Satisfying customers in the fake ID community & making clones of DMV-issued identification cards is not an easy task. In 2020, many fake ID websites had to close their operations & some even reduced their printing capacity due to lack of buyers. – Pioneer of Fake IDs in 2020 on the other hand came in 2020 & conquers the current fake ID market. introduced the new version of Indiana, Delaware, Kansas, Kentucky, Oregon & many other IDs which are still unavailable in the market.

Communication with their administration is easy. The staff takes 12-24 hours for a reply. A functional interface to completely change the way ordering works is a standout fake ID application. Trustpilot & SiteJabber has its customer reviews rating stand out at 4 & 4.6 stars.

The maker explains different steps to create a template. The stages where they ask for a photo with any background are altered & fittingly placed in the template. Topfakeid makes things easy by providing typical credentials.

Fake Driver’s License/Identity Card Number
License Class (A, B, C)
Fake ID Expiry & Issue Dates
Date Of Birth
Photo Background in any new or previous templates.
Inventory Numbers
Signatures (custom)
New item list A Faster fake ID Information Generating Service

All this information is generated by their system to create different parts of your fake ID. stresses that they have spent formidable technology & investment into making the fake ID generating system completely flawless. The vendor suggests such a system cannot be replicated in the fake ID market.

TopfakeID Group Order Received 07/12/2020

Five members of the FakeIDBoss community ordered 10 fake IDs on 7th July via using Amazon Gift Cards. The DHL shipment arrived on 12th July that means 5 days. Here are some of the testimonials & IDs of the order.

New Kansas Finally Delivered to Douglas

Fake ID Received from on 12th July 2020. Took them 5 days & TopfakeID sent me a photo before shipping! Legit fake ID provider with a high-quality ID – Don’t miss this opportunity.

Only Missouri fake that works!

My friends ordered many Missouri IDs in group. I lost my money to scams 3 times but was the only vendor & probably the best out of all websites that delivered a workable Missouri fake ID to us!

Colorado in a group order

Colorado Commercial license is impossible to fake. TopfakeID nails this by using the Driver’s license template & altering it by my request. This can’t get any better
Dan Chambers
Costa Rican Times.

How long does take to ship? have 2 Option for shipping:

  1. Standard Package Free Charge

    The standard packages By USPS Shiper which they do not charge for are delivered in 8-10 days.

  2. Rush Package + $75.00

    our ID is dispatched for the USA & takes 2-3 days to arrive if you ordered (RUSH) shipping. This option will charge you a further 75 dollars.


They usually deliver fake ID packages from the printing facility in China to the distributor in another province which takes 1 day. Standard Package 8-10 days, Rush Package 4-5 days

TopfakeID Reviews FAQ

Judging by their reviews & most fake ID related community rates them among the top fake ID providers. Hence, it means that is not only legit but ranks at the top in the fake ID industry…
They charge using Western Union, Moneygram, Google Play, Bitcoin & Amazon. While we deem “AMAZON” as the best fake ID payment method you can also use the other options as a backup.
TopfakeID Location & Quality can not be doubted. The reason they charge extra prices is due to sheer quality & professionally crafted elements on each fake replica. They have the most updated designs of USA driver’s licenses & are updated with DMV standards.

3 thoughts on “ Reviews – 2020 (Updated)”

  1. Kyra delivered my ID in 5 days with Express USPS Priority Mail service. They take a couple of days to print your ID & waste no time to ship it. I had a comfort of understanding with’s support because they answered all my my questions before ordering & made me comfortable to order from them I have not seen any fake ID maker with such communication for the past years I’d say they are the best in the lot right now! definitely use these guys again…

  2. Alex Joe

    Some of my friends rated them 5 stars on Trustpilot but I came here to post on their behalf. We had a 36 Florida IDs order delivered in 8 days from ! keeping it to the point y’all wasting your money on other sites – You need to use as the only fake ID website not only their IDs scan but they are cheaper and provide you free duplicates – If you want to get an ID that ACTUALLY works! then place a group order with these guys….

  3. Hellen

    Ordered for a group of friends and they let you select different state IDs in a group order for the same price… Moreover, getting free clone of each license is icing on the top. The IDs were delivered in 8 days which is very fast considering it was a group order I’d put my money on these guys anytime again. The more interesting feature of is that they generate fake information which is state-specific for each ID. If you don’t know how to make a up a fake name or address they will do it for you. I also rated them 5 stars on trustpilot They are the best fake ID website right now!

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