Chfake Review: scam or not.

An enormous amount of complaints and appraisal on the internet about the fake identity provider Chfake prompts a phony id review blog such as to personally experience and find out the true nature of this seller. Beginning, we analyze the website’s metrics with our team of experts. The website uses as an offshore Registrar just like many black hat sites. It hides the actual owner data using Privacy Whois hiding service.

Preparing to place your order with Chfake

Moving on to the next step, we select a member from our blogging team located in St. Maria, California to purchase a fake id card from Chfake. Most of our bloggers are college students and members of the fake id fraternities in their respective universities or campuses and have been purchasing and reviewing fakes for quite some time. So if any vendor, false advertise or try to be fancy with their fake licenses our members have the required experienced enough to verify each security feature and flaw.

Chfake and it’s bogus samples raise red-flags

So our blogging member opens up their website and provides us with the few conclusions he draws by taking a broad look at the dynamics of the site. Chfake uses a light-weight template and the simplest of content management service WordPress to serve visitors. We then look at the samples they offer as credible proof to their visitors with their domain name embossed on it.

By observing, we can see that this vendor has stolen images from the DMV directory of Driver licenses templates. In fact, we do know that the DMV for each state has released the new design or template on their web content to ensure that the public gets to see the original driving license templates in the future.

At this point our member is ninety-five percent certain that the website is a Fraud and will rip him off, but since we are a research and review blog, it is our purpose to find out whether the community that thinks this website is a scam is right or whether the reviews that deem this vendor as legitimate is. Selecting a new California license in the order form.

The process to order a fake id from Chfake (or the process of getting scammed)

  • You will be asked to visit a page with an order form, which is, in fact, a contact form and not a professionally built order form.
  • The order form lacks modern drag-in features like images upload, shipping requirements, express shipping option, discount code fields and will further raise your suspicions.
  • The payment method is Amazon gift card, which is fine but the website lacks variety such as Bitcoin, Litecoin or other anonymous payment options like MoneyGram or WesternUnion.
  • It will take at least four to five minutes for the contact form to submit your order form, the reason for this is that a correctly coded order form processes faster on standard servers, while a free and pre-built plugin contact form plugin and no real order cart mostly used by inexperienced and beginners and completes slowly.
  • After submitting your form, you will get an invoice number which is good but does not prove that a real id vendor is processing your order form.
  • The confirmation E-mail which you get from Chfake will claim to provide a Tracking number of your ID shipment within 3 to 4 days after you placed your order with them.

Conclusion: The website Chfake is a total scam and rip off.

The invoice number issued to us is not valid, because you can not check your order status on their website anywhere. The invoice number only matters when the vendor gives you an option to check your order status with it. After you have placed your order with them, they will hardly respond to your query or E-mail(s) instead, they will tell you to wait longer and that your order is under processing, but that is not true, once you lose your money with them you are not getting any ids or funds back. Our blogging member remembers the experience of ordering with this fraud website as.

Chfake gives you a creepy look from the beginning; it looks like an HTML based website from the late 90’s with an outdated theme and incomplete, stolen images it indeed is a scam.

After more than a month gone, the member never received a fake id card or a refund from them and neither did he hear a word about the whereabouts of his order from the seller website. In short, we can say rest in peace for the $100 paid by our team for this review and will advise you to stay away from this company.

Resources and people complaints listed on different blogs and networks

  1. Trustpilot‘s Review and customers complaining about their money stolen by this website.
  2. SiteJabber with a list of public complaints about how they got scammed by Chfake.

If you were a victim of the scam set up by this website, Please submit your complaint with us below using the form and we will publish your views about it and explain your situation.

FakeIDBoss Rank Meter

  1. Holograms: 0
  2. UV: 0
  3. Pricing: 0
  4. Template: 0
  5. Variety: 0
  6. Stealth: 0
  7. Shipping: 0
  8. Overall Ranking: 0
  9. Category: SCAM

Beware, there are review sites which are owned by the same person that runs Chfake and those review blogs have articles which are fake and posted by the person himself. These blogs and reviews promote fraud and scam sites owned by this guy and visitors fall trap to it. Always check the review website’s registrar against the fake id vendor you are purchasing from and it’s domain registrar if both are the same we will advise you not to buy from the vendor at all or do not trust the review itself. Our aim is to ensure that student fraternity only gets to buy from legitimate fake id websites.

Trusted Fake ID Vendors

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4 thoughts on “ Review”

  1. PlurIds

    Chfake or China fakes is a scam fake ID. Legitfakeid & GFI were other fake id sites operated by the same person. Right now, they are scamming people on Litfakes!!!

  2. Hurry2Curry

    They have been punished for ripping people off for years. The guy must be up to some thing new because he has used Dofake and other names in the past I know this guy operates several websites by different names such as underground-review, etc. I fell for his reviews few years back but then the web was only limited to a few makers. Things have changed now and I know this guy will no more be relevant. I am glad his business is closed.

  3. Gardener

    This website ripped me. So I emailed them before purchasing and asked them whether they can supply fake ids on the Texas template and he said yes, and after that I purchased a couple of Amazon gift cards they insisted on purchasing with Cash for which I had to borrow from a friend and guess what these guys come out as scams. After I submitted the order form I waited almost a week and the ID never came no sign of reponse from their support. I can’t believe I was so stupid to fall for their trap but it is too late now I hope more people read this and do some research before ordering from them.

  4. SonOfaGun

    I still remember when this guy used to own Dofake another website and asked me to send funds to his Chinese drop located in China. They ripped me again on this new website and never sent me even one of the ten fake ids that I ordered with them.

    I see that most of the websites that you have listed in here as scam are top-rated on google, this makes its worst because you literally end up going to a fraudulent company and yet it ranks at the top in search engines.

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