Satisfying customers in the fake ID community & making clones of DMV-issued identification cards is not an easy task. has been around for a while now. More and more people have been able to identify the benefits of having their fake IDs. This has caused the fake ID industry to experience a boom period which means that more and more people are now using this website.

Is the Pioneer of Fake IDs in 2023? came in to business in 2020 & conquers the current fake ID market. introduced the new version of Indiana, Delaware, Kansas, Kentucky, Oregon & many other IDs which are still unavailable in the market. Topfakeid is a legit fake ID maker that has been causing quite a stir online since the pandemic year.

This service provider was able to still render services during the lockdown. This allowed the business to rise to the top of the industry. Now, if you are searching for the best place to buy fake id cards, appears in your search results.

Communication with their administration is easy. The staff takes 12-24 hours for a reply. A functional interface to completely change the way ordering works is a standout fake ID application. Trustpilot & SiteJabber has its customer reviews rating stand out at 4 & 4.6 stars.

What exactly is Topfakeid?

It’s a fake ID website where you can get a high-quality false identity card or driver’s license for a cheap price and with a free duplicate. Individual and group orders are accepted, and customers can select between expedited and normal shipments. You’ll need to buy a Google or Amazon gift card to pay for your docs. We’ll go through each component of this fake ID website in depth below.

The maker explains different steps to create a template. The stages where they ask for a photo with any background are altered & fittingly placed in the template. Topfakeid makes things easy by providing typical credentials.

What types of counterfeit ids are sold by Topfakeid?

On Top Fake ID, you can buy almost any state ID, including Texas IDs, Massachusetts IDs, and Montana IDs. You may also get a driver’s license here. The entire list of accessible papers may be found in the site’s Shop section.

The IDs they produce are of high quality. They can be tested under UV light from various angles and they would still pass the test. On the website, they claim to have two teams, one for creating IDs and the other for quality assurance. These teams ensure an increase in speed and effectiveness. This could be the reason why they have been going strong since its inception. They are able to produce as many fakes as possible thanks to trained personnel and an organized procedure. offers to help customers manufacture fake state IDs, particularly driver’s licenses. They produce fake ids from about 40 states in the US. Because of the rise in fake IDs, state governments have been adding a lot of changes to their IDs which make it easier to detect a fake ID. makes use of the most recent templates when manufacturing a fake ID card.

Is Topfakeid legit id maker in 2023?

You could come across the website if you want to buy high-quality novelty IDs. It is quite popular, and it may make a favorable initial impression on you. However, many customers who have attempted to buy ID cards from this site have complained about the service.

They claim to have never got any IDs or to have received ones of poor quality. However, you may come across favorable feedback regarding this website. Read on to discover the truth and get the solution to the question “Is Topfakeid authentic or not?

How does Topfakeid make fake ids? uses 4 steps to create and deliver fake id cards. The process is explained by their manufacturing and delivery team as below. Getting an ID from this website is so easy and stressless. You can get your ID in 3 easy seamless steps. All you need to do is visit the website and place an order for your fake id. You can place an order for a single card, but they mention a discount on bulk orders. So if you will be placing an order for a lot of cards be sure to indicate so you don’t miss out on your discount.

  1. Customer Information – Each customer’s encrypted information is transformed and temporarily stored on servers as a (.CSV) file. All this is done within 24 hours.
  2. Factory Printing – The customer-supplied data, together with the submitted photo are filled into the template. You should know that their photoshop professionals team will edit your pictures if necessary. All the necessary data (DOB, License, Expiry, Date of Issue, Signature) is encrypted into the card within 1 to 2 days.
  3. Holograms and Laminating Sleeves – This is the testing stage. Completed fake ID cards are laminated and double-checked to verify that they will scan properly. To verify that the ID and app credentials match, the team runs the cards via several scanning applications. This would take about one day to test and if the card passes the test, your card would be shipped to you.
  4. Shipping and wrapping – After receiving your IDs, the team arranges them in a package and sends them by courier service. The technique also entails properly concealing the false IDs so that Customs would not inspect the shipments. The shipping would take between one to five days.

Topfakeid Features & Support

Fake Driver’s License/Identity Card Number
License Class (A, B, C)
Fake ID Expiry & Issue Dates
Date Of Birth
Photo Background in any new or previous templates.
Inventory Numbers
Signatures (custom)
New item list

What is fake id pricing?

Unlike many other websites in the counterfeit market, Top Fake ID does not typically provide discounts. Making a false paper that appears like a legitimate ID is a difficult job, thus it’s only natural that the buyer should pay a reasonable fee for it.

When you go to the Shop page, you’ll discover that a false ID may cost anywhere between $100 and $130, depending on the state. You’ll have to go a little further to learn about group order savings.

If you place a group order, you may be eligible for a discount. The actual amount of the discount is determined by the number and kind of false IDs required. The discount will be removed from your total automatically based on the number of IDs purchased.

How to pay Topfakeid?

After placing your orders, go ahead to make your payments. They accept Gift cards, Debit/Credit cards, Paypal, and even Bitcoin. So you can choose any of these options. You will also choose your shipping mode. Standard shipping means that your card will be delivered to you at no extra cost.

  1. Rush shipping would incur an extra $75 on the total cost of your fake id card. On the website, it says that all transactions are protected by the DMCA. So this means that all financial transactions carried out on this site are secured.
  2. The FAQ section states that you may use your debit or credit card, PayPal, or bank account indirectly. If you have any questions about how to use a credit card, you should contact the support team.
  3. If you intend to use an Amazon card, you should do so in person and in the United States. If you prefer Google cards, you may purchase them either in person (at a supermarket or petrol station) or online (through Paypal or a credit/debit card).

The most you can load onto your Amazon or Google card is $500 USD. A Google e-code can be worth up to $100 USD. If your order total exceeds these restrictions, you may use several cards or codes.

Authors of evaluations published on the provider’s official website would say things like “Topfakeid kills it!“, “Great work!” or “You guys rock it!” “It’s the only fake ID website that can create a legitimate ID with extraordinarily sophisticated security measures,” they’d say.

When watching video evaluations on the same site, you’ll notice that the IDs readily pass the bend and scan tests. You may examine the paperwork from various perspectives and admire the manufacturer’s professionalism.

After you make payments, you just need to relax and expect your card. An amazing part of this transaction is that it is very secure and anonymous. The identities of the clients are protected and will not be revealed to anyone. This is an important necessity, especially when handling such transactions. A Faster fake ID Information Generating Service

All this information is generated by their system to create different parts of your fake ID. stresses that they have spent formidable technology & investment into making the fake ID generating system completely flawless. The vendor suggests such a system cannot be replicated in the fake ID market.

On the website, it shows that you can get an ID between $100 and $130 depending on the state ID you are looking to acquire. This is a pretty fair price for the kind of quality of fake ID that they claim to offer. When compared to other fake ID makers in the industry you will see that the prices are still very much within an affordable price range. However, these prices do not include shipping fees.

Topfakeid Shipping Review

Topfakeid provides two shipping options.

  • Standard Shipping (This usually takes 7-12 business days) and is free of charge. It includes 1-3 days time of making and packaging the id.
  • Express Shipping (For +75$ – This takes 3-5 business days) which includes 1-2 days of printing and packaging.
  • These time frames mary vary or differ as depends on the number of ids ordered.

You get charged more for the Rush Fake ID Service, but the mailing is done more quickly than usual. You should note that it takes three to four days to make your ID when we claim a 4-5 day shipping period. But if you need your ID right away, we kindly suggest that you continue with Rush Shipping. The entire process includes processing, printing, and shipping

For standard orders, the entire process takes about 10–12 days. While for express or rush orders, it takes 3-5 days. This is the quickest shipping time available from a fake ID supplier right now.

Topfakeid Order Process Made Easy

  1. Check the template options by opening the Shop section.
  2. Select the appropriate fake ID type and click the Order Now button.
  3. Read all of the details about the document, double-check that it looks like a valid ID, and then click the Order Now button once again.
  4. Fill out a brief form, indicating the kind of false ID (individual or group), state, shipment method, and payment method. The website will provide you with brief instructions for each payment method. Then press the Next button.

In the form, you must enter the following information: your email, the type of document, the state, your full name (not your real one, but the one you want to appear on the document), your address (again, not necessarily your real one), the number of the document, the date it was issued, your gender, height, weight, hair and eye color, date of birth, and any additional information.

You should also provide a portrait shot and a photo of your signature. Enter your shipping address, and payment information, and click Submit.

You are not required to complete all of the forms. If you don’t have the time or don’t care about the intricacies, the supplier will create random private data for you.

  1. Email
  2. Document Type
  3. State
  4. Name
  5. Photo
  6. Signature
  7. Shipping information
  8. Payment information

Keep in mind that this service provider will not automatically develop a bespoke signature for you. Many of its rivals provide free fake signatures, but this one does not. This is most likely one of the techniques used by the firm to demonstrate how seriously it takes its work.

After you place your order, you should receive a tracking number. You should receive your IDs and free duplicates within a few days or weeks. However, you will not receive anything! Topfakeid urges people to send them money but offers nothing in return.

If you’re lucky, you could get papers that are of really poor quality. Most bar and nightclub security personnel will merely laugh at them!

TopfakeID Discounted Group Order Received 07/12/2020

Five members of the FakeIDBoss community ordered 10 fake IDs on 7th July via using Amazon Gift Cards. The DHL shipment arrived on 12th July that means 5 days. Here are some of the testimonials & IDs of the order.

New Kansas Finally Delivered to Douglas

Fake ID Received from on 12th July 2020. Took them 5 days & TopfakeID sent me a photo before shipping! Legit fake ID provider with a high-quality ID – Don’t miss this opportunity.

Only Missouri fake that works!

My friends ordered many Missouri IDs in group. I lost my money to scams 3 times but was the only vendor & probably the best out of all websites that delivered a workable Missouri fake ID to us!

Colorado in a group order

Colorado Commercial license is impossible to fake. TopfakeID nails this by using the Driver’s license template & altering it by my request. This can’t get any better
Dan Chambers
Costa Rican Times.

Our Verdict

According to the, all of the fake ids Topfakeid makes are actually ID compliant. The firm supposedly has two teams: one that creates the IDs and another that is in charge of quality monitoring.

All state IDs have scannable features and security measures, such as a small ghost photo or changeable ink. They can easily pass any sort of test, including the UV light test. At least, this is what the site’s administrator claims. Some users may disagree with this.

TopfakeID Reviews FAQ

Judging by their reviews & most fake ID related community rates them among the top fake ID providers. Hence, it means that is not only legit but ranks at the top in the fake ID industry. From all indications, this website seems to be a legit one. has been gathering a lot of positive reviews on numerous review websites but they have also been gathering negative reviews. It is not easy to differentiate between genuine reviews. So like we said in the beginning, you are to use your discretion on whether you would love to patronize this website.
They charge using Western Union, Moneygram, Google Play, Bitcoin & Amazon. While we deem “AMAZON” as the best fake ID payment method you can also use the other options as a backup.’s location & quality can not be doubted. The reason they charge extra prices is due to sheer quality & professionally crafted elements on each fake replica. They have the most updated designs of USA driver’s licenses & are updated with DMV standards.
Topfakeid promises to be up to speed on all news and updates in their field. If a new template for a state ID is available, the client should receive a legitimate document rather than an obsolete one. That may seem hopeful, but that is not always the case.
Yes. Each participant in your group order can choose his or her own state. When filling out the order form, scroll down the list of states and pick the final option, “Different States.” In the following phase, you’ll be able to choose various false IDs for each individual.

27 thoughts on “ Reviews – 2023 (Updated)”

  1. Reign

    Used Maryland from this vendor. the ID is in fact made of polycarbonate and feels identical to a real MD. This passes the drop test flawlessly which no outside vendors on the market are able to do. This also passes the flashlight test; for those of you who don’t know what that means – a regular light shines white through the card and not yellow like all other fakes. DO NOT try the bend test on any polycarbonate state as it will break in half!

    While this is much better than the teslin version that has been sold for years, the colors are still not dark enough. This is a pretty simple ID and the team got the placement of everything correct. The lense functions as advertised however it is not as strong as nNY. The transition between DOB and face could be smoother.

    The font used for the name and address is ever so slightly too thick. Signature placement is accurate and the thickness is acceptable. Once again the raised text looks great thanks to the v2 revision. UV is nuts like all the other polycarbs, no complaints there. Scans real on all relevant apps, BCS, scandit, Show-Me-ID.

  2. stevie

    Order was submitted, paid for, and confirmed on 4/4, shipped by 4/8. I’ve seen like 100 Georgia fakes and can say that this one is very very consistent. I often order for other states and there is definitely inconsistency across material and feel. Topfakeid is always pretty quick with it and responds within a reasonable timeframe. I have had issues with fakes before and he usually does a good job of making it right.

  3. Michael

    Do you have Australian , driver’s license available?

    1. Flood

      My review for Connecticut ID Topfakeid. Does it work? is the question everyone will ask and yes is the answer, i used it three times and no one even questioned it even though i still have braces this is nCT. I use TOPFAKEID and they were very responsive and easy to work with any questions. I would recommend 100%

  4. Mandy

    I ordered from 1 week ago and received package today 9/15/2022. I sent 1 email asking about whether my photo will work or not prior to ordering and they replied on how to adjust the photo in a better manner. This is the 3rd site ive used and it finally worked. The other two were scams.

    1. Bogusbraxtor – SCAM
    2. EvolvedIDS – Did not Deliver
    3. – verified and worked.

  5. Dope

    Topfakeid seems to be using outdated versions of Nevada & Nebraska fakes. Are there any plans to roll out the updated themes for these ids? i have been eagerly waiting for Topfakeid versions of these states. Your support staff replied to me saying they plan to launch these novelty ids soon. However, it has been 2-3 months since the last ticket. please post an update.

  6. Maleah Hill

    If someone ordered there fake ID on July 5th, 2022 when will they get it shipped to them. I plan to use Rush delivery service.

  7. Morgan

    Topfakeid has the best stealth method in the game. I couldn’t find my fake license inside the package unless I opened a ticket and they instructed me to use scissors to open the package and then find it in a hidden compartment. Stealth is one of the most important things when it comes to fake ids. and Topfakeid remains my number one id maker for a reason. They do not compromise on quality but safety of their packages. I can relate to it from my personal experience. The card was wrapped inside a box that should cost well above 10 dollars in the US. so a part from the shipping expenses and id making disguising also costs fake id websites significant money. It is one of the reasons why Topfakeid sells their licenses for a upper price range.

  8. Tino

    Good quality for a fake id manufactured in China. I was a bit surprised to see the effort on replicating microprinting on the California id and template. Shadows in my photo provided were altered by their support staff. (I had to make a ticket prior to submitting my order) you can always talk to their staff for assurance of a good id. Holographic content looks original and Topfakeid nails the signature with the exact font and texture as comes with the dmv drivers license

  9. Robot

    North Carolina from Topfakeid comes with the yellow real ID star … MY friend got me one in a group order from idgod last summer but it didn’t have the real id! The NC id from Topfakeid is goodness it also resembles the ultraviolet ghost mini-portrait on the back of the id. If you view the back of the card under ultraviolet light source you will see the DOB horizontally written under the mini ghost photo. I am looking to get another one from them soon. You have suggested but i am still not sure whether they will deliver with group orders with the same speed as individual orders? has anyone got one with it?

  10. Rachelle

    New York is a tough state with various security elements on their driving licenses. I have used Evolved & FYD in the past for New Jersey & New York ids but when it comes to quality; Topfakeid’s New York tops the ranking. It has the minimal difference from a real NY id. If you throw the ID under UV light the holograms and features are tough to differentiate from a real id. They also accepted your custom signature via a file upload feature on their form so Topfakeid carved a perfect replica of my signature on the id. The font and texture is smooth. Engraved features can be felt on your finger tips. While the metallic feeling of the card is also there. Overall Topfakeid makes better ids than any other ones in the market.

    1. Jst

      What about NY with the real ID star – I’m looking for one with the black NY star on it the template on this one is non-real ID

      1. Ajit

        You can use their New York identification card. It works instate and has exact replicated UV features. It does not come with the real ID star as the other compliant driving licenses. I am not sure if they make that but you could open a support ticket prior to your purchase or try another out of state id for NY. Maybe use Washington ID?

  11. Brian

    Totally verified they responded to my question where the product was. They said it was shipped and responded with a tracking number. since they said a couple of days and it’s already arrived. They said they’d send info and pictures… which they did after 5 days after ordering as promised.

  12. Hellen

    Ordered for a group of friends and they let you select different state IDs in a group order for the same price… Moreover, getting free clone of each license is icing on the top. The IDs were delivered in 8 days which is very fast considering it was a group order I’d put my money on these guys anytime again. The more interesting feature of is that they generate fake information which is state-specific for each ID. If you don’t know how to make a up a fake name or address they will do it for you. I also rated them 5 stars on trustpilot They are the best fake ID website right now!

    1. Rino

      I heard Ohio ids come with an invisible feature where there is a hidden letter inverted “i” on the front side of the id. Did you inspect any of the id for the same element?

  13. Alex Joe

    Some of my friends rated them 5 stars on Trustpilot but I came here to post on their behalf. We had a 36 Florida IDs order delivered in 8 days from ! keeping it to the point y’all wasting your money on other sites – You need to use as the only fake ID website not only their IDs scan but they are cheaper and provide you free duplicates – If you want to get an ID that ACTUALLY works! then place a group order with these guys….

    1. Morgan

      The DOB and initials look solid. Do these work instate?

      1. Joe

        Florida is one of their solid scan-proof ids. They have also unveiled new Texas & Montana ids. For me Florida license has worked throughout the tropical states. I have tested mine in Walmart & Target stores as well as buying Booze takeaways since most bars in CA are having strict SOPS!

  14. Kyra delivered my ID in 5 days with Express USPS Priority Mail service. They take a couple of days to print your ID & waste no time to ship it. I had a comfort of understanding with’s support because they answered all my my questions before ordering & made me comfortable to order from them I have not seen any fake ID maker with such communication for the past years I’d say they are the best in the lot right now! definitely use these guys again…

    1. Greg

      Did you take that picture yourself?? Just wondering because a few of the other pictures have the same cardboard background!

      1. Kyra

        Because the packages from the vendor Topfakeid arrives in cardboard boxes. They are hidden usually in jewelry boxes and watch or other items. The vendor spends like $5-10 on an item to accompany your id this is how it slips through checking otherwise you wouldn’t be able to receive it and would come under scrutiny

    2. Kyle Garrison

      Hi there Kyra, before they sent your ID did they send you any information or tracking number because I ordered mine with express shipping a couple of days ago and they already provided tracking in 48 hours but I don’t know whether to check it via FedEx or if the tracking number is of DHL…

      1. dope

        Enter the tracking number on DHL website, it shall guide you on the whereabouts of your package. They ship just like another retail shop online such as eBay or Amazon. But topfakeid makes their packages discreet and sends random items with fake ids so that it doesn’t look suspicious.

      1. Jace TG

        Thickness has never been an issue with Topfakeid. Compared it to real ID felt exact same. Took it into the dispensary and passed both scans and checks. Passed the scanner at the gas station as well. Would recommend.

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