As a student about to start his first year in college, I was terrified of how the experience would be. Once the first year officially started, all my fears were confirmed. I found it increasingly tough to make new acquaintances, although I did manage to keep up with my course load. My only solace was my best friend, who was studying at the same college.

The Fake ID Card Culture

My friend and I had both heard through the grapevine that the only real socialization between students happened outside campus in the nearby bars and clubs. However, both of us were still underage, so we sought the aid of a sophomore who had promised that he would help us get into one of these clubs.

Despite reassurances, he abandoned us while walking into the club by himself by showing his driver’s license to the guards, which was odd because he was not 21 yet. So, we decided to investigate further and found out about the fake ID culture.

It was booming on campus and almost all students under the age of 21 had their hands on one. Even though we knew about the counterfeit ID culture on campus, we still found it increasingly difficult to get our hands on one, as most students were incredibly secretive about their sources.

What Happens If I Get Caught With a Fake Driver’s License?

Getting caught using a fake id is a scarce circumstance. If you use a top-quality phony id, you won’t get caught. A good quality fake driver’s license is as good as the legal one; they will get you through scanners, barcode checks and hologram verification.

Even professional verifiers have said that it is challenging to differentiate between bogus and authentic IDs. Here is what you should do if you are accused of having a fake id.

  1. Hand over your id to the bartender or the security personnel asking for the id
  2. Try not to respond to the questions, ‘is your id fake?’
  3. If you answer, tell them you’re using an older sibling’s id.
  4. Do not admit to using the id for anything.
  5. If they ask you to leave the establishment, do so without any protest.
  6. Call your lawyer; they can argue better on your behalf and help you get off the hook.
  7. Each state has different statures in place for dealing with the crime of holding, using and buying a fake id.

Fake ID Charges in California?

The laws in California are not stringent, but the charge will mainly depend on your intent. For the misdemeanor of possession of a fake id, one can be punished with up to one year in jail, probation, community service and a fine of $1000. For Felony possession of a fake, one can be punished with up to three years in prison followed by probation or community service in addition to a $10,000 fine.

Fake ID Charges in Las Vegas?

The laws in Nevada are severe for possession and use of fake id. Since the bars, casinos and resorts are heavily fined. The security personnel and even the staff are trained to catch fake id users. However, you can get away with using a fake driver’s license if you’re confident enough.

  • If the fake id is used to commit fraud and forgery, then the holder can get a decade in prison and be fined up to $10000.
  • If the falsified document was used to establish a false identity, then the individual utilizing the id can face up to 4 years in prison.
  • If the individual is caught trying to gain access to gambling rooms, they can be charged with six months in jail and a $1000 fine.

Fake ID Charges in Texas

The fake id laws in Texas are defined under Texas Penal Code §521.451. According to these laws:

  • The person using the phony id as his own or lending an id to an underage will be indicted with a Class A felony. Per this, an individual can face one year of jail time and a fine of $4000.
  • An underage using a fake id and claiming their age to be 21 years or older will be indicted with a Class C felony. Following this, they can be charged with a fine of up to $500.

Fake ID Charges in New York

New York is probably the most lenient when it comes to counterfeit documents.

  • Possessing a fake id is not a crime, and you cannot be charged unless the person who caught you can prove your intent.
  • If the person states that someone lent the id (fake id) to them, they would be subject to a $75-$300 fine and 15 days in jail.
  • If the person possessing a fake id intends to use the id to deceive someone, then the charge would be Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument in the Second Degree. Jail time can be up to seven years in prison.

How I Got my Fake Driver’s License in College?

After vehemently asking around the campus ‘how to get a fake id,’ we learned that almost all students order their fake IDs from suspicious third-party websites usually found on the dark web.

I found mine through this random sketchy website that my friends found, and we did it in bulk” was the usual response we received to our initial question.

We did not want to indulge in suspicious activities like these and risk getting caught in online scams, so we took it upon ourselves to find a more authentic way of getting our fake IDs.

1. Finding fake documents seller

Getting falsified documents is easy but finding a vendor who will deliver documents that would beat the verification tools is challenging. Buying the id on the dark web was certainly an option we explored, but we were not satisfied with the idea. So, we turned to google, and there were quite a few options.

2. How to Know if Seller is Legit?

You must make the whole payment upfront when you buy a counterfeit document. A fake id costs anywhere between $100 – $150. In case, the seller, takes a hike after taking the money. There is not much a buyer can do because selling is as illegal as buying fake ids. So we went in with due diligence.

We checked fake id Reddit reviews and went with the most popular option, which was We also scanned reviews of on and All were positive, and rightly so.

3. Ordering Process of Fake IDs

The seller will give a document which is to be filled by the buyer. It typically asks which state you would need your id to be from, the age and a picture of you in a blue background.

The information is kept safe, but it is best not to give out your accurate details on the form. There have been cases where information given to sellers has been used for unlawful purposes.

4. Selecting The Fake ID State

An experienced fake id seller can get you a perfect phony driver’s license in any state. However, when selecting a state, the buyer should consider the following things.

The fake id should be from a different state; for instance, if you plan on using the id in New York, your falsified id should be from Texas.

Your accent and looks should be similar to the area’s locals. For instance, you have a southern accent and choose your state to be California. This would look suspicious to a bartender/ bouncer.

You should know the state’s famous restaurants, schools, workplaces and tourist attractions on your fake id.

5. Using Your Fake Driver’s License

Using a fake id is the art of convincing the person in front of you that you’re legit and for that you need confidence.

  • When the bartender/bouncer is checking your id, try to be calm fidgeting or being overly chatty will make them doubtful.
  • Learn all the information on the counterfeit document. You should be able to answer all questions related to your record in a heartbeat.
  • Once you’re inside, try being part of the crowd. Being the loner or being the center of attention can be damaging.
  • In the worst-case scenario, if you get caught using a fake id, you should deal with the situation using your head.


Buying a fake id and using it is common these days. You have to be smart when putting it to use. Most bartenders and bouncers let fake id holders off with a warning and instruction to leave the premises of the club/bar.
There are strict checks in clubs and bars around universities during the first few months.

So, if you’re new and nervous, the best time to use the id would be mid-semester. Don’t stress out about getting caught with a fake id and its repercussions. Enjoy your time, and let go. After all, you only live once.

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  1. Creep

    I was caught with a fake id in Colorado. Didn’t face much trouble but the notion that you could get away easily with fakes in Colorado is bs! you can’t bribe your way out unless they let you.

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