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A new trend is getting popular and as day-by-day goes; the percentage of fraudulent and scam websites promising to get you a fake ID that scans and passes every test is increasing. Now, it doesn’t take you to be an Einstein of this generation to know that a new website without any reviews or popular background offers you genuine IDs looks to be a bit shady.

However, with our guidelines and faithful reviews you should be able to differentiate a non-legitimate provider from a verified and premium one. These instructions are a result of well-versed research and practical experience.

The Enigma of All State Fakes

This website appeared last month for the first time in the search results. As a Blog dedicated to verifying websites providing novelty IDs and licenses, at first, we didn’t bother much to review it. As we moved on, we received a few complaints from our members based in Las Vegas, NV.

According to them, this company scammed them for a couple hundred dollars. When we tried to find more about this website, we came to know that the fake id maker is using “GmbH” from Germany. Following the complaint from this member, we decided to do thorough research of the website’s domain registrant and other alerts.

As usual, this website is owned by a scammer operating ID-Hurry, Already21, and the likes of “Fake ID Review Blogs” which are owned by the same person and they post good but self-posted encouraging reviews about their own websites and bashing the other competitors.

Multiple Scam Websites Claims to be Selling Fake IDs

For example, the Blog “” operates under the nose of the same person. This blog criticizes every other website except for the sites owned by the person that includes “Already21,” “ID-Hurry,” and “Allstatefakes” altogether.

Now if you buy your fake id from the vendor “” then, you are only asking for disaster and maybe you want to get rid of that extra money you have. You have to understand the dynamics of the fake id vendors market in 2019. The market is now ninety-percent full of scammers and only the ten percent are legitimate out of which more than half are low-quality sellers.

On the contrary, we have to personally experience the buying process from “All-State Fakes” to know whether the complaints of them being a SCAM website are true or not. To examine this fact, we tasked our research member from New York City to obtain and purchase a “New York State” license from this vendor. We will now investigate and explain the process by the words from the mouth of our member “Joseph” who got ripped by this company.

The process of purchasing a Fake ID from All State Fakes: (In Other Words, The Process of Getting Scammed by them).

The website uses SSL however, it uses a template from “Theme Isle” which means that their website is crafted using a pre-made WordPress website lacking any professional cart system like Woocommerce or custom programming. (This is typical Scam nature; Website use pre-made templates and change the content to start scamming people while legitimate companies use custom themes).

The front page includes stolen content from other websites. When you read their promising advertisement slogans and other features it only reflects how they stole this content from the likes of, or and use a content-mixing software to make it look unique to Google.

It includes “Fake ID Images” stolen from the internet and mostly samples that does not prove that the IDs were printed by them. Most of them are photos of fake id cards that were posted by “Fake ID Reviews” on other blogs like Reddit and this website steals them embosses his website name “
on it and claims to have actually printed these.

The -not so legit- website claims to have reviews of customers on each of their pages as you can see below.

  • This is an example of their California Fake ID page. It claims that the product has reviews from real customers. One of the random reviews on this page says “this the best id in CA by far” which instantly tells you that it is not a valid or real customer feedback. Instead, it came from the website itself to promote their products with 5 stars on Google.

Moving on, our correspondent placed an order using their order form for “New York ID 2023” and, paid with Bitcoin.


We already knew from the beginning that this website was no more than a “Hard-working scam artist” but, it is our Blog’s policy to not list any company as fraudulent or bogus unless we have full-fledged proof or evidence to pursue our claims. The conclusion of our order includes the view. According to him “Joseph,” Our correspondent: is an extension of the wide-range scam network operated under one person which includes several fake id reviews websites. They often change their brand names because when they see scam reports being opened against them they lose their scam ratio and numbers and hence move on to create another one.

As we placed our NY order on December 26th, we received no ID cards from this company to the following date. The staff did not bother to reply using their contact form or E-mail communication. Their website is affiliated with several other fake id makers that are scammers.

To avoid these risks, and getting ripped by some website with your hard-earned money, it is crucial that you read the reviews of our Top websites which are listed on the right side of this page. The Best website lists at the top and ranks with maximum stars. When you buy from them there is no way you will be getting an inferior product because we are at your back.

7 thoughts on “ Scam Review”

  1. They just take your money. A guy named Mark emailed saying the id was sent out – twice. Neither id came.They never sent it, I never received it.

  2. Kimberly

    Os there a legit site to order a fake id from

  3. All State Scams

    don’t buy ID’s from this site. Ordered 3 fakes on February 11th, they got the money, emailed me it would take 24 hours to make my order. now it is almost April and have not received anything. They also have never replied to all my emails I send.

  4. ken

    Where can I buy a Colorado ID. What website is legit? I’ve been scammed already

  5. Bunny Gomez

    Placed order in early February paid for express shipping and to date no ID received and no response to emails… Total scam 100%

  6. Theodore

    Obvious Scam. I am surprised why people fall for sites that are promoting self-paid reviews. These guys do have a few scam reports on as well. Stay away from them.

  7. Rubel

    I ordered and did express shipping. It’s been 6 days and I haven’t received a tracking number or a response to any of my emails. BEWARE OF THIS SCAM

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