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You may wonder how fake IDs are mode for TV characters and movies. It is because the fake ID looks real. The truth is that some people even use fake IDs from a movie or character in real life. Indeed, they are breaking the law. The article below gives more understanding about the way to create a fake ID for TV characters and movies that looks real. 

Prop makers have to ensure that the property for the characters is ready before the shooting. So, how do they create a fake ID that looks real without crossing any legal areas?   

Creating a fake ID in Hologram

The hologram is one of the most crucial elements in an ID. It shows whether the IDs are real or fake. You will see the hologram once putting a light close to it. The hologram is an image and each state has a different hologram image.  So, how do prop makers create the hologram image in the fake IDs? The truth is that it is also as shinier as the original IDs. Most of them are using silkscreen and iridescent powders. Then, they mix these two materials with clear ink. 

The Way to Create Fake IDs for TV Characters and Movies 

One of the professional prop makers explains that convincing is better than accurate. It means that they will use any material to make the fake ID convince the audience. For example, they will examine the crucial elements. 

In the case of IDs, prop makers will focus on the sheen. That’s why they will laminate the ID to get the sheen effect. Another reason for laminating fake IDs is also dealing with the weight of the card. Professional prop makers often use an embossing machine. This machine ensures that the lighting reflects the numbers on the card as the real IDs. 

Adding a metal chip is a must when the pro makers create a specific fake ID, such as a student fake ID. They will create a chip model on vinyl. Alternatively, they print a card that has a built-in fake chip. Some ID cards, such as a police officer ID card, need a badge. Indeed, the prop makers use a specific material to create a police department badge.

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The Making of Specific Fake ID Cards for Characters or Movies

New & Old Passports in Movies

The process of making a fake ID is a lot more complicated for specific ID cards. Creating a fake US passport is challenging. The prop makers have to focus on the details and print them on multiple pages. They have to print and trim the pages and do a clear overlay on the photo page. Then, they create the hologram image to get the sheen effect. The prop makers even have to sew the pages together and assemble the passport. The last thing to do is trim the passport. 

Creating an old version passport is also challenging. The prop makers have to find the original version of the intended passport model. Then, they will digitally clear out the available info on the passport. They continue the process by creating the background pattern and completing the points on the passport. Finding or creating eye-catching elements in the ID takes time. 

For example, a specific old version passport has a red legal seal on it that the country doesn’t use anymore. Some old version passports also contain an embossed photo, a stick-on stamp, and a rubber stamp. Plus, they have to recreate the antique fonts. The final touch of the ID as explained by the best fake id websites is completing the points based on the characters, such as complete names, birth date, weight, height, and other things.

Notable Movies with Fake IDs

Have you ever watched a movie entitled Superbad? There is a scene where Fogell, played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse shows his new fake ID to Seth, played by Jonah Hill and Evan, played by Michael Cera. In this scene, Fogell changes his name to McLovin. The idea of creating a fake ID is to buy alcohol for a party. They are not allowed to buy alcohol because they are still students. Surprisingly, there was a case in 2019 where a man was caught using a McLovin fake ID card. 

1. The Chronology of a Person who Was Used McLovin’s fake ID Card 

It started when a 20 years old teenager named Daniel Alfredo Burleson from Iowa came to a bar. Surprisingly, this man drank vodka. A police officer approached him and admitted that he was drinking alcohol. Indeed, it broke the law. The police officer took this man outside the bar and asked him to show his ID card. Burleson confessed that he used a fake Hawaii ID with the name McLovin DOB 06/03/1981. Indeed, it is the same fake ID that was used in the Superbad movie. 

2. The Way Burleson Got the Fake ID

So, how can Burleson get the fake ID? Superbad was a 2007 movie. Burleson used the card in 2019. Burleson said that he bought this fake ID on Amazon. He even bought it only for $7. Amazon indeed sells fake IDs from movies, but it is only for a joke. It is only a fake ID and buyers can’t use it for any legal actions. 

Indeed, Burleson was arrested and charged with public intoxication, possession of a fake ID, and possession of alcohol while underage. He was even charged because of being in a bar after 10 pm while being under 21.  

List of Other Movies with Fake IDs

Superbad is not the only movie that shows how teenagers buy fake ID for a specific purpose, such as buying alcohol. The list of the movies below also uses fake IDs. 

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1. Vegas Vacation

This movie is about the Griswolds family who is going on a vacation to the American hotspot of Vegas to visit Eddie, their cousin. Russ is an underage teenager. He decides to find himself a fake ID to enjoy the Las Vegas lifestyle. Russ got a fake ID from a guy and explored Vegas with it. He plays casinos around the town. In this movie, Russ creates a fake ID named Nick Pappagiorgio. Surprisingly, Russ wins a lot of things, including a sporty new Dodge Viper. 

2. Charlie Bartlett

Charlie Bartlett tells about a young boy who decides to go into a part-time business with his schoolmate as a fake physician. The purpose of doing this business is only for achieving popularity. Like a rich boy who wants to study in a public school, he decides to create a fake ID. This boy is not only creating one fake ID but a ton of fake IDs. Unfortunately, he gets caught with all the IDs. The principal of the school even says that Charlie is very talented at making fake IDs.    

3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

After learning about how fake ids are made for TV characters and movies, you will be curious about the use of fake IDs on Buffy the Vampire Slayer-Bad Beer. There is a scene where Xander gets a fake ID. He uses this fake ID to work at the campus bar. It works well until Xander helps Buffy. 

Certification Required for the use of Fake IDs in Movies

The Community-Mixology Certification movie also introduces the use of a fake ID. It starts when a study community is celebrating Troy’s birthday. It is his 21st birthday which means that Troy passes his legal drinking age. Brita realizes it and invites the members of the group to celebrate the party in a local bar. Unfortunately, Annie is still underage and not allowed to drink alcohol. Due to this problem, Brita gives her a fake ID named Caroline Decker. 
The point is that creating and even using a fake ID is breaking the law.

The movies above explain the way the characters use their fake IDs. Most of them are using fake IDs to go to a bar and drink alcohol. Other movies even use a fake ID for illegal weapon transactions. 

Even if you can buy a fake ID from movies on reputable online stores, such as Amazon, it doesn’t mean that you can use it. The fake IDs are only for a joke. Daniel Alfredo Burleson is an example of how bad the risk is if you are using a fake ID to go to a bar, order alcohol, or do any serious illegal activity. 

The explanation of how fake IDs are made for TV characters and movies shows how difficult it is to create a fake ID that is so close to the real version. You may think that you can create a fake ID using a scanning machine, Photoshop, and other materials. If so, the result is not as convincing as a fake ID made by professional prop makers. Even if the result is so close to the real version, the original elements are hard to duplicate. Officers can even check the data on the ID to ensure whether you are using the best fake ID or not. Indeed, you don’t want to end up just like Burleson, right?        

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