The online fake id industry is full of sophisticated scam networks. During our research, we came across several websites which we suspected of being owned by one single person. Our suspicions often turned to be true, and that is the case when it comes to the website, held by a Russian known to be running a professional scam service.

When you analyze their set up, you will find facts that are interesting because we hardly see people working so hard to rip people, and often fraudulent websites are careless when it comes to skills, but that is not the case with this company.

How does it start?

A couple of years ago this website with the name started at the initial stage they only restricted themselves to the Reddit’s Scannable fake id review page /r/fakeid, and at that particular time, they only offered three states.

One of our members by the username Broady on Reddit approached them for purchase and got scammed, but a few other members still had some good reviews about this vendor and posted the photos of the false IDs they allegedly received from them.

Anyhow, they got banned from the channel, and after a few months, the subreddit /r/fakeid got suspended because of Reddit‘s policy. A few dumb ass vendors would make direct sales and make discussions related to transactions in there. After that, this website changed its domain extension from ‘.COM‘ to an offshore ‘.TO‘ and along with that they started a new trick.

King OF Fakes is your white collar crime network in a fake identification industry with a hardworking and skilled scammer. Their system and methodology convince you as a customer to read reviews which are self-posted and hence draws you to let them steal your money. – BRAD

To build trust and gain exposure in the market, this Russian scammer opened a subreddit by the name /r/FakeIDTalk and introduced a new method to gain positive reviews on Google search engine. They posted fake positive reviews on that channel and then immediately locked the posts so that real customers cannot post their complaints and hence they can only read what the user displayed in the review.

So if you are a customer and you see in the search engine results of Google for fake ids, you would do research such as King OF Fakes reviews, and on search engines, you will see Reddit’s posts that the owner of this website has self-posted. That is precisely how many users have fallen trap to this vendor and became their victims.

From what we have gathered the channel /r/FakeIDTalk is now banned but we do know that some moderators of Reddit are corrupt and they knew about this and allowed it for quite some time. They still allow channels such as /r/fakeidsuperlist which unfairly promotes certain forgeries websites.

The process of ordering fake ids using this website

Our team member personally tested and verified the status of this website. He ordered an Indiana state fake id from them and explained the buying process below.

  • The website uses a traditional Woocommerce cart system personalized for Bitcoin and WesternUnion. It is fast and fluent but lacks instructions list.
  • The images of their fake id states are altered and only templates. The company lacks posing photos of their forged ids under ultraviolet light.
  • You can not find a single image sample with a hologram or real printed card with their company’s name they just posted photoshopped images of their templates.
  • The pricing seemed fair, and by selecting Indiana, you can complete the order form, but there are no options to choose personalized license number or date of birth.
  • The confirmation of your order does not include any invoice number but does explain how they will send you a shipment tracking number depends on your shipping type.
  • They offer standard and rush service for additional costs which sounds good, but it is only an attempt to rip people that want an urgent ID for more money.
  • Once you submit the form, you will get an automated confirmation message to your E-mail. Since these guys mostly host on offshore locations, they use blacklisted servers, and their mail(s) usually go to spam folders whether you are using Gmail or Hotmail.


Please view our Ranking parameters for this vendor before you decide to purchase an id from them.

Holograms: 0
UV: 0
Pricing: 0
Template: 0
Variety: 0
Stealth: 0
Shipping: 0
Overall Ranking: 0
Category: SCAM


Once your order gets processed, they will send you an invoice with a Western Union name and country which for most users like us will be Ukraine. Please note that any forgeries maker which uses UKRAINE as a pickup country for their payments is most likely a fraudulent business. It is a country which is known to have many drops for white collar crimes.

After a week of no response, we opened a ticket with them using their website and to which we received no reply. There was no sign of a tracking number or delivery to our member Brad, and hence we practically got scammed by the vendor.

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20 thoughts on “King of Fakes Scam Review”

  1. Flexxnn

    Wish I had! I got ripped off $80. The scammers must not believe in afterlife because they will be burning in Hell

  2. Rupert

    Ordered my id on march 25th with rush shipping.. its march 25th almost the 26th, and no tracking number and no response from support. I emailed them twice. I ordered with Western Union and they redeemed the code but I’ve had no contact with them for almost 6 days. On their website they promise 3-4 days after it ships. Pretty sure I got scammed but we’ll see. I will update if it does come in the mail.

  3. Creep

    These fags stole my money and threatened to release my info online if I exposed their WU detail do NOT ORDER FROM THEM !!!! SCAM

  4. Alan

    They are the kings of all scam websites which are ripping people off. I am glad to have visited this page before opting for a purchase from them.

  5. King OF Scams

    I order an ID from almost a week ago and I chose express shipping, an extra $50, and I never even got a tracking number. I emailed them about it and got no response. I spend $100 on a SCAM

      1. Allyson

        dang. I wish I would’ve seen these reviews before I placed my order on the 18th. Since the guy never got back to you, does your order still say processing on the website?

    1. King OF Scammers

      They are hosting with the company known as “Orange Website Host” they are located in Iceland. I have sent several complaints to them to take action but they are advocating for the so called “FREEDOM HOSTING” BS!

  6. Sonny

    Do not buy

    I ordered one and it’s been almost four months and multiple emails to the email address they listed on the site. No response

    I used money gram to send it and it shows picked up by

    This transaction has been picked up by alla krol.

    Website seemed legit but its fake..

  7. Adios

    My suggestion to any buyer for forgeries is to use your sense of logic before opting for any company. If you are a first-timer in the market of fake ids then this is a very healthy blog for information regarding what is the ‘Best state for fake id’ or Which is the ‘Worst fake id state’ for your license. You can also read so much more about which vendor will get you an ID card that will actually work in a gas station or a place that requires you to have valid identity card.

    But when people fall for scams I feel upset and It is not about your money. I frankly believe that there will be more than eighty percent websites trying to steal your money in some way or the other. Now it is up to you that why should you let anyway get away with it. King Of Fakes is one of the worst fake id scammers in the market as of now and there is this other website that I would request FakeIDBoss team to review as well and it is run by the same person. The is another version of and both websites are run by one owner and they are using Reddit for self-paid and biased reviews which poor customers fall for and end up losing their funds. But if you are so dumb that you value reviews based on forged identity cards on a platform like Reddit then I have no sympathy for you. It is only blogs like these that let the community and both vendors and customers speak for them.

  8. Christopher

    Most of you people should do some research before purchasing a fake id online. The market has more than fifty percent scammers trying to find a quick way to steal your money. Why didn’t you read this blog and buy from the top rated vendors is just something that is hard for people like us to understand. I have been scammed once by IDhurry and after that I learned how to make a safe purchase there are other blogs out there including this one and if you buy from a good ranked vendor here you will get your ID for sure and one that will work.

    1. KutaKinte

      Try purchasing from the Top Rated Vendors here in the list above. These websites are personally verified by the Fake ID Boss staff and members of this forum I am very pissed as to why people go to this vendor and give them money without even verifying on the internet with hundred of scam reviews about them. King OF Fakes to is a very wise fraudster and is on a scam spree at the moment but we have sent several complaints to cloudflare and his hosting company to get rid of this malicious provider from their hosting servers. I hope they will hear up this soon and get rid of this guy. You are not going to get your money back but you need to take this to every forum you possibly can to deal with it.

    2. Michele

      Thank you!! Can I ask where you suggest to get a trusted fake? Thank you

      1. Christopher

        Try one of the top-ranked companies on this blog, they are legitimate and verified.

    3. Yolo

      It is very clear that any low-ranked website on this blog is not worth buying an ID from. Hence, you should only buy from vendors that are rated with premium ratings in here because the community here is verified and the customers and users contribute to these ratings based on their personal experiences when using their fake licenses. Hence, websites which are rated in high category like will only provide you with legitimate fake ids.

    4. Dimond

      Did you order from another vendor successfully? If so, could you tell me who? Thanks 🙂

    5. Charly browne

      Where can I find a good ID vendor for Alabama

  9. JerryMcGuil

    Now I know how they made a fool of me and my friends. We got ripped for almost 500 dollars by this ripper. We were asked to send our funds in a similar fashion to Ukraine and we did but in return received got nothing. I hope this guy gets banned and his website seized. His domain is offshore and probably bulletproof so he gets away with it but I know orangewebsite hosts his servers and they are his hosting company.

    1. OneMissississppi

      I got scammed in the same fashion. I sent them an email prior to ordering my Nebraska license and they instructed me how to take the photo and everything else the support was so quick to respond on how to pay them and wait it out to receive a tracking number… I waited almost 3 weeks and got nothing and they even stopped responding. So, in short they are fraud and it is best to stay away from them. In my opinion, this guy has never seen a fake id in real and yet his website ranks so high in search engine don’t fall for it.

      1. Bryanna

        I did research and clearly didn’t see this review and I as well got scammed for $90. They replied so fast during the process now won’t respond

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