Lost Identification Fake ID: Scam or Legit?

The business of buying fake ids is thriving on the internet these days. The digital age has many uses for these licenses crafted on Plastic. The customers justify different reasons to avail these products and yet there are hundreds of makers providing services to them.

Just like buying an electronic device or choosing a furniture brand picking up a fake id for your purchase can be a tedious process. You will find ones that will steal your money and never get you the product you paid for. Yet there are ones excelling the art of replicating Driving licenses of all the United States.

Lost identification is a vendor that claims to be one of these excelled fake id websites. The claim is undisputed as long as their customers remain satisfied but the recent complaints regarding their licenses getting confiscated and giving trouble to the buyers have led us to personally test and review their licenses.

Similar websites operating under their theme

There have been speculations about the same person operating Old Ironsides Fakes and the vendor ID Instate being the owner of Lost-Identification.com However, we can not verify that or reject that. By examining the registration dates and the recent purge of domains that ended the “.COM” designation for OldIronSidesFakes and IDInstate this website still remains on its “.COM” domain.

However these three vendors operated a reviews website dedicated to their products by the name FakeIDList.com which is now renamed to FakeIDList.is and these reviews only included good vibes about the three. The suspicions that these websites are operated by a single entity can not be ruled out. Moving on, we decided to order some of their state IDs and test them out.

The process of buying a fake id from Lost-Identification.com

  • The website is fast and loads in quick sessions but has the older HTML discount flashes which in any niche is a sign that means the vendor is desperate for some sales. Fake ID websites that are popular among the community and ones that provide good products do not provide discounts because they do not compromise their quality.
  • The website has SSL encryption which means they take customer security seriously so that is one of the pro points Lost ID has.
  • They seem to advertise reviews that carry good points about them but these verdicts cannot be trusted because most of them are placed on sites which operate under their nose.

Lost Identification Inactive Images

The image gallery section lacks any concrete images of their ultraviolet features or holograms. They only include photos of their templates and some of them are still outdated yet they advertise making one of the most difficult states to fake such as Ohio.

Pricing is not bad because if someone can deliver you a fraudulent id card for a price below fifty dollars then that really sounds unreal however if the ID fails to pass in getting you in then this pricing wouldn’t matter.

The order form is fast and has details on how to fill certain sections but lacks comprehensive information on how to make your signature or how to take a good photo for your driver’s license. Unlike verified websites, that emphasize uploading a quality photo for your replica these guys do not have such info.

Once you place your order you will get a confirmation E-mail. The shipping period that they post on their page is 8-10 business days which in most instances customers complain of exceeding the required time-frame.

By placing an order for the new Ohio driver’s license our correspondent Foss, received his package in a matter of 15 days. That is almost double of the required time-frame that they advertise on their website. So, if you are looking to get a quick fake ID then this is not your go-to-company and instead, you can look for some provider that provides Express shipping as well as standard.

There are not many vendors that can replicate the new Ohio driver’s license the BMV only started making it last month and apart from fake id websites like Fakeyourid.com, this is the only vendor that started making it. According to Foss:

Lost-Identification is a forgeries provider where the good and the bad reviews are divided into 50% and their products look good on paper but they fail to exceed the expectations when you try to scan their licenses.

Overall Verdict

If your budget is less than a hundred dollars and you are merely looking for a novelty ID for fun and possible purposes to prank your friends then you can purchase a fake id from them. However, if you are trying to avail a legitimate fraudulent ID and do not want to risk confiscation or embarrassment of getting caught with a fake id then it is best that you buy your Scannable fake license from another website. We tested the Ohio Driver’s license of Lost Identification by our experience and it did pass some physical tests but when we applied it for other challenging tasks that is where it failed.

FakeIDBoss Rank Meter

Template: [6 out of 10] The new Ohio model seems to be a challenging one. The microprint on this ID seems out of the texture. The perforations are good-looking but the gradient light-green texture of the card background seems different than the real Ohio licenses. One of the major flaws in this license seems to be the ghost photo of the person on the back is missing in it usually located at the bottom.

Signature: [5 out of 10] The thickness is not good. Ohio BMV issues these licenses with a thin but darker signature. The Lost Identification sign is a bit awkward and suits more to the Florida license.

Photo: [4 out of 10] The grey-scale photo texture of the ID looks ok. However, it does have some grainy pattern inside the cardstock which will raise red flags if you put it inside a scanner or give it into the hands of an in-state Bouncer. The color on the back also differs from the front.

OVI/Holograms: [3 out of 10] This version of OH license comes with a lenticular lens OVI and it is less apparent than the previous version of Ohio licenses. In this license, the Holos are very vibrant.

Shipping and Price: [5 out of 10] As we mentioned earlier, Foss received the license with a delay of almost 7 days. I was expecting it for a birthday bash in our college campus but did not receive it at the expected date. However, the ID became useless after it.

Scannable:  [6 out of 10] The barcodes do a scan but they do not return the same information on the card. Hence it does not scan with the codes. If you try your luck with the magnetic stripe maybe it works but have not tried that and so can neither deduct nor give points for that.

4 thoughts on “Lost-Identification.com Review”

  1. Hi, which vendor would you suggest for a social security card? I am thinking of ordering from fakeyourid.com but their prices are a bit higher. Is there any other vendor cheaper than them? or should I just order from fakeyourid.com ?

    1. Luiz

      Fakeyourid offers fake social security cards for a hundred bucks or more. But you cannot get one that is printed on bank paper. You can only get one that serves any online verification or other purpose. There is very limited stuff that you can do with it though. What do you need it for? Maybe I’ll help you out.

  2. Jerome

    I am looking to get a Colorado driver’s license by next week. Since these guys are not very fast at shipping, could you suggest which vendors can get me a fake license within a week or possibly sooner?

    1. Krampus

      Try the Top Ranked vendor Fakeyourid.com they have an option where they ship your ID next day of placing your order. I am not sure about any others because they all promise speedy shipping but I have personally used this website and they did deliver within the time-frame.

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