case for real fake ID websites to announce that they are real unless they have ulterior motives. Also, the above claim sounds so desperate that you not only doubt whether they’re legit but also their competence. 

After the ridiculous assurance they used to open the page, they stated their fake ID prices, which range between $90 – $200, depending on the country, state, and ID type. They make different countries’ fake IDs, including Australia, Canada, the UK, the US, etc., and the prices depend on the number you’re ordering. A joint order for more than one person costs lowers per unit than when you’re ordering one fake ID for yourself alone. 

However, the challenge with this arrangement is that the form on the Order Now page only has space for one person’s details. So, when ordering IDs for more than one person, you may have to communicate the information they will use to produce the rest of the IDs outside the ordering process.

These deficiencies render ufakeids.com suspicious and make using it unnecessarily tedious. The entire Pricing page layout makes you wonder if the site was created as a perfect example of what a scam fake ID website looks like.

Ufakeid.com Features & Shipping

The shipping terms are on the Pricing page. According to the information, you can choose between free shipping and urgent orders. While the free shipping takes between 20 – 30 days, urgent orders take 5 – 10 days.

Since their pricing is already on the high side, clients may prefer free shipping to urgent orders. However, you don’t want to wait 30 days before you can drink beer, especially if you have a party coming up sooner.

For some reason best known to ufakeids.com, this page happens to be the About Us page, while the FAQs came later as an afterthought. Like the other pages, the arrangement of the contents is careless. Also, they lack depth and hardly provide sufficient information as you would expect from premium counterfeit id websites.

Ordinarily, you would expect to learn more about ufakeids.com and its processes from the videos on the page. Instead, this page is another ridiculous attempt to convince you they’re not fake. It started with a plea for you to ignore the ‘malicious comments on the net’ about them, claiming that their competitors peddle them. The only video on the page is an 8-seconds frame of a bunch of IDs littered on a desk.

Fake ID Boss Rank Meter


SCAM! ufakeids.com lacks most of the quality you expect from legitimate fake ID websites. Instead, the site literally begs you to disregard the negative reviews it has accumulated and offer it your money on a benefit of the doubt. 

Interestingly, the site has serious functional challenges with its pricing, payment method and general customer experience. The owner paid little or no attention to these aspects of the site, and it makes ordering fake IDs from them a chore you would want to avoid.

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