Freedom Fakes: Is this a scam or a legitimate fake id website?

The deal with the new strategy by some of the scam and fraudulent websites claiming to provide affordable fake id cards are becoming more apparent. The websites are now using offshore extensions for their companies and they are bullet-proof as well. To many of you the term ‘Bulletproof‘ sound new but in the internet language it is mainly used for a domain and hosting a website in a country where law enforcement regarding privacy, data theft, and other crimes does not exist.

In the domain language, it is used to describe a company that provides you an extension for your website which is not under ICANN laws. So, if you were to own a fake id website and your domain registrar asks you to confirm your identity then, it is obvious that if you are a scam company you will be reluctant enough to provide your identity to ICANN.

So, if you own a Bullet-proof domain you do not have to abide by these laws and that makes it a perfect case for a company or website which steals your money. Apparently “FREEDOMFAKES.IS” is using the extension “.IS” for this same purpose. It is also used by another website which is Scam “KINGOFFAKES.TO” and guess what? Both of these websites are owned by the same person.

You can check our review for the other websites that this guy operates on our “KINGOFFAKES.TO REVIEW” page. By reading this page and the previous one you will come to know that this guy is Russian and whether he lives in the US or somewhere else but one thing is for sure he knows how to scam you.

How to know which fake id website is legit and which is not?

The question is how do you minimize the risk of getting scammed by these fraudsters? and if that is even possible?

The answer is easy and requires you to read our fake id services list for 2023. So, our blogging team has members from different states and most of them have used fake ids throughout their school life and some have even got their licenses confiscated but they are now aware of the dos and don’ts of this business. They even know which fake id state is the best for your current residence and which is the worst.

Minimize The Risk By Sixty Percent Following This Simple Step

According to “Alan,” Our chief blogging correspondent, You can minimize the risk of getting your money stolen by almost sixty percent by following their simple rule. The rule is that if you see a website whose domain name does not end in “.COM” or “.NET” then you should certainly stay away from them.

Every legitimate fake id website like,,, and many others will only use a “.COM” extension because they are verified and have existed for years. But the new trend in the scamming spree is that these Russian operated websites want your easy dollars.

They know how desperate you are as a college kid, or a guy wanting to drink alcohol for the first time. If you stay away from any fake id maker website that advertises affordable and cheap fakes and yet their website name ends in something that is different from “.COM” or “.NET” then you need to stop right away and do not ever purchase from such a company. This way, you have minimized the risk of getting ripped to almost 60 percent.

The rest of the forty percent risk can be avoided if you do the following things

Stop reading fake id reviews on Reddit. Yes, that is correct. Reddit does not allow fake id purchases or sales and it bans any posts regarding these. Hence, if you write “ review’ on Google and you see a ton of reviews on Reddit with users not allowed to comment, then what else are you seeing other than this website posting reviews for itself?

So, in spite of these strategical points that we mentioned if somebody goes and gets fooled by these guys then you are one person who needs to check his IQ level. Most of the reviews on Reddit are promoted and posted by the companies themselves and since Reddit does not allow fake id related discussions anymore these usually get banned just like /R/FakeID or /R/FakeIDTalk but they can still create more and it takes time for the lazy moderators of Reddit to ban them. They can be paid to act late as well.

If you want unbiased and full postmortem of any fake id providing website then, is your only source and we will guide you towards your safe purchase.

Moving on, we decided to review Freedom Fakes and their products personally. Because we want each of our review to remain unbiased and ensure that we view it from a customer’s perspective. So our correspondent and member “Alan” wanted to spend his 100 bucks on a New Jersey fake driver’s license from the vendor “FreedomFakes.IS” and doing so he already knew that this money was going to to the pocket of a scammer but as an investigative blog that is what we have to do. So, we will now discuss this further.

The process of buying a fake id from

  • Do not get surprised if you see the same theme on this website that its other sister site “KINGOFFAKES.TO” uses.
  • Freedom fakes use the same Moneygram and WesternUnion payment option that King Of Fakes uses so that literally means they will ask you to send your money to somebody in Ukraine. It is the number one and imminent sign that this website is a total scam.
  • It uses the same SEO techniques to market that King Of fakes uses and it further enhances our suspicion that these are both owned by the same fraudster from Russia. Inactive

It is normal to see images of fake licenses which has the first and last name blurred out or hidden. This is a typical sign that these photos are stolen from other competitor fake id makers. It also strengthens your suspicion that these guys can not make a fake license and are scammers.

You will not find any information regarding the features of their fake ids on any of their page. Instead, they use the same technique that uses which is to discuss bars inside different states and how well they serve you.

There are no images in ultraviolet light on their website and no concrete evidence is provided on the website which leads you to believe that this website actually makes a fake license at all.

The ordering process is the same as any other normal Woocommerce operated a website. After you place your order, they will send you an e-mail confirming that your order is received and you will be asked to send payment to a random guy located in Ukraine.

FakeIDBoss Rank Meter

Please view our detailed score chart before you decide to purchase from this vendor.

Holograms: 0
UV: 0
Pricing: 0
Template: 0
Variety: 0
Stealth: 0
Shipping: 0
Overall Ranking: 0
Category: SCAM

Alan submitted his order form for NJ fake license and received a notification about how to complete his payment. He submitted his payment the very next day and provided them with the MoneyGram Reference number. They collected the payment in an hour or so and after that, it has been well over 2 months and they did not respond to any query of Alan.

While that is normal fraudulent website behavior but we still wanted to confirm this. So, after a 2 months time when we threatened to post a review of this, they replied saying they will provide a full refund and that was only on the condition of not posting any reviews about them. Well, that is not how our blog works and we just wanted to confirm that this website is a scam and it is exactly one.

7 thoughts on “ Scam Review”

    1. yolo

      yes, it is the only legitimate site at the moment.

      1. Michael Rask

        Well I put in an order on the 22th of Feb and got rush shipping for extra, haven’t gotten a tracking number yet and they haven’t responded to me yet.

        1. Jordan

          Did you ever get it? I recently ordered and I haven’t gotten any tracking info. I’m worried it was a scam.

          1. Shannon

            Did you end up getting your I’d?

          2. Jordan

            Not for so long. I stopped asking them. It seems that I lost my money after all. It is not worth using freedom fakes or King of fakes. Any website with the .IS extension is a fake id scammer.

  1. Neil

    Thanks for saving my hard earned money from these guys. I was about to place my order with them using Moneygram but had to read some reviews regarding them and now I know that I was almost fooled by their fake reviews on Reddit but this means a lot. There is very little content on the internet regarding fake id cards and people mostly end up getting their money stolen by losers. I really appreciate your hard work and effort into doing this for just educating customers.

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