The main function of a fake id website is to supply customers with accurate ID cards which scan and, delivers their IDs wrapped in discrete boxes which bypass the scrutiny. A popular trend among fake id community is to read reviews which contain a full-fledged analysis of the products that they purchase from particular sellers. The maker “PremiumFakes” is one of the popular emergings among the lot.

In January 2019 this vendor re-launched their novelty products throughout the US. The roots of this ID card maker goes back to the popular “Reddit /r/fakeid” channel which was a forum crowded mostly with the novelty ID community. The feedback archives prove that they started a business from selling the UK driving licenses and, later expanded by launching the most credible replicas of Colorado, Washington and, New York state IDs. In the time-frame from 2010 to 2014, they expanded their services from a few states to almost thirty state ID templates.

Our members are extremely cautious and, one of them present a strong case in favor of this provider. The image below from April, 2015 shows how “Premium Fakes” existed & provided superb products to customers back then on “Reddit” when selling IDs was legal on it. While the link itself is not active but the image is taken from a search engine showing a link to the website from Reddit’s closed channel. Which shows the relation of this vendor dating back to years ago.


This screenshot proves that their products have existed on Reddit’s legitimate list for a long time. The ID Maker “” have reportedly dominated “The Leading Fake ID Websites” list for a brief period in the Reddit’s verified and, reviewed ID provider websites. There are many posts and, blogs from the archived posts that are witness to this claim.

By corresponding with web team of “Premium Fakes” we discussed the possible reason for their disappearance from the market in the year 2015. According to them, they stopped producing driving licenses and state IDs in following that year because of the closing of the Reddit’s /r/fakeid channel. They used to operate from India’s Province, Mumbai during that period. The head of the printing staff explains the following reasons for their brief vacation period.

  • The authorities in India had a strict law enforcement presence in their operating areas.
  • The availability of Holograms and, different elements like Sleeves, printing material such as Teslin and, UV laminates was getting harder and, difficult from time to time.
  • The shipment procedure from India to the US became almost impossible and, the cost was more than their limitations.


In 2019, re-launched their services by shifting to China and, operating from there. The People’s Republic of China is a very convenient spot for business such as this. The local availability of every security appearance required to craft Scannable ID cards makes the job easier for the likes of ID providers like “Premium Fakes” and, their counterparts.

The re-launched version of this website prompts you to go for their products without a second thought. Reason being; credible photos of their fake licenses and, video of their “Fake ID Generating Apparatus” located in China. Their customer-base mostly depends on “word of mouth” that is probably why you will not find much of their marketing. The important point that we want to make is that legitimate ID makers do not rely on marketing strategies. They solely depend on the “Word of Mouth” because of their buyers and, their credibility. Our blogging member used them to get a new South Carolina Driver’s license.

  • The pricing is affordable. You get two fake ids (one extra duplicate) with a price tag of 100 dollars.
  • They have Western Union and, Money Gram which is easier in case you want your ID shipped internationally.
  • The image proof that they present makes a strong case and, you can blindly trust them.
  • In the recent past, the customer feedback regarding them on our blog has been really encouraging as a buyer.
  • Their UV features and, Window IDs (Fake licenses with Ghost photos in Windows) such as Ohio, New York, and, Florida are too good.

In short, if you want an in or out of state fake id card that scans then, these guys are your best bet. One of the most important factors is how they personally customize your photo to each state ID template. For example; they use your colored photo in a grey-scale requirement on a New York license template.

20 thoughts on “ Reviews”

  1. I placed a huge order Sept 18 2019. I want to post my review with photos but I don’t know how to upload photos of the IDs?

  2. Welma

    I had to work my ass off to convince my mom and get a fake ID for myself… Just like any parent she does not want me to drive under the influence of liquor & most kids in Pennsylvania are stupid! and there is not a good reputation for underage drinkers in here. So I had to make many promises and ensure her that I would just use it for a friends bash & nothing more.

    The second part was the hardest. Choosing a fake id supplier based on legitimacy is never easy. Most blogs claim half of the websites on google are scams so I read reviews here and choose ! With the help of a Normal photo on my iPhone and some basic info the forms submission allowed me to enter my info in a few minutes. I paid $100 for the ID and received it now it passes the blacklight tests for UV. I am not an expert on this so can’t get into deep details but what I know matters is my ID scans and lets me get what I want! what more do you need?

    1. Buyer

      That looks legit how much did you pay for this?

  3. Let’s Get Lit

    I ordered 2 TN Ids two days ago, i will let you guys know when they come in:)

  4. Sydney

    Ordering one from Texas right now. will let you know what it looks like/how it goes

  5. all my exes

    Does anyone know how good their Texas is? I’m debating between Texas and North Carolina and I’ve heard good things about NC but haven’t heard any feedback from TX

    1. Jin

      I have used’s under 21 TX and it scans on iOS scanning apps like ScannR or PDF417 so far i haven’t had any problems with their Texas…. so they probably make the same over 21 Texas license.

  6. Jack The Reacher

    I used them to get 2 Indiana IDs. I paid using Amazon Gift card with standard shipping time and received the ids with USPS in 8 total days.

    Template wise the ID would score 8 out of 10. The dusty rose color of the Indiana license is one of the most difficult color matching safeguards to recreate. I wonder if Premiumfakes uses premade templates for this because their matching was as accurate as it may get! I have never seen Indiana ID with such precision even the ghost photo inscribed in UV looks utterly real. Has a real ID yellow star as well here are the photos…

  7. Bella

    I ordered mine using an amazon gift card and I didn’t have a copy of the receipt since I threw it away.
    Do you think this will be a problem in receiving my ID??

    Also, how long did it take to come with standard shipping??

    1. Jacon Lee

      Not really! one of my friends collected money for a group order and purchased Amazon gift card to pay he lost the receipt and they still accepted the order but if you pay them with the receipt then they may process it faster !

  8. Aj

    Has anyone here used their amazon payment option?

    1. Colin

      yes it worked fine for my purchase but you can use their other payment options if you cant do amazon 😉

      1. RB2200

        i used amazon as well, how long did it take to get your id and do they send an email when they ship or did they just arrive in the time span they give?

  9. MOThank

    I used their company for Missouri ID purchase last week couldn’t help but post a review about their good service. My real MO license expired last week & needed one desperate for billing purpose good thing about them is they provide digital version of your license as well.

    Used them for Missouri ID, it arrived in 8 days with standard shipping given their advertisement time-frame is a week to 10 days i think 8 days is fair enough, the quality handles the rest. I was hesitant to pay 100 dollars for a fake license but all the crap that i tried before didn’t work out for me so this one works well & has the real feeling to it

    1. Tmvlb

      Did you do rush shipping? If not how long did it take to get

  10. Lan

    How long did it take to arrive ?

    1. IanFur

      Yes they are one of the most legitimate vendors in the market right now. IT is ranked as featured for a reason

    2. Pam

      The crisp feeling around the (New) Mississippi isn’t some thing easy to master. Premium Fakes has managed to restore my faith in their fake ids… I used this ID in downtown places and has worked practically everywhere! IT scans and has a very balanced color matching to a real MS license so you would make it almost everywhere in-state.

      Here’s a preview:

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