How to pay for a fake ID?

Are you looking for options to buy Fake ID? Of course there are multiple options available on the Internet that you can choose from. While considering the sources or providers that you choose to get the fake IDs from, the payment methods offered to you also becomes an important concern.

With the technological advancements, the modern day Fake IDs have become more authentic and realistic. The providers have become more careful and make sure they consider even the smallest details on their IDs. Not only these fake driving licenses are of better quality, but they are also delivered to you in short time.

Considering the number of options you have online to buy IDs, it is very likely possible that you might get in contact with fraudulent website. Thus, looking for reviews and comments about the website before making purchases becomes very important. It can help to find information about how the website works, what are the payment options it offers, how quickly it delivers, etc.

What is a Fake ID?

A Fake ID is a form of identification that is altered, forged or serves as a false identity of an individual. A bogus ID, in general consists of your photo, personal details like Name, Address, Gender, etc. which is then used to create a fake driving license, ID card to enter a Bar or other state licenses that are issued by the Government.

There are two types of Fake IDs created in general-

  1. The Fake ID consist your personal details, but is falsely issued without the authentication of the Government to serve the purpose, like fake driving license, fake passport, etc.
  2. Or, you can steal an ID that is authenticated by the Government and forge it by replacing it with your photo or profile.

How to Buy?

While Looking to buy IDs, you can consider different options, either consider buying it online going through website or buy it offline going through an agent or agency.

Buying Fake ID Domestically through Direct contact with Agents-

By doing a little research in your locality, you may come across with several low-profile providers that might help you to get a Fake ID. However keep in mind, these businesses are carried out in secrecy or in a discreet manner and it might be difficult to find a trustable option.

Another aspect to consider is that in major cases to maintain the secrecy these agents or agencies ask you to pay in cash. As, you pay in cash you do not have an authentic proof that you applied for a Fake ID and thus risk of fraud is also very high.

Also, as because the local business do not have a review platform, to check whether the agency is trustable or not, it comparatively becomes a difficult task. This further increases the risks and chances of fraud, which you might not experience with the Online Options.

Buying Fake ID Online through websites-

Internet provides you with a wide variety of options to buy fake IDs online. Simply browsing through the search engines, you will get flooded with a plethora of online Fake ID providers that claim to offer quality products at very affordable prices.

There are certain benefits with online fraudulent ID buying options that you might not experience with offline options such as-

  1. Multiple options to choose from, there are different websites that provide Fake IDs at very affordable prices.
  2. For authentication of the website, you can look for testimonials, reviews or visit forums to get information from the past clients and find out if they are trustable or not.
  3. For Payment- You get different types of payment options such as Bitcoin, Credit Card, Payment gateways like Paypal, Gift cards, etc.

As because the competition in the online market is considerably higher, the top fake ID providers in 2021 make sure they provide their clients with top quality IDs to stay ahead. Also, varying payments options makes it easier for the clients to pay for their IDs. Besides that, payment options like Bitcoin or Gift cards are considered as safe payment options as it is difficult to track them and keeps your identity anonymous from the government.

As there are different payment options to buy Fake ID online, it is advised that you get some information about them to find out what is most suitable for you.

Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin

As we know Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, thus it is not regulated by any government body. Also use of Bitcoin to make online transactions has increased in the recent times. Even the bogus id card providers like to accept Bitcoin as payment, as because there is no possible way to back track the transaction and it helps them to be anonymous.

All you need is a cryptocurrency wallet and you can use it to make the payment on the website.


  1. Decentralized currency- difficult to track.
  2. Bitcoin is safe and doesn’t expose any financial details to third party.
  3. Helps to keep the transaction private.


  1. Even though paying with Bitcoin is considered as safe payment for the website to keep things discreet, it can also work in an adverse way for you.
  2. Also not every website offers Bitcoin as a payment option; it becomes difficult to find the right one.

Credit Cards for Fake IDs

Payment with credit card is much easier, as almost every website has this payment option. Credit cards are accepted all around the world as a preferred and recognized payment option by people.


  1. It is fast and very efficient.
  2. It is secured and widely used.
  3. You can authenticate the payment whenever needed.


  1. Credit Cards are regulated by banks, thus it is easier to track. Even though it helps the clients to keep a record of the transaction, it creates the fear of losing the anonymity for both the clients and the service provider.

Gift Cards – Amazon, Google.

Amazon and Google are the largest platforms on the Internet. While Amazon is an online store that helps to buy things online, Google connects you to websites or helps to download apps. These websites offers Gift Cards for their customers to increase their user experience.

The Amazon gift cards are widely accepted as a payment option on various Fake ID websites. Likewise, Google E-Gift cards are often used to get discounts or offers on Apps or while making in App purchases and there are Fake ID websites that accept it in the form of payment as well.


  1. They are secured and safe.
  2. Amazon Gift Cards are easily accessible and offers better discounts.
  3. Google Play Gift Cards are considerably a more discreet method to purchase Fake IDs.


  1. The use of Gift Cards as payment has just begun, so there are not many websites that offer the facility.
  2. This method too can create the risk of fraud, once you submit the gift card codes, you can no longer use it and there is no method for getting it back.

Paypal – Online Processor

Use of payment gateways such as Paypal, Netteller, etc. has become very common nowadays. Paypal is considered as one of the most secured gateway to make any kind of online transactions. Thus, even fraudulent ID websites consider it as a viable option to receive the payments.

What makes Paypal more trustable and beneficial is that it can be used to make international transaction, as well as it supports different types of currency transaction.


  1. Paypal is one of the most secured gateways for transaction.
  2. It allows you to make international transactions.
  3. Keeps your money safe.
  4. Widely used, most Fake ID services shall have this as their payment method.

It is very safe; however, there is a trail for the transaction that can be back tracked and thus increases the risk for the anonymity of the buyer and the seller with Fake ID.

Getting a top quality premium Fake ID is an easy job. But, it becomes more difficult to find the right payment options, as the client privacy has to be given utmost importance. Thus, it becomes important to look for websites that offer safe and secured payment options. While choosing an ID service provider make sure you consider the payment options, customer support, efficiency and the convenience they offer.


  1. Rich

    I want to buy using Venmo or cash app? Are there any fake id websites able to deal using either of these payment option? I can pay in advance if required… pls help

  2. Siri

    It is better to pay with an Amazon gift card or Google play but Bitcoin is instant if you know how to use it. BTC takes time to confirm on blockchain but is the most suitable payment option for a sensitive purchase such as fake ID. You don’t want to share your vital financial information with a Chinese fake ID website it will be used to steal your identity.

    1. Georgian

      Most of my bitcoin payments went wrong when it comes to fake ids. accepts Bitcoin Cash as well but it is not worth wasting your time when you can easily pay with Amazon or another Visa Vanilla gift card. Topfakeid doesn’t accept Vanilla but IDTop does. also takes BTC & WU. Makes it easier to pay with your preferred option

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