If you’re underage and planning to visit Las Vegas, you might want to get your hands on the best counterfeit id. Sure, there are many more ‘fun’ things to do in Las Vegas that might not require you to be over the age of 21 but let’s be honest – they’re not the ‘lifetime experience’ you will be reminiscing. 

Las Vegas often referred to as the ‘Sin City, is one of the most visited cities in the world. Located in Nevada, the city is known for offering some of the best adult activities, i.e., gambling, strip clubs, clubs, and bars. 

Where to Buy a Fake ID in Las Vegas?

The bouncers and bartenders in Las Vegas are more vigilant because the casinos, clubs, and bars would face dire consequences if an underage individual is caught on their premises, often leading them into bankruptcy. 

Hence you must obtain a fake id that would be perfect in terms of authenticity and quality. Buying a counterfeit id from a local seller might be the easiest way, but the chances of getting caught are higher.

In 2011, the government did an investigation titled ‘Operation Open Market’ in which they caught 55 people who bought fake id cards. Their primary mistake was buying it from a local seller who kept sales records. 

Your best bet is to buy a fake id from online websites which sell high-quality counterfeit driver’s licenses. Using an online medium for this transaction will keep you and the retailer anonymous and safe. Various websites will offer you their services but be vigilant in choosing. The best way to select is by checking the reviews of the vendor on review sites like fakeid.top, Reddit, and Quora.   

Which Fake ID Works in Las Vegas?

You can use any state’s id other than that of Nevada. When choosing the fake ID state, you should keep the following things in consideration. 

  • You should know the landmarks, attractions, schools, workplaces, and famous restaurants of the state/city stated on your fake id.
  • Your dialect and looks should be somewhat similar to that of the locals of the area.
  • For instance, if the counterfeit id states that you’re from New York and you have a southern accent, the mismatch in the information will make the checker suspicious of your id. 
  • Every state has its own driver’s license validity period.
  • An id from one state might expire sooner than the other state.
  • For instance, if you’re using an Ohio Driver’s License that states the age to be 24 and you use that around the year, this will send out red flags to the bouncer. 

In short, the information on your card should resemble the real you, and in case of an inquiry, you should be able to tell information stated on cards in a heartbeat. The Confidence with which you use the bogus id will make it real.

Places in Las Vegas Where Fake IDs Work

Sin city is known for its adult attractions, a counterfeit id stating that you’re of legal age will open avenues to many activities offered. For instance, Legal Gambling Age in Las Vegas is 21 years or older. Underage minors cannot place bets, collect winnings or even loiter near gambling floors.

Using Las Vegas Fake IDs in Casinos

With a fake id doing all is possible, you might want to hold off going to the casinos too soon. The bouncers and barristers in strip clubs and bars are less vigilant as compared to those in casinos. In a strip club, nobody will ask you to produce your identification card again once you are inside. You are free to enjoy the alcohol and the women. 

However, in a casino, the security is tighter, and any staff at any moment can ask you to produce your id. The staff is also trained to catch phoney id users. Even if you enter the casino and win something off the card slots, you will not be able to avail of it.

Casino owners set up various security checks to ensure the customer is legal. Any discrepancy in the information will set their alarms. It’s best to avoid complications when using a fake id. 

How to Use a Fake ID in Las Vegas?

Using the fake id is an art, which if successfully mastered, will get you to every place you desire to be in Las Vegas. 

7 Tips on How to Use a Fake Driver’s License in Vegas

  1. Memorize all the information on the bogus id card you will be using. You should be able to respond to the questions related to your state id card in a heartbeat. 
  2. If you have a good quality fake id, your card will get through all the scans, hologram, and card quality tests. Try not to show any worry lines whilst the procedure is being done. 
  3. Try not to act too excited or dull in front of bouncers or barristers. In a casino, try to control the impulse to jump at every win and the urge to try all the games. 
  4. Try to blend in with the crowd; standing in the corner of the room or dancing in the middle of the dance floor are both unhelpful. 
  5. Try to play in pairs in a casino; preferably, the one accompanying you should be a legal adult.  
  6. Confidence is a must.
  7. Lastly, enjoy your time and make memories. You will recall these stories when you’re old and frail, lying on the bed. 

Fake ID Busts in Las Vegas

Nevada state has some of the most rigid laws when it comes to the use of bogus ids. Especially since 2001, when the Federal investigation Authority caught a man with 700 international driving permits, each of which he sold at the cost of $120. 

According to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority annual report, the city hosted 32 million visitors in 2021. The visitors coming nationally and internationally spent most of their time gambling. 

Similarly, the government ran a four-year investigation titled ‘Operation Open Market’; as a result of this investigation, 55 defendants in 10 countries were indicted. The investigation also helped bring down Carder.su organization, an online platform that dealt with providing falsified documents, counterfeit driving licenses, and identity cards. The investigation was based in Las Vegas and closely collaborated with Nevada State Authorities. 

Hotels and Resorts have also faced serious charges when underage and fake id users are caught on their premises. In 2009, Planet Hollywood, a prominent club and hotel, was fined $50,000 after authorities conducted a bust. They found malpractice in the hotel, one of them being underage induvial gambling in the casino. 

Since then, the hotels and resorts with casinos have strict policies and trained their security personnel and staff on how to catch fake id holders. 

Las Vegas Fake ID Laws

Nevada has several statutes in place which specifically addressing fake IDs.

5 Popular Consequences of Using Fake IDs in Las Vegas

  1. In Nevada, possessing, selling or using bogus identity cards or driver’s licenses is illegal. However, the severity of the charges would be based on the intention with which the holder aims to use the ids. 
  2. If the individual possessing a fake id uses it to commit fraud and forgery, then they would be facing class ‘C’ felony charges which means they can face 10 years in prison and a fine of $10,000 
  3. If the id is used to establish oneself a false identity, then the individual will face class ‘E’ felony charges, i.e., 1 – 4 years in prison.  
  4. If an individual is caught using the fake id to gain access to gambling rooms, partake in bets or buy alcohol. Then the charge would be a misdemeanour. It constitutes a fine of $1000 and 6 months in jail. 
  5. If an individual is apprehended whilst trying to sell falsified documents to a minor, the charges would be that of a gross misdemeanour, i.e., a $2000 fine and one year in jail.

Some hotels, resorts, and casinos are not so strict and would ‘invite’ you to leave the premises with a strict warning. It all depends on the luck of the individual and the situation in which the fake id is scanned and spotted. 

If you are caught with a fake id, deny any intention of using the id to commit fraud and call your lawyer. The lawyer would probably argue that the id was caught by an illegal search or get a seal on the documents if the minor is charged. 


“Everything and Anything you want to do; you can do it in Las Vegas”

Drew Carey.

Going to Las Vegas with friends is an experience no college student and young adult should miss. After all, this is the age you can make mistakes that can be forgiven ‘as a part of the past. So, before adult life pulls you into its dullness, take that risk and enjoy the experiences that will be discussed in your memoirs.  

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