Here’s our review of IDHurry: The Fake ID scam site

Today we review IDhurry, currently ranked good in the search engine results because of it’s professional web pages and Search engine optimization, but in reality not so good. A member of our blogging team from Chicago, Illinois decided to test this website and review their Illinois fake driver’s license in Detail.

The process of Buying a Fake ID from

  • You will be asked to choose a state, most of their single state pages have review or two, which looks exceptionally fishy. We get the vibe that the reports are self-posted.
  • Moving on, our member describes the order form as user-friendly. It asks for each detail but missing some important points like how to take your photo.
  • It does not ask for your for a shipping address or some other essential license credentials such as license number and class, etc.
  • The order form submits successfully, but no notification E-mail(s) received by our member.

Non-responsive support and Scam agenda

After submitting the order form, it took them 48 hours to finally acknowledge the fact that we placed an order for Illinois id card with them. The E-mail address as described “[email protected]” again does not match the domain name of the website itself and instead is a third-party hosted offshore E-mail server. It further complicates the matters as this kind of service is used only by Fraudsters or scam sites to hide the source of their web hosting servers.

Easy to scam people? But you can find clues on their website already

Our blogger also suggests that after an extensive look of the images that this vendor advertises on its pages, We conclude that these are fake images. These images are the property of other id vendors, and by hiding the faces and the real names of the cardholder’s in these samples, IDhurry claims to be the owner of these images, which in reality belong to several other websites operating for research purposes, sales and different niches.

The team member which we persuaded to test this Forgeries selling company had even asked them before placing his order about how many days will it take to get his identification card. The company “IDHurry” promised him a period of maximum 10 to 6 minimum days. Instead, he waited 13 days with no signs of ID shipment.

His reaction to the situation

The ‘IDHurry‘ scam was apparent from the moment they stopped responding to me after submitting my order form and sending payment in Bitcoin. That is normal Fraud behavior you will come across different scam websites in every niche.

As we know that each company that takes your money stops responding to queries or tickets regarding your order form, is ninety-nine percent scam out of hundred. This vendor turned out to be no different than this category. As of now, it has been well over a month, and the ID has not arrived, no signs of response from the vendor. In short, the website is a significant fraud and promotes reviews on different blogs run by them which tricks customers into buying from them and falling prey to the scam.

FakeIDBoss Rank Meter

Please view our Ranking parameters for this vendor before you decide to purchase an id from them.

Holograms: 0
UV: 0
Pricing: 0
Template: 0
Variety: 0
Stealth: 0
Shipping: 0
Overall Ranking: 0
Category: SCAM

If you have been a victim of this website and want to raise your voice. Please use the form below to submit your query include the date of your order, state and the funds that you paid them. It’s obvious to stay away from sites like this but does not fall for their fake reviews because these review sites which give positive ranking to IDhurry and some other websites which we will explain in our articles later are owned by the same person/company.

Resources to other blogs and other people that were scammed by this same vendor and the spree go on

  1. Trustpilot’s Review of the website IDHurry and the customers that were scammed.
  2. IDhurry’s Facebook page flooded with customer complaints.
  3. Complaints Board Forum with thousands of people claiming to have been ripped by this company.

2 thoughts on “ Review

  1. This is the worst fake id scam website in the entire online market. We as a group of friends ordered the new Massachusetts licenses for a discount pricing. We were unfortunate to fall prey to his bogus web blog. The blogs are run by the same person as that of IDhurry. Be it or, both are owned by the same person that owns and Anyone falling prey to this scam artist should read this blog.

  2. A definite scam, I reported them to the community over Reddit and other fake id circles. Do not buy from this guy, I would rate him and another scammer who runs his website by the name King Of fakes as the worst scammers in the market right now.

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