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About FakeYourDrank aka ‘FYD’

This particular vendor started making IDs for Oregon state and later expanded its services to obtain setup for creating fake ids for fifteen other states. As of now, FakeYourDrank has established itself as one of the leading ID makers in the industry and currently ships internationally and within the United States with a discrete method. From outdated to newer designs, you can find a variety of samples and obtain old and updated versions of Vermont, Connecticut, Washington and others like Florida.

Payment options and slogans

FakeYourDrank has a unique name and students in campuses and liquor stores often refer to this vendor as “FYD.” This vendor keeps a good reputation among the fake id fraternity and has held a high-standard among counterfeit id makers. The website offers a variety of payment methods such as Bitcoin, ReloadIT, Moneygram, and WesternUnion so you will not have any problems with them while paying for your ID.

Shipping and services

FakeYourDrank.com ships from China and currently operates from there. The appraisal among the underaged community for their fakes have been positive and hence persuades us to test and personally verify and rank their products. We as a fake id blog, make sure the authenticity of our reviews remains up to a high standard. Hence, Dave, one of our premium phony id expert and blogger, located in the state of Vermont reviews this vendor.

The ordering process and website Analysis

According to Dave, the website uses a custom coded template for its theme. It does look like a WordPress theme at first glance, but it is modified and the pricing page to the photo gallery every aspect seems to show a professional vibe.

Images of the purchased license (Click to zoom in high-quality).



The process of purchasing a fake license from FakeYourDrank.com involves:

  • You can pick a state from the pricing list of about fifteen states that they offer, by reading the boxes and following to the order form.
  • The custom coded order form is, and to the point, it asks for your Identification card details and license credentials and allows you to upload your photo for the ID up to 2 MB.
  • They allow you to pick a standard and a faster shipping procedure, hence you can pay extra if you need your ID faster than the regular shipping time.

It took Dave, our member just about ten minutes to fill out the form for an Oregon state license and submit it and receive a confirmation E-mail.

After completing the payment, you will get a confirmation and it takes four days to get your Tracking number with them but that is with faster shipping, and if you are using regular shipping you will get your tracking within a week.

FakeIDBoss Rank Meter

We recommend ‘OR’ licenses for out of state identification. It can also be tried out at lenient places in-state. The bar scanners and grocery stores will accept this license with no problem because the barcodes easily bypass and swipe the required credentials to the scanning machines. In short, you can look at the images below to get a glimpse of it.

Template: [8 out of 10] You can’t get a better license for Oregon than this one. The template is good but they need to improve the overlapping areas of the primary portrait with the ‘OREGON’ outline.

Printing Material: [7 out of 10] The bending test leaves a little bit of crease in the card but you can expect that since this is not a real identification card.

Pricing: [8 out of 10] In our opinion, 30 dollars for a fake id like this one is as cheap as it gets.

Holograms/OVI: [9 out of 10] The state outline overlapping the primary photo of the cardholder has an accurate brightness level and the ink is not overused.

Shipping: [7 out of 10] A standard shipped order with this vendor takes about one to two weeks. They have a fast working process for this fine license but other licenses we have received complaints about delays.

Payment methods: [7 out of 10] These can change from time to time with them. It is very normal for fake id vendors to change their payment techniques because they all want to remain anonymous and protect their privacy.

Scanning: [8 out of 10] This is a very good forgery if you want to sneak into out of state bars. This will even work for you in-state but do use your real information and order a social security card fake one with the same credentials as that of your Oregon license you will pass any test 99 times out of 100 with this.

Improvements needed

The basic out-dated licenses such as Oregon or Washington are indeed top-notch and will pass in and out of state. But, Fakeyourdrank still needs to launch newly revamped identification cards and most of their templates are outdated. The new licenses that they make can make improvements to the printing material and quality of their ink.

13 thoughts on “Fakeyourdrank.com Review

  1. Their scanning rate is not very encouraging. I have had a Washington fake id from them last year and it didn’t last very long. However, I can vouch for their legitimate business. They do ship and make fake ids unlike others , they won’t rip you off and steal your money.

    1. Mine does not scan either it does have all the other features but this piece of plastic is useless if it does not beat a scanner in the bars or clubs. FYD needs to make a scannable barcode generator otherwise they will end up losing all their business I have given them some good reviews in the past but as soon as they started making some more states their quality is not as it was back then.

      1. Try Fakeyourid.com it sounds familiar to FYD but they offer a variety of states and I happen to be one of their customers. When ever my friends talk to me about getting a fake driver’s license or state ID I suggest them using FakeyourID, they have the best fake ids in the market and their pricing is good as well. Unlike others their products will pass because their barcodes are scannable. Other customers views about them can be found at Fakeyourid.com Reviews page of this blog.

  2. I purchased their new Enhanced Washington Driver’s license during a promo few months back. Overall, it got me very good reviews and my friends couldn’t distinguish it from a real EDL but the laminates were not of very good quality other than that it scanned fine and never had any problems getting me inside out-of-state fun places.

    1. My id scans but the barcodes are dirty and tampered. You should ask for a replacement they usually provide good support to customers with faulty fake ids and often give replacements for a better reputation.

    2. How much is the validity of their Washinton EDL? I am looking to purchase one and considering a few vendors FYD is one of them please advise. TY

      1. I think it is 4-5 years but I am not sure if they can customize it my Enhanced license shows 5 years but I purchased from another vendor. I think these come with a limited term so you can open a ticket with them and ask.

  3. I read some reviews about Fake Your Drank a while back and the overall scores given to this vendor for different security features were overwhelming. However, when I personally purchased an Enhanced Washington driver’s license for myself it did not scan at any grocery store or even the BCS app. The template, shipping, and stealth was good but if your ID does not scan it will get you in trouble and will never be useful so I don’t think they should advertise Scannable fake id at their website at all.

  4. Does anyone know if they provide the new California driver’s license? I am looking to get one with ultraviolet bridge and boat features like they do in the actual ID please give me any good suggestions if you have personally purchased one, thanks.

    1. I don’t think they do the new CA. You can ask them, but people mostly use them for outdated licenses like New Jersey, and their OREGON is also good. I think their new Washington looks good too.

  5. I have placed an order with them for the new Connecticut driver’s license. They recently had some problems with Western Union payment system so I had to wait the CT is one of the new fake ids they are offering. I had purchased Oregon and Washington licenses in the past from them but this will be the first time I will be buying Connecticut’s counterfeit identity card online and going to use in out of state. I will update my post with the feedback once I get it so excited about it, thanks.

    1. Did you get it? I also placed an order for the new Washington last week but yet to hear from them I did not avail any discounts. Hope they deliver soon.

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