You see college kids in movies using fake IDs and having a blast, and you think you can do it too. However, using a fake ID is not that easy. Bouncers have gotten wiser over the years and have learned to identify many fakes. You need to have a quality fake if you want to easily sneak past security. That is easier to do for some states than others.

What are the Most Common Fake ID States?

The best states to get a fake ID are those with simpler designs and easily accessible materials. Choosing the state for your fake ID should not be difficult. Once you read this article, it will be clear how easy it is to get by with an ID from some specific states. Fake ID Boss is always one-step ahead when it comes to publishing new information about fake IDs. Our detailed analysis of fake ID services in 2022 can be found on our best fake ID websites page.

Some states, like Missouri, are improving their ID templates, making it more challenging to generate a quality fake. Recently, the number of states where you can quickly generate a fake ID is growing thinner. And to insist on getting the Ids of these states would require higher expenses and the services of the best fake ID makers.

Why Does the State Matter?

Some states have made it relatively difficult to replicate IDs. For instance, Maine IDs have a notoriously complicated 3D hologram, while New Jersey IDs use many techniques that can only be seen clearly under a blacklight.

The good news is that there is still a way you can easily walk the tightrope and sneak past security with an affordable fake ID. We will unpack the information about the Best fake ID States in this post and hope you leverage it to explore every crevice of your fantasies and wildest dreams. 

We understand the frustration when you’re expected to treat every desire you have as a taboo until you attain a certain age. Not everyone reaches that age, grabbing every fun you can enjoy in life. You can have the same lifestyle as the college kids envy on TV with our secret on the Best States for fake IDs in 2024.

Getting a fake ID past security checks is an adventure for most young people. Bouncers are getting smarter, but you can stay ahead of them when you know the requirements for the state’s ID you want to fake. Some states are popular, and you have better chances of replicating their ids.

Why Some States are Good Fake ID States?

Luckily, there are 50 states to choose from. Out of the 50, there are still a few that make it easy to replicate IDs. These are the states that are commonly used for creating fake IDs.

Every state has punishments for this offense, depending on the circumstances. The States make their ID templates complex to ensure they’re difficult to fake. Some use scarce materials that are expensive to procure and cap them off with intricately laid designs. New Jersey employs advanced techniques on its ID that you can only observe with a backlight. Maine incorporated a complex 3D hologram into its ID.

Replicating the IDs of these states doesn’t often end well, especially when an amateur handles the job for you. Knowing the best States to get fake IDs from is essential to avoid spending more on materials and the punishments that follow when you get caught.T

The most common fake ID states are popular because their design and materials make perfect replication easy. Although, our professional tip would be to avoid making a fake ID of the same state you intend to use it in.

The reason is apparent: bouncers can easily spot your fake ID since they know every design detail of a valid ID in that state. If you’re lucky, you can get past security with your fake ID, but to improve your chances, always choose a different state for your fake ID.

Fake ID Boss State Recommendations

It is also important to remember not to get a fake for the state you are in. Bouncers are more familiar with IDs from the same state, so you run the risk of being caught. Also, we would recommend that you select a state you know. You should know some facts about a state when you claim to come from there. Playing the part well will ensure that you don’t raise suspicion to make bouncers and authorities scrutinize your ID further.

A huge part of getting past security with a fake ID depends on managing the tension by not giving off suspicious hints. Sometimes when you hear, ‘Please, can you step aside,’ it doesn’t necessarily mean the security has spotted anything false on your ID. It may be that your body language and responses to typical banter seem far off for someone carrying a particular state’s ID.

Whichever state you choose, play the part of being someone from that state. Have some knowledge about the state and the details on your fake in case the bouncer gets suspicious and asks questions.

Common States Used for Fake IDs

There are two significant reasons why some states are most common for fake IDs. When considering the best state to get a fake ID, the factors to consider are:

1. Profitability for Fake ID Websites

Earlier, we mentioned that using scarce and expensive materials is one of the measures states use to make faking their IDs difficult. Fake ID makers prefer making IDs that don’t entail unnecessary costs to ensure the security of their profit. Even the best fake ID makers know there is more gain in producing simpler IDs than investing their genius in faking an expensive one.

The profitability of the ID is also essential for you since it’d probably cost you less to get a fake ID in the states that use readily accessible and inexpensive materials. If you think about it, it’s a funny irony if a fake is expensive. So, the best State to have a fake ID from should be the one whose ID is affordable and profits the ID maker.

That said, the most profitable fake ID states include:

  • Ohio
  • Mississippi
  • Georgia
  • Texas
  • Wisconsin
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Illinois
  • Pennsylvania
  • California
  • Florida
  • New York

These states use easily procurable and affordable materials like polycarbonate and Teslin to make their IDs. Most of these IDs scan without raising suspicion.

2. Complexity of the State IDs

When faking a state’s ID may pass the profitability test, but you must consider the complexity factor. A complex design is difficult to fake, and it may require skill and experience to produce a quality fake ID that can get you past security checks. So, when faking a state’s ID passes the profitability test, it’s a valid concern. The best State to use fake IDs should combine profitability advantages and a simple design template. 

Some states with complex ID designs include:

  • Kansas
  • Utah
  • Oregon
  • New Hampshire
  • Delaware

We do not recommend IDs with complex designs because amateurs and even professional fake ID makers can mess it up with the slightest sloppiness. You need someone with impeccable technical skills to replicate the micro lettering, signatures, and 3D holograms found in some of these IDs.

Below are the features of the easiest state ID to fake and their unique pros and cons. Here is a list of the top states that make it easy for you to obtain a fake ID:

1. Ohio

One of the easiest state IDs to replicate is Ohio’s. The only information you need is the full legal name, date of birth, social security number, legal presence, and Ohio residency. That is all too easy to replicate and should make it easy for you to get access to clubs and bars, especially if you are using it in a different state.

Ohio state ID has holograms, barcodes, and magnetic stripes. Therefore, you need a professional to produce a fake. Faking it requires perfect replication of the following information:

  • Your legal name
  • Photo
  • Social security number
  • Date of birth
  • Legal presence
  • Ohio residency
  • Requires basic information only.
  • Easy to replicate.
  • Requires a professional to reproduce the hologram.
  • Has a secret feature with an inverted letter.

2. Florida

While the state-specific requirements for an ID from Florida are a little complex, it is still fairly easy for you to make it through an ID check without any glares or suspicions.

There is a unique security feature called OVG or Optically Variable Ghost image. This means your ghost image should turn a purplish color under UV light. Additionally, the characters ‘FL’ should be repeated in a pattern that can turn yellow under UV light.

Also, a hologram of the same characters is to be present at the bottom right. There should also be a duplicate image on the back of your ID along with basic information of the cardholder including license type and DOB.

  • Earns you discounts as a Florida residents.
  • Access to more places than clubs.
  • Slight complexity in state-specified requirements.

Another easy state to acquire a fake ID from is Connecticut. According to state requirements, the ID should be a flexible plastic with 1D and 2D barcodes. With the new template, you need iconic figures and invisible lines and patterns on the card. The printing of the card should be done using Teslin with PET lamination.

3. Connecticut

Along with that, there are to be symbols of the plane and whale in the background, the borders of which must glow in UV light. One important feature is the yellow star, which is to ensure the ID is compliant with the REAL ID act.

  • No magnetic stripe at the back.
  • Easy to replicate holograms.
  • UV features with whale are complicated.

4. Illinois

For a fake ID from Illinois, you need a photo, duh! Not just yours but Lincoln’s as well. Along with that, you need to ensure all the complex micro-printed lines and patterns are there on the ID.

The state seal is to be illustrated in the background right in the center of the ID. A ghost image has to be there of your original photo in UV ink on the back of the card. One of the most important features is the state outline repetition, which should be clearly visible under UV light.

  • It has Lincoln’s hat as its only security feature in UV ink.
  • You can use it in abutting Illinois states.
  • Replicating the scannable code may be difficult for amateurs.

5. Texas

When you look at a genuine ID from Texas, all it really comes down to is a smooth flat lamination with no raised surfaces. Along with that, it has a magnetic stripe at the back, which will barely be scrutinized if you pick the right time to go to the club or if you are just at the liquor store.

Then, there’s the ultraviolet ink which is supposed to be shiny. ‘Texas’ should be written under the lamination in UV ink. Apart from that, there should be a duplicate ghost image and date of birth printed in UV ink so that they would glow under UV light. Another thing to replicate is the microprint around the state seal and flag, which some bouncers are sure to check.

  • Easy to swipe due to the magnetic stripe at the back.
  • Works out of state in adjacent states such as Tennessee.
  • Amateurs may struggle to match the microprint.

6. Mississippi

The hospitality state is known for its drinking culture with a 13.3% rate of drinkers. This makes it a plus point for those acquiring a fake ID from this state. A few details of a Mississippi ID include a gold star in the upper right corner and a hard plastic material used in its manufacture. At the back, you should have 1D and 2D scannable barcodes. The rest of the information is basic including your photo, date of birth, height, and your address.

  • The template has remain unchanged for the past 4 years.
  • Technicians in the counterfeit industry prefers making this id with less effort.
  • Amateurs may find marching polycarbonate to the DMV standard difficult.

7. Georgia

When it comes to boring states like Georgia, bouncers are less likely to be suspicious about IDs from there than other states. However, to make sure your ID does not give away any hint of it being fake, there are a few things you need to consider.

Georgia is one of the best fake IDs in 2024 based on profitability and complexity standards. Bouncers don’t give the card more than a glance before passing it back to you. However, it’s essential to replicate the ID perfectly to avoid a please-step-aside situation. 

Your mentioned physical description should match the information in the ID. Avoid any spelling errors as that is the biggest giveaway of a forged ID. Apart from that, make sure that the signatures on the ID look as real as they can and that the state-specified watermarks are in place.

  • It’s not scrutinized as often as others.
  • The new design isn’t popular.
  • Using the correct signature font is a challenge.

8. Pennsylvania

Although people find it relatively easy to get IDs from Pennsylvania, some believe the new changes to be slightly difficult to fake. This state’s IDs are checked with a method termed as ‘FEAR,’ set by the Responsible Alcohol Management Program.

F means feel for glue line, bumpy surface, or pin hole. E means examine for holograms on the back. A is for asking or questioning basic information on the card, and R means return it to the card holder. This method depicts that there is not much that you need to worry about if you are confident, but if you fail the ‘FEAR’ test, you may end up in trouble.

  • F—feel for pinholes, glue line, or bumpy surface
  • E—Examine the back for holograms
  • A – Ask questions about the card’s basic details
  • R – Return the card to the holder.
  • Pennsylvania is not strict on the use of fake ids.
  • Philadelphia bars are popular for underage drinking.
  • Monetary penalty upon getting caught

You need the correct information and a competent hand to replicate a quality fake ID that opens the doors to your appetites.

We’re here to help you fake it. Need an excellent fake ID? You may like to read: Best fake ID Websites 2024 Review by FakeIDBoss.

14 thoughts on “Best Fake ID States 2024 Updated”

  1. Mikey

    Have used both IL and IN with the real new id requirements. Feels pretty identical to my IL ID. If you were to take your time with it you may feel it is a little different but it’s pretty hard to spot. You can use these two ids in the neighboring states as well. It works at most gas stations but you can’t enter a casino with it. They will not only validate your ID but ensure it matches the government database. So don’t do anything stupid with a fake id and you’ll be good

  2. rolledoats

    Do you think these ids can be used for opening crypto account or banks? Virtual ones? I know it doesn’t work for rentals though you’d need someone that has the barcodes down.

  3. Ronnie

    Colorado is not an easy id to fake anymore. The DMV unveiled a new design and this one has far more sophisticated security features than the previous id. Nebraska and Nevada are renewed along with Utah licenses. These templates of these state ids were changed 3-4 years ago. They are the first state ids to be revamped so quickly and that too in 2022.

    1. Cyam

      I disagree with Ohio being declared as the best. There are many hidden features such as the inverted “N” and micro. The back has a plethora of micro and mixed ultraviolet ink. The front part contains rainbow printing. Havent’ been a fan of this id at all. can be caught out of state just easy as inside Ohio

  4. 2Cents

    New Jersey is the easiest state id for most vendors. I have been a regular Moderator of Reddit’s /r/fakeid group and used to communicate with vendors. Most reviews about NJ ids were ok. The worst id to fake was Utah and Wisconsin. The later one has a bundle of complicated features. Some of which are impossible to know unless you work in the production of DMV.

    1. Sundip

      Wisconsin ids are now federally compliant and resemble social security card. The material is thin and papery. They probably use specialized hologram laminates for these id cards.

  5. Pal

    Missouri ids seem to work instate … What thoughts do you have about the new template of Missouri identity cards? does anyone make them in 2021???

    1. Georgie

      OIS recently launched new template of Missouri you may want to open a ticket with them. TopfakeID & IDGod could be a better choice given all of their ids are real id compliant. Do not buy Missouri new design fakes for now imo. You can still use the previous template and it works flawless so why would you risk getting caught just because you want a newer design??

    2. Team2

      You ain’t getting anywhere using Missouri id . It won’t work instate but may work in other adjacent states. Depends how you use it but may as well cause you problems and get you caught! hehe yeah it happens when you are not aware of the new features that comes with the ids. Missouri new drivers license is very complicated… These Chinese counterfeit makers hasn’t seen a Missouri real license as of yet..

  6. LitFakes

    Just a follow up! I ordered 3 fakes from a website and never received them. Opened multiple tickets and sent many emails to them but never got a response. I would like the admins on fake id boss to kindly take the time to review as a fake ID provider. They are nothing but a scam and some self-hosted blogs vote in their favor which is making people with no knowledge about their fraud pay for it! please take this into consideration and post a review on

    1. Suicide Sheep

      This is a post that shows which state id can be the best option while buying a fake license. It doesn’t have anything to do with vendor reviews or particular website like litfakes – We all know it is a fake id exit scam. You may try to take this point up on Fake ID Boss forum or ask the admins to post a dedicated review on scams .

  7. Remi

    If you want to bet on the best state driver’s license then tropical states like Florida are easy peasy. You can also get your hands on a fake DL of Florida outside any sub-urban bar or strip clubs. There are plenty of other options to use like using a Hawaii or Georgia ID inside California. These few state ids can be faked easily and are also cheaper as compared to other licenses

  8. Rico

    I can rate Texas as the best state ID option when it comes to fake ids today. Almost every friend that I have carries a fake driver’s license on weekends to hangout places. Tropical states like Florida or Georgia might be another better option. They are dense and you can find bars with no scrutiny for fakies at all! never risk fakes in states like Washington or New York they may have serious laws and most Bouncers mean it.

    1. Jim

      Did you know that the new TX id comes with more security features than any other id in United States? it is one the most secure identification cards. You cannot fool the law or establishments with a fake one anymore, look out for Tennessee or any other adjacent states. Texas fake ids are out of question! I’ve tried several but most of them are good for pranks not for the practical use

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